Ethan Alexander


Ethan is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully built numerous multi-million dollar companies. He has sold and acquired a number of companies, one of which appeared on Shark Tank, and served as a business broker for both buyers and sellers transactions’.

Ethan’s true business passion is in the physical product ecommerce space. His industry experience in this realm covers almost everything you can imagine. His background includes operating companies both on and off Amazon, holding inventory and dropshipping, manufacturing overseas and in the U.S., and selling to the U.S. and foreign customers.

Aside from serving as an advisor with the Quiet Light team and managing his own businesses, you’ll probably find Ethan hiking up a random mountain, getting a bit competitive playing a sport, or laughing with his family and friends.

Q&A With Ethan

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their website?

Many business owners take money out of their pocket by waiting for the last minute to start preparing for a sale. Instead, you should prepare well in advance, giving you time to make slight tweaks in your business that will lead to a higher valuation down the road. During prep calls, I am eager to find these tweaks that lead to future higher valuations. That is very rewarding for me. If you are thinking about selling, even if that sale isn’t for another year or two, I always recommend putting in that call to an advisor, developing a game plan for your future exit, and then exiting at a higher value when the timing is right for you.

What drew you to make your career online?

I saw an infomercial! Well, okay, not quite. I wanted to start my own business and I was amazed by the limitless business opportunities in the online space. Combine that with location independence and I was hooked.

Did you always know that you were going to be an entrepreneur?

Surprisingly, no. I’ve always wanted to help people and I actually wanted to go into the medical field and be a doctor. But in college, I began falling in love with entrepreneurship more and more. This ultimately led to a complete career change and to starting my own company. Since then, I’ve been able to build, sell, and acquire a number of companies, some of which I still run. Now, I can’t imagine NOT being an entrepreneur. Plus, my favorite part, I still get to serve and encourage people with business collaborations.

What is the greatest benefit of helping people sell their online businesses?

One of my personal highly valued priorities in life is spending time with loved ones. If I can help others achieve their financial goals so they have more time to spend with their family and friends, then this is a dream come true for me.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation…goodbye TSA lines and tiny airplane seats!

What is the best bit of advice you ever received?

Schedule time to stop running the company and start building it.

If you could have dinner with just one person (they don’t have to be living), who would it be?

Jeff Hoffman (the founder of Priceline, not the MLB pitcher). I always find myself writing down at least one quote of his every time I’ve heard him speak. So I know I will need a stenographer with me if we have dinner together.


We recently had the privilege of working with Ethan Alexander during our journey to purchase our dream business, and we are thrilled to share our experience in this review.

From the outset, Ethan distinguished himself from other brokers we’ve dealt with in the past. His deep involvement in every aspect of the transaction was not only impressive but truly transformative. Ethan’s proactive approach extended well beyond the traditional responsibilities of a broker. He actively assisted us in shopping for SBA loans, presenting us with multiple options and helping us navigate the complexities of each to find the perfect match for our needs.

What truly set Ethan apart was his exceptional communication style. He communicated in a clear and direct manner, which significantly enhanced our efficiency throughout the buying process. This was instrumental in ensuring we were always on the same page and could make informed decisions quickly.

Having purchased two businesses prior to this, we have worked with several brokers, and it’s clear that none have matched Ethan’s dedication, experience, and flexibility. His willingness to go the extra mile to make the deal happen was not just helpful—it was pivotal in our success.

Despite Ethan’s primary role as the seller’s broker, he balanced his responsibilities with an uncanny ability to advocate for our interests as well. It felt as though he was just as committed to our success as he was to the seller’s, a trait that is exceedingly rare and highly valued in a broker.

Ethan’s passion for his work is palpable and manifests in every action he takes on behalf of his clients, whether they are sellers or purchasers. His dedication not only helped us secure our new business but also ensured the process was as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We are profoundly grateful for Ethan’s guidance and expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. His actions speak louder than any words could, and his professionalism and enthusiasm are evident in every interaction. Working with Ethan Alexander was not only a pleasure, it was an absolute game-changer for us. Thank you, Ethan, for your exceptional service and for being such a pivotal part of our journey.

-Katie and Mike F

I just sold my content business through Ethan at Quiet Light, and I am super happy and grateful for how Ethan handled it end-to-end!

