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Developed in 2017, this trademarked Amazon FBA kitchen and dining brand specializes in high-quality kitchenware to help customers make a wide range of popular foods at home from scratch and take steps toward healthier and more economically friendly food options.

Now a seven-figure company experiencing both strong 20%+ revenue and SDE growth in the last year, the company primarily sells on Amazon (US/CAN/AUS/UK) and secondarily on its own Shopify-based websites (US/NZ/AUS) and wholesale channel. In 2022, Amazon, Shopify, and wholesale consisted of 81%, 14%, and 5% of revenue respectively, which has stayed fairly consistent over the last three years. Of the Amazon revenue in 2022, 66%, 13%, 11%, and 9% came from Amazon US, CAN, AUS, and UK respectively, which has been consistent over the last two years. Of the Shopify revenue in 2022, 60%, 29%, and 11% came from Shopify NZ, AUS, and US respectively, which has been changing over the past couple of years as historically only Shopify NZ was available.

With product differentiation and design at its core, this brand always looks for at least three points of difference from competitors for each product developed to solve specific problems customers have. This intentional design focus on solving customer needs has helped build strong product stories and customer experiences as evidenced by the over 8,500 total reviews with a 4.6-star average rating.

This brand consists of about 30 SKUs. In 2022, the top five and top 10 best-selling SKUs accounted for 70% and 87% of revenue in US markets respectively, with the top product at 28% of revenue. Eight young products are still growing. All products are strongly branded and presented in retail-ready giftable packaging. The company has extremely strong product fundamentals with a 78% gross profit margin, ensuring the brand can continue to grow profitably.

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