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Started in 2020, this WordPress-based Physical Wellness product review content site helps consumers make informed purchases by posting detailed buying guides, hands-on product reviews, and original proprietary photos of products tested.

The company has been in a major decline since being hit by Google’s HCU (helpful content update) in September 2023. Built on solid foundations but recently encountering performance issues, this opportunity is ideal for a buyer looking to get into the Content space or build upon what the owners have already built at a fair price as the owners are open to reviewing and considering any offer.

The brand utilizes affiliates to monetize traffic through affiliate offers, specifically from product review pages. What’s helpful is that customers have a high purchase intent in this industry, thus leading to the high $250–$350 RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) experienced. This means traffic is monetized well and financial growth can simply be achieved through traffic growth.

The owners are organized and have standard operating procedures (SOPs) for most business operations. This has enabled the owners to collectively work less than 5 hours per week on this company. Content writing and reviewing are outsourced, so a new owner can continue focusing on higher-level business operations.

Overall, the business is easy to operate, with low capital requirements and workload required compared to other types of online businesses. Thankfully, the market is expected to have a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of about 7.5%, allowing the potential for natural growth. Other intentional growth opportunities include continuing with the same proven content publishing plan, expanding into new but related product lines for reviews, implementing additional monetization channels such as ads or sponsorships, monetizing the non-US traffic, and more options discussed in the materials.

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