Given the hit our business took from those Google algorithm changes, selling wasn’t straightforward. The market was all over the place, making it a pretty tough sale. Ethan’s approach was a game-changer. He didn’t just list our business and hope for the best; he tried a few different approaches, eventually suggesting a strategy that really paid off.

And through it all, he gave us the kind of attention you’d expect if you were selling a multi-million dollar company—not just a small-scale deal. This made a huge difference. His empathy for our situation and commitment to getting the deal done despite the challenges was something else. He’s not your typical finance guy; talking to him feels like chatting with a friend who genuinely wants to see you succeed—and makes sure the buyer is happy too.

Though it was a tough journey, Ethan found us the right buyer, and then things moved fast—we closed less than a week after signing the LOI.

I’ve worked with plenty of brokers, and I can honestly say this was my best experience by far! Ethan’s entrepreneurial background really shows, and his down-to-earth approach makes the whole process feel more personal and less daunting. I’ve already told Ethan that even though this sale was on the smaller side, I’ll definitely be back with something bigger 🙂 Can’t wait to team up again and enjoy the process just as much as the results!

-Lukasz D

Selling my business was definitely a long and crazy process with more than a few hiccups. I really appreciate Ethan’s help throughout the process and him sticking with me and staying positive through everything we dealt with. I definitely had some challenges and curveballs thrown my way with unexpected trademark issues, valuation changes due to business performance changes, and things like that. Ethan was always there to calmly explain things to me and help bring in new buyers for conversations. Really grateful for all of Ethan’s help throughout the process. Thanks a ton Ethan. I definitely am going to recommend you to friends and I’ll for sure be coming back to work with you if I ever start another business in the future.

-Jake B

Full Asking Price. The Perfect Buyer. Ethan Made it Easy!

Ethan exceeded our expectations as a broker. We sold our e-commerce company for full asking price in a really tough market where interest rates had really cooled things off. Ethan brought an excellent selection of buyers to the table. The buyers we ultimately chose were everything I had hoped for—both incredibly experienced in business and values-aligned. We knew our customers would be well served and that the company’s impact would expand. It was really gratifying to get to an outcome that made financial sense but also felt good, we knew our baby was in good hands.

The process to the exit was really easy. Ethan gave us a very comprehensive list of questions, and my team and I divided up the responses and finished quickly. He turned that into a buyer prospectus, and very few edits were required. We had toyed around with using other services and other brokers, and maybe that could work for the right person who’s willing to put in a TON of time and energy. But Ethan and Quiet Light were just what we needed. They made the whole process fast and easy so that I could focus on running my businesses and spending time with my family. We were at ease knowing that Ethan had the rest handled and that Quiet Light’s extensive network would attract the best possible set of buyers. When a few challenges came up along the way, Ethan had excellent advice to help us navigate those moments. He’s incredibly experienced, personable, professional and trustworthy. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Ethan and Quiet Light more highly.

-Laura B

I’ve had an incredible experience working with Ethan. He’s incredibly responsive, always ready to assist, and relentlessly pursues the best possible deal for me. Before I reached out to Quiet Light, I spoke with another broker who offered me a sky-high valuation and promised a quick sale, but then the valuation dropped significantly when it was time to list. That’s why I really value Ethan and Quiet Light’s honest and transparent approach from start to finish.

-Alex T

Working with Ethan and Quiet Light was a true pleasure. After spending decades building my work and brand, and then diligently turning it into a successful business online for more than 8 years, I knew it was time to exit and start the next phase of my life. I had absolutely no idea how to make that happen, but the stroke of luck I had in finding Ethan cannot be understated! He not only educated me about all the particulars of selling my business, but he also held my hand through all the big and scary parts that inevitably come up. Any business owner knows that creating a successful business ends up being a very personal endeavor. Ethan earned my trust and faithfully shepherded the sales process with knowledge, and stress-free ease. He was incredibly upbeat and uplifting while also remaining professional and forthright. I could not have chosen a better partner in this final stage of my business, and I already look forward to selling my next business with Ethan and Quiet Light!

-Alanna K

Ethan has been a real pleasure to work with. He remained professional, helpful, attentive, genuine, and incredibly responsive and flexible at all times. He worked hard to ensure I got the best outcome for my business, was ready to go with the route I felt most comfortable with, and was also happy to support me on the best course of action if I needed that support.

