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Acquired in 2021, these two ecommerce brands are a small part of a larger holding company. The holding company has decided to sell these brands solely because they are the smallest businesses in the portfolio. The size and scope of these two brands are perfect for an owner-operator or a small team. These brands have been operated together for several years, which is why the holding company is selling them together as opposed to breaking them up. About six months ago the business was put on autopilot. They cut ad spend down to just branded search and are only using a shared customer service agent to keep up with customers. Revenues have fallen, but margins have also climbed as a result of the changes.

With this pair of brands, a buyer has the opportunity to scale a business with two established product lines that have a strong customer base and very high net margins.

One brand is focused on hair products, while the other is focused on nootropics and other supplements. Both brands have US-based suppliers so there is no complicated importing involved in the operation.

Both brands are trademarked in the US and all formulas are proprietary. Both brands have a substantial amount of repeat business due to subscriptions. On the Shopify portions of the business, most of the revenue is repeat and from subscriptions. On Amazon, the numbers are smaller, but there is still a substantial amount of revenue coming through subscription customers.

There are 12 SKUs in all across the two brands. The sellers have a detailed roadmap of eight older SKUs that are ready to be added to the mix to increase the breadth of products and revenues.

The sale comes with 300,000 email addresses between the two brands that can be used for marketing purposes.

Please note that we have had significant activity on this listing. We are only interested in full-cash offers that include inventory. The sellers would rather keep the brand on autopilot than sell in a structure of any kind.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.  While honing his SEO skills in the print industry he spent much of his time learning other aspects of the web from traditional ecommerce, to affiliate marketing, to content.  Eventually his love for content businesses led him to being a serial acquirer and he ended up on the buy side 26 times.  A majority of his acquisitions were part of a rollup strategy he was pursuing.  In 2015 he sold his content portfolio to private equity.  Brad has experienced 4 successful exits from businesses he owned and operated.  Brad joined the Quiet Light team in 2017 and has represented more than 50 successful transactions.

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