7 Year Old Arts And Crafts Subscription Business With 44 Courses and 2,500+ Paid Subscribers

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Launched in 2017, this subscription business offers courses that help people learn art and crafts. There are a total of 44 evergreen courses, which provide more than enough content for customers to enjoy. In fact, the owner stopped contracting new courses to be created three or four years ago because customers stopped citing a lack of content as their reason for canceling their subscription.

There are over 2,500 paying subscribers, 80% of whom are on yearly plans and 20% of whom are on monthly plans. All customers come from Facebook paid ad campaigns. The core strategy used to build the paid subscriber base is to focus on providing a lot of value in a $1 subscription for the first year and renewals at a higher price point after the first year. To increase average order value and help cover the cost of advertising, the seller also utilizes upsells for any customer who pays for the $1 first-year subscription.

The circumstances behind the owner selling are pretty unique. He’s originally from Spain but is in the process of immigrating to the US, which is tied to his continued employment at the company he works for. His employer told him that the business he’s operating is too closely related to what they do, and he has had to turn off his paid ad campaigns and stop actively growing the business due to the conflict with his job. He can leave the ads off and let the subscribers slowly churn, or he could sell the business, which is what he’s opted to do.

The great news for buyers is that the ad campaigns and funnels have run for years and are great at converting subscribers; these campaigns just need to be turned back on by a new buyer to get the paid acquisition channel running again. The owner is also available to provide training to a new buyer. We’ve listed this business at a lower multiple to attract a cash buyer who’s interested in taking over quickly given the circumstances surrounding the need for an exit.

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