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Online since 2008, this eco-friendly storage and furniture product company is firmly established and continues to grow, as shown by its inclusion in the Inc 5000 in 2021. While the business uses 34 total channels, 18 of those make up 99% of sales. Amazon generates approximately 65% of revenue, Chewy brings in about 10%, and Wayfair is 9%, with the myriad additional channels making up the balance.

The current owner’s background includes IT consulting, product management, and business development. With a flair for aesthetics, developing a line of home and office storage products was a perfect fit. All products are made from their patented, environmentally sound material, which is appealing to more and more consumers who are concerned about the ecological impact of purchased goods. The recent surge in working from home has contributed to the increase in sales, and the Pet category has grown to 49% of sales in only four years, with storage items at 50% and display items at under 1%.

New products can easily be added using the current suppliers, all of whom are familiar with the specific manufacturing process. The focus has always been on the US market, leaving plenty of room to expand internationally, starting with countries with a large market for green items. Implementing a social media strategy and continued investment in advertising offers huge potential for increasing revenue, as neither has been fully utilized. Actively posting new content to the site’s blog would also help to increase traffic and direct website sales.

All inventory is currently at a 3PL, where it can remain or be shipped to a new warehouse. The owner is committed to a smooth transition and will happily offer full training and support.

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Pat Yates

Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce.  In 2014 he struck a deal with Robert Herjavec on the Emmy Award winning show “Shark Tank”.  Pat grew a single slipper kiosk business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce focused business.  During that time Pat has done licensing deals with DreamWorks, NCAA, NFL and Disney.  In 2015 he struck up a relationship with Mark the founder of Quiet Light and continued eventually leading him to becoming an advisor.

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