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Launched in 2016, this content business helps teach physicians and other high-income professionals about financial independence and related personal finance topics.

The seller, a former anesthesiologist, realized back in 2015 that he had saved and invested enough to retire and decided to take the plunge. For the last several years he has been operating this content business while focusing on his family and traveling.

In the content space, personal finance is broadly viewed as one of the most stable and lucrative categories. The seller surveyed his readers in 2021 and found that the majority of his audience are in their 30s-50s, earn multiple six figures per year, spend six figures per year, and have an average net worth of $2 million or more. The majority are physicians.

The sales channels are staggering. At Quiet Light, we list many content-based businesses. The overwhelming majority see more than 90% of their earnings come from programmatic display ads through networks like Mediavine and Ad Thrive. This seller has not gone down the same road. His ads are managed directly through a salesperson for the site and account for 30% of the revenue. The other 70% of earnings come through affiliate partnerships. Those partnerships span many categories including credit card referrals, medical surveys, passive real estate investments, student loan refinancing, and many more. A new owner may find that a solid programmatic relationship could provide an immediate boost to earnings.

The seller desired more control over the ads and decided to stick with the direct sales approach. The site currently posts 4-5 times per week. The seller writes two of those posts while the others are handled by contractors who work on the site. The seller spends about 10 hours per week working on content and another approximately 10 hours communicating with readers, vendors, and contractors.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.

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