SBA Prequalified: 8+ Year Old Pet Brand | +51% YOY Growth | 43% Net Profit Margin







Asking Price: $1,104,400 + Inventory

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Launched in 2015, this growing pet brand has carved out a fantastic niche selling high-quality replacement e-collar straps for dogs and cats primarily through Amazon. Strong profit margins and scalability, small, lightweight products, and low overhead make this opportunity especially attractive.

With a strong history of revenue growth, this is a great acquisition for a buyer looking for a thriving evergreen business that yielded 51% in YOY SDE growth and 31% YOY growth in topline revenue for the Trailing 12 months. This brand sets itself apart by offering a large selection of colors and designs which are all currently manufactured in the USA, allowing for minimal inventory requirements and short lead times.

This reputable brand has numerous products that consistently rank on the first page of Amazon for top keywords. Total revenue is well diversified across products with the top 5 SKUS representing 11.9%, 3.3%, 2.3%, 2.2%, and 1.7% respectively. The business is comprised of 98 Parent SKUS with a total of 450 active child variations which not only makes it highly defensible but also casts a wide net for successful rankings across Amazon.

There are many actionable clear paths to future growth including adding additional SKUs which are currently in the pipeline. This brand is set up perfectly to add additional styles and color variations that customers are currently searching for along with related products. There is also an opportunity to utilize Facebook and Instagram advertising along with adding SEO for increased direct sales.

Following their history of success, the husband and wife owners would like to slow down. The business is not geographically dependent and could easily be relocated. The business is easy to run, and the owners are willing to train the buyers and provide post-sale closing support.

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Amanda Raab

Amanda Raab is a highly experienced entrepreneur with multiple million dollar successes to her name. First introduced to Quiet Light Brokerage when she was looking for another business to add to her portfolio, Amanda quickly demonstrated why she is repeatedly successful online.

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