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Launched in 2019 via an all-time top 1%-backed Kickstarter project, this trademarked and patented brand developed an innovatively designed product to make cleaning fun and easy. This brand has gained quick notoriety after being covered in the press, picked up by big-box retailers (Walmart, Lowe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sharper Image, and more), and featured on shows like Shark Tank and the Today show.

This company has diversified revenue streams (20% of sales from Shopify, 20% from Amazon via a wholesale model, 20% from Walmart retail, and 20% from other wholesale channels), high margins (which gives a lot of room to acquire customers and experience success via the wholesale channels to continue to profitably grow), and a large customer base as this product solves a very specific pain point for quick and simple cleaning.

The current owner spends about five hours per week on the business, which offers a new buyer multiple opportunities for expansion. This includes continued wholesale expansion with the current foundation and momentum in place, product-line expansion (there are more products currently in development, including both a premium and entry-level version, as well as color variations, but they have not been launched yet), and establishing an increased D2C advertising presence since the owner’s expertise is in product development and not marketing.

Please keep the following in consideration: 1) Due to the nature of bulk wholesale orders, the revenue and corresponding financials are not as consistent as most buyers are used to seeing in a physical-product ecommerce company. Therefore, this business may not be a fit for buyers uncomfortable with the wholesale model. 2) The valuation takes into consideration the removal of the one-time sales effect Shark Tank had on performance during January 2022. 3) This business is not SBA eligible.

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