SBA Pre-Qualified Automotive and Travel Ecom Brand | 70% Organic Traffic | $5M+ Revenue | $850 AOV







Asking Price: $4,500,000 + Inventory

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Originally a blog started in 2016, this WooCommerce Travel and Outdoors ecommerce business focuses primarily on the Camper Van space to support professional and DIY builders with a carefully curated product line meant for optimal function and durability.

What’s truly impressive is over 70% of the company’s traffic comes from direct or organic sources. This is due to the unique and extensive content library they’ve built over the years, which includes blogs and videos and has led to over 100K organic pageviews per month. Marketing hasn’t been attempted until recently but has already led to 10+ ROAS (return on ad spend).

About 95% of sales come directly from the website. About 70% of orders are fulfilled from the business’s leased warehouse; the remaining 30% are drop-shipped directly from suppliers. The company has an in-house developed and branded product line and also distributes other popular brands in the space. Sales are also quite distributed, with the top SKU accounting for ~12% of sales and the top five SKUs contributing to ~45% of sales.

Part of the company’s unique value proposition is its carefully curated catalog of the best road-tested products tested for actual use. Customers in this space can be overwhelmed by the number of choices in the market; this company has set out to solve that problem. Customers have responded very positively to this based on the company’s current 5.0 Google rating, all while becoming a trusted brand within the community.

The two owners have built a solid team of travel enthusiasts who handle most of the day-to-day operations. The team is backed by strong standard operating procedures, enabling a smooth transition to a new owner.

The owners originally got into the space due to their passion and desire for van life travel. The business has reached a size where it is taking away from their original goal of simple van life living without the burden of needing to operate a multimillion-dollar company.

The business is SBA pre-qualified. The term sheet is provided with the rest of the business information.

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