I had friends who went with other brokers, and could compare like for like the service I got from Quiet Light Brokerage, compared to experiences from other brokers, and I can safely say that Ethan delivered above and beyond at every level, when compared to other brokers. A big thank you to Ethan and Quiet Light Brokerage for helping me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole process.

-Aysha T

Ethan has become a personal inspiration to me, having worked with him and Quiet Light to sell a business for the first time. We sold a unique services business based on an online platform that was leveraging emergent AI, so, it was a rocky ship from the get-go.

But I couldn’t be happier with how Ethan handled absolutely every stage of the process.

Most brokers want to earn their commission.

But Ethan’s already been successful.

He truly does work  for his sellers & buyers.

This is what really sets him apart. Despite this, he works harder than the rest anyway! If that isn’t a sign you should work with him, I can’t imagine what is.

His conscientiousness, empathy, and intelligence throughout the whole process went noticed by me with every call we had and email sent (and BTW, he actually does respond ASAP). There was never any doubt in my mind that Ethan was always working as hard as possible in the background. If he didn’t get results, then I knew there weren’t results to be had. I’m certain the result we got (which was fantastic) was the best out there, and all thanks to Ethan. In fact, if we want to attempt quantifying his efforts, Ethan got me 17 offers!

As a budding entrepreneur, I’ve been inspired to continue and try to be half as sharp, hardworking, and dedicated as Ethan, in my future work. Now, I genuinely ask myself sometimes ‘what would Ethan do?’. He’s that good!

If you’re considering another broker, honestly – don’t. Working with Ethan got me real results, and he was truly with me 100% of the way through. I firmly believe you’d regret passing up working with him.

Ethan is a true talent – already a proven entrepreneur himself, he showed why he’s been successful previously, and more. I’ve worked with many professionals and spoke to many brokers, and I can never really imagine listing with anyone else now. As long as Ethan keeps working in this industry, I’ll confidently keep coming back to him to sell all my next ventures! Actually, whichever industry Ethan’s in, I’ll go there as well, knowing that I’ll always get the highest quality possible!

-Andrew C

I would 100% recommend working with Quiet Light and specifically Ethan if you’re going to sell your business. Overall, I had a great experience and I will work with them again. Plus, I’ve already sent several friends to Ethan to talk about selling or just to have a discovery call.

What I liked about the process and working with Ethan, first of all, we talked for I think two years or longer before even starting the sale. There was never any pressure to list the business and sell it. During that period, before I even made the decision to move forward with selling, I talked to Ethan every few months and he would help me understand the valuation of the business and how much money I would walk away with. He even told me to wait and let the business grow a little bit before listing it for sale based on the revenue trajectory. So that kind of honesty really earned my trust because it convinced me that Ethan wasn’t just looking for a commission but had my best interest in mind.

When I did decide to sell, Ethan prepped the listing and the business summary document with pretty minimal input from me. That part was easy. Then set up meetings with buyers. They were all vetted and realistic buyers, like people who could actually buy the business. It was a lot of work meeting with these people, but I didn’t feel like it was a waste of time. Offers came in. I think Ethan collected several offers within the first week of listing, presented them to me, and then gave me honest opinions about the buyers, the quality of the offers, and helped me get an idea of how likely each buyer was to close and like their financial health.

The offer I chose was six figures over the asking price. Effectively that covered the broker’s fee. That was really awesome as paying a broker’s fee is a big deal but Quiet Light paid for themselves by getting an offer that high.

And then during the due diligence process, Ethan guided me through the legal and accounting process. He helped me pick a legal team and an accountant and gave me helpful input throughout all stages of due diligence. We talked a lot during due diligence, and he got back to me pretty much the same day, if not within a couple of hours on everything. This is good because there’s a lot of time sensitive things that happen during due diligence.

It was a lot of work to sell a business but it was very smooth. I felt like I was in good hands with Quiet Light and Ethan. I definitely recommend if you’re thinking about working with Quiet Light and specifically Ethan, I would recommend them, if nothing else, book a call just to get to know a little bit about him and the process.

-Brock M

I’d recommend Ethan and Quiet Light to anyone wanting to sell their business. When I decided to sell, I researched brokerage firms and found Quiet Light put out the most useful guidance and insights into selling businesses and I liked their honest and clear approach.  Ethan helped me to prepare the business for sale, coming on board at an early stage and providing guidance.  When we got to the business end of things Ethan excelled at preparing and presenting the financials. He was very thorough and ensured he knew the workings of the business inside and out before he took it to market.

