Ecommerce RV Niche – Est. 16 Yrs – Multiple Patents, Branded Products – 55% Rev & 96% SDE Growth YoY







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Started in the summer of 2006, this 16 year old e-commerce business sells its patented, UV-protected, DIY, branded RV skirting and exterior shading products direct to consumer. The patented and trademarked fastener system allows consumers to fabricate their own RV skirting or exterior shading products with professional-looking results and at a fraction of the cost of competing products, which has manifested in 55% revenue and 96% SDE growth YoY. Their “No-Drill” fastener system, along with their “Non-Fray” RV skirting and shading mesh material, allows for a universal fitting kit that will fit any size, type, or model of RV or any shape or size of window or skylight. Thankfully, the owner has developed proprietary tools and calculators on the website to help the customer become educated on the product and to tell them exactly what they need to order for their project.

They have two main product lines: RV skirting kits and exterior window shading kits. The window shading kits are broken into four different categories: window shades, skylight shades, RV shades, and boat/yacht shades. Customers love their product offerings for a number of reasons, including being a high-quality but low-cost alternative to competitors, the ease of their patented “No-Drill” fastener system—meaning the product will not damage their RV, window, or skylight frames—and their customizable, “Cut-to-Size on-site” universal fit.

In the TTM, paid advertising amounted to $6,800 (or a staggeringly low 0.22% of the $3,000,000 gross revenue), representing a glaring growth opportunity for paid advertising. Other growth opportunities include selling on Amazon, introducing their products in more countries than just Canada and the US, setting up a dealer and installer network, increasing prices (prices have not been raised in years), investing heavily in paid advertising, and implementing a plan for social media marketing and interaction. The seller is ready to retire and watch a new owner expand the business to a whole new stratosphere.

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