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Launched in 2019, this business offers an affordable, low-cost test preparation program for students taking the GRE and TOEFL exams. Most of the customers access the site for its GRE preparation content. There are study plans, practice problems, quizzes, recorded classes, and other tools that help students prepare for the test.

Prior to this business the seller would never have described himself as a businessman. He was a teacher with over a decade of experience teaching both domestic and international students.

Much of his teaching was done in the Test Prep niche. He noticed a hole in the market for affordable test prep. He sought to undermine the very expensive and ineffective test preparation options on the market. The “affordable” options are around $100 per month, while the more expensive options are $1,500 for 3–4 months. A high-quality GRE tutor will cost $200–$500 per hour. In this industry, consumers are willing to spend a lot of money because they feel like doing so will help them achieve their graduate-school dreams. His model was always to move students in the direction where they can accomplish their dreams without breaking the bank.

The seller is a teacher by trade. Many sellers of online businesses understand the marketing channels used in the ecommerce industry and then apply that knowledge to a product, course, or other content. This seller is not an expert in the web channels that so many entrepreneurs use to market their businesses. He has stated that the business has grown through word of mouth. The seller has spent a large amount of time in the GRE subreddit, which has yielded a substantial amount of referral traffic. He also has a YouTube channel with 140,000 subscribers, although he does not regularly update that channel.

The seller has received unsolicited offers for the business and is interested in exploring other opportunities following the sale of his business.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.  While honing his SEO skills in the print industry he spent much of his time learning other aspects of the web from traditional ecommerce, to affiliate marketing, to content.  Eventually his love for content businesses led him to being a serial acquirer and he ended up on the buy side 26 times.  A majority of his acquisitions were part of a rollup strategy he was pursuing.  In 2015 he sold his content portfolio to private equity.  Brad has experienced 4 successful exits from businesses he owned and operated.  Brad joined the Quiet Light team in 2017 and has represented more than 50 successful transactions.

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