Once we got to market his great organizational skills made the process run smoothly. All the buyer meetings went like clockwork and his framework for the due diligence process gave me a lot of confidence that things wouldn’t fall over. Throughout the process, Ethan was there when I needed him, always positive, patient, professional, and an excellent communicator. He cares about his clients and gets results.

Now for the full story!

So we decided to sell the business in 2021. Started looking around at brokers and just engaging with content about how to go about selling a business.

An overview of our business at the time. We were e-commerce and a little bit of wholesale. We operated the company in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. We were predominantly Amazon but also some off-Amazon DTC e-com.

We looked around at brokers and as well as trying to sell it yourself through various platforms and alternative options. Out of all of the research that we did, the Quiet Light content jumped out as being the most real and transparent and kind of telling it like it is and most useful in terms of actually what you need to do to prepare a business for sale.

We weren’t in bad shape as we’d run pretty good books and had pretty good systems. We took the materials that we got from Quiet Light and started in early 2022 to look at getting the business ready. This is when we first approached Quiet Light and got connected with Ethan.

He cast his eye over the numbers and got back to us with a report card. We knew that the business hadn’t had a great 2021 (revenue was good but our operating expense base was quite high). Ethan was quite honest with us about valuation and what we needed to do. We decided that we would get the business ready for sale the following year and we’d address some of the areas that we knew we could improve on. We checked in with Ethan probably mid-year and he gave us a slightly better report card. And he was very thorough. We really enjoyed that.

Then in January 2023, we felt that we had a set of financials and operations that were in good shape to sell. Also, we’d addressed a lot of the potential issues that Ethan had identified that buyers would zone in on. At the end of this process, Ethan had a really thorough understanding of the operation and he looked under every rock and he made sure that he knew everything. He dealt with the complexities of currency exchanges, multiple brands (we were selling one brand but not the other), selling in multiple countries, and multiple monetization channels. It wasn’t a straightforward sale and yet he got his head around everything and put our feet to the fire (in a really nice way) to make sure that when he went out with the business, he really knew the ins and outs of it.

From my perspective in working with Ethan, it’s clear that he’s owned and operated businesses and he’s been in the space. You’re talking with somebody who knows what they’re doing and knows your reality. He’s been in your shoes. And that really helped because his advice was informed by his own experiences.

By the time we got ready to go to market, I was really confident that we had a really good representation and a really solid outline of the business to share with prospective buyers.

Then we went into the buyer process where we started speaking with qualified buyers. That was when I was really glad that I had chosen the brokerage route, and in particular Ethan, because he just managed all that seamlessly. And to be honest, that was a real revelation to me. Every buyer was completely different. I think if I had been managing them myself, we wouldn’t have got such a great outcome. But Ethan just worked with all personalities and understood what their interest was in the business. It just got us into a great position where after about seven buyer interviews, we had four offers and all solid offers.

We didn’t get presented with any buyers that were kind of wacky. I think Ethan did a great job of screening and making sure that the people that he presented to us were likely successful operators and candidates.

We then went through the process of due diligence with the one offer that we accepted. The framework of the structure and timeline of due diligence that Ethan put around gave me a lot of confidence because it was quite structured and appropriately progressed all parties forward. I’d had an offer for the business previously before working with Quiet Light and it fell out of offer at this stage. In hindsight, without that structure around the due diligence, it can quite easily fall apart.

Once we got through the due diligence and into the transfer phase, Ethan continued to support our questions of how does this work, how do we transfer that account, and do you have experience in that. He always had good contacts, referrals, and input and he was always willing to pick up the phone and communicate with the buyer on our behalf, which was really really useful.

Having heard others’ experiences selling their business, I feel like we had a really good experience. Talking to friends who’ve sold their businesses, they can’t believe what a supposed dream run I had. I mean, there’s a lot of work involved, but Ethan just made it fairly painless for us in terms of managing the complexities and getting us across the finish line.

Now we are 3 months post close and the ongoing relationship with Quiet Light is great. Also, we have a good working partnership with the buyer that was really formed during the due diligence process due to the open and honest communication structure. The whole process at Quiet Light that Ethan ran in particular wasn’t adversarial at all but it was much more of we are all working together to get an outcome. And we did!

There are always compromises on both sides but I got the feeling that Ethan facilitated that really well.

Overall, I can’t speak highly enough of Ethan and the whole Quiet Light method/approach. I would recommend them in a flash and would discourage someone looking to sell a business of any size from trying to do it yourself. It’s stressful enough as is without having professionals on board to help you. Us entrepreneurs like to think we can do everything, but until you’ve had the benefit of having someone else work alongside you who is a real expert in their field, I think you underestimate what’s involved. I would really enjoy the opportunity to work with him again.

– Heather C

Ethan was amazing to work with in selling my business. Without him I would have never had the confidence to go through the sales process as it can be stressful at times. I highly recommend Ethan and hope to work with him again in the future!

-Louis R

Ethan is, without a doubt, a cornerstone of Quite Light. He played a pivotal role when I decided to sell my company and proved to be a source of unwavering support throughout the entire sales process. The feat of selling a company can seem daunting to many, but with Ethan as my agent, the entire process was effortless and seamless.

The moment we initiated our collaboration, I instantly felt a strong rapport with him. The welcoming nature of his personality turned a potentially strenuous process into an enjoyable journey. His proficiency with numbers and business models is unparalleled, reflected by the exceptional quality of reports and analytics he provided. As a broker, Ethan embodies the perfect blend of organization and punctuality, all while displaying an extraordinary level of patience that is unrivaled.

I vividly recall the initial flurry of offers within the first couple of weeks of listing; four, to be exact. Ethan handled each inquiry with impeccable professionalism, answering every question and alleviating concerns. Throughout the typically nerve-racking ‘due diligence’ phase, he kept everything running smoothly and ensured no detail was overlooked. Ethan’s dedication and acumen instilled confidence and certainty that the sale would be a success.

The uniqueness of Ethan’s approach becomes apparent when you realize he treats his clients’ businesses as if they were his own. Upon engagement, he made a genuine effort to understand the intricacies of my company and our objectives, giving him the ability to guide the selling process expertly. He was always prepared to answer any question from potential buyers or obtain necessary information. His skill in maximizing the value of the sale for all parties is truly commendable, and his unwavering dedication and loyalty made the process enjoyable and rewarding.

Ethan’s profound industry knowledge and his personalized touch make him an absolute asset in any business transition. Throughout our collaboration, his approachability, professionalism, and seemingly infinite patience impressed me immensely.  He was always available for clarification, treating every question with utmost respect.

Ethan was not just a broker for me; he was a guide, a mentor, a confidante, and a friend. I wholeheartedly recommend Ethan to anyone looking to sell their business. He is an exemplar of excellence and a testament to the quality of service provided by Quiet Light.

-Paul D

Ethan is the guy you want to work with when selling your business. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Upon meeting Ethan, his extensive knowledge of the industry was evident. Throughout our process working together, I was impressed by his ability to help me finalize my financial documents, prepare to speak with potential buyers, and successfully transfer my business into the hands of the new owner. Ethan is professional, friendly, approachable, and seemingly has endless patience. Being brand new to this side of business, I had a lot of clarifying questions that may have been obvious, but Ethan never made me feel dumb when I didn’t understand. Although my transaction was on the smaller side of what QuietLight normally handles, he was very dedicated to seeing this transaction through and made himself available on nights and weekends to make it happen. He had a genuine interest in my success. Thank you, Ethan, for an outstanding experience!

-Meredith L

We reached out to Quiet Light based on a reference from a friend of ours. We were introduced to Ethan from there and we clicked instantly. We listed our portfolio of sites with him right away. Fast forward a few months and we closed a 7 figure deal. The process was streamlined, efficient, and we are very happy with the results of the sale.

His knowledge around site operations and valuations was amazing. He is not just a broker. He has a full understanding of how WordPress and Shopify sites function. Ethan’s abilities on the more technical side of websites are a game changer. It was very clear he is a digital marketer at his roots, which we loved.

Our biggest fear when going to sell our business was having a broker that lacked the fundamental skill set to run websites as a business. We knew that would lead to miscommunications and breakdowns in the sales process. Not only can Ethan actively run and scale websites, I wasn’t even able to use jargon and talk over his head at all. Trust me, I tried! I have been running my own digital marketing agency for over 5 years and have been in the field for a decade. I really did throw the book at him and he responded perfectly. Ethan comes from a digital marketing background then got into brokering and selling websites for others, and it truly showed.

It was impressive to see someone with the skillset to run their own sites from a technical standpoint, then also be able to turn into the salesman and broker/mediate the entire deal from start to finish. He has a knack for getting the right business in front of the right people. He was right by our side and walked us through the entire process. He organized and led every call we had with potential buyers and never missed a thing!

On top of that, Ethan was phenomenal to work with on a personal level. He’s enthusiastic about the space in general, always timely with communications, extremely friendly, and understood when to turn down the professionalism and become more casual when it was just us on calls (which is a big preference of my personality).

We have sold businesses elsewhere in the past before meeting Ethan and that will never happen again. Ethan has a lifelong client in us now and he established that loyalty simply through being himself, he is genuine and a blast to work with (plus really really good at what he does).

The bottom line is he was incredible to work with both the professional and personal level. I recommend Quiet Light if you are trying to sell a business, then I highly recommend you ask for Ethan specifically, he crushed it. If you are on the fence deciding which broker to use, absolutely go with Ethan at Quiet Light. You will not regret it!

-Austin R.

It’s impossible to describe how amazing it was working with Ethan. With the risk of this sounding like a paid testimonial, Ethan gets an A++++. Within 7 seconds of our first call – I immediately felt like I had a friend and ally in my corner.

He’s brilliant with the numbers and business models (the reports and analytics were the best I’ve ever seen!), kind, organized, super-punctual and quite possibly the most patient human I’ve ever met.

Within the first day, we had 4 offers and Ethan was on the phone all day fielding questions. And during the always stressful “due diligence” part of the sale, Ethan kept everything on track without breaking a sweat. I always knew we’d get the deal done because he was running the show.

If you want to sell your company, the only person I’d ever recommend you work with is Ethan!

-Ryan L.

After trying to sell the business on my own and failing I got in touch with Quiet Light where I met Ethan.

With multiple businesses attached in the same Amazon account this was not your typical sale.
It had many complex moving parts, which are not appealing to potential buyers.

I believe Ethan’s diligence, persistence, and grit is the only reason my business was sold successfully.

I know my business better than anyone and told Ethan if the business is not sold in 2022 it may never be sold.

He got the job done and I am extremely grateful to have hired Ethan and Quiet Light.

-Matt S.

We have had the privilege of being able to work with Ethan for several months now to a total success and it has been a great pleasure.

We contacted Ethan to help sell a family-owned Amazon business. Ethan was very attentive to our needs and first got an understanding of the business and what we needed/wanted to get done with it. He immediately showed great care and understanding.

He then guided the selling process along and, in this process, we saw and learned how competent and professional he is. No matter what question would come up from any potential buyer, Ethan either had the answer or would get it. He knew how to get the most value out of the sale of the business and diligently worked to obtain this. He knows what he is doing, and this was very easy to see.

In addition to the above, what was most valuable to us was his loyalty. He was always in communication with us on anything in regards to the sale of the business and any questions/concerns we had. He was always open and he was honest. This is an excellent trait and we are so grateful to have him as our broker.

The sale of our business would not have happened if it wasn’t for Ethan and his good works. We are truly appreciative for all he has done and we would, without a doubt, choose him again if we had another business to sell. Thank you very much!

-Denise S.

I wanted to let you know how kind, professional, and diligent Ethan has been whilst Quiet Light has been assisting to sell my business. Ethan at all times has been a pleasure to deal with. I found his advice and guidance so helpful and would be happy to recommend Ethan to anyone I know trying to sell their business. Many thanks to Ethan and I look forward to speaking to him again in the future.

-Sharon E.

Working with Ethan could not have been a greater pleasure. He is a true professional and has tremendous experience in the industry. He attends to every detail and all with ease, charm, and a lightness of being that made the whole process seem effortless and even fun. He was completely there for me in every way, every step of the way. I also witnessed his care in attending to the needs of the potential buyers. Ethan has an effortless way of making everyone feel wonderful with his positivity and professionalism. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough… I may have to create a new business just so that I have another one to sell with his help. All that to say… work with Ethan!

-Alicia I.

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