Amazon FBA Business |105% YOY |Patent Approval on Track |Primarily Fitness Market |Strong Up-Side







Asking Price: $1,365,000 + Inventory

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Launched in 2016, this Amazon FBA business is diversified in Party Supplies, Travel Accessories, Sports & Outdoors, Automotive Accessories, and the leading category Fitness. The business has seen a 105% increase from the previous year due to continuous improvements to the listings, and marketing to capture more market share.

The business includes six brands that are part of the Amazon Brand Registry, four of which have Trademarks. 62% of revenue is driven by three product variations of a popular fitness invention of the business owner. The same product has a patent application that has already been “green-lighted” by the USPTO that it will be approved, with formal patent issue happening in the coming 4 months. Added notable mentions are that the products average a 40% gross margin and 205% ROI. A new variation to the same fitness line that’s been launched in the last 30 days is already showing promise.

Currently 98% of the revenue is driven from Amazon USA, leaving opportunities for the new owner to expand the products to the international Amazon marketplaces. Included in the suite of marketing material are eight well-done product commercials that could be used by the new owner to drive sales on other channels. Additionally, the business owner recently expanded to, which is an added opportunity for the new owner to place efforts.

The current owner spends only five hours per week operating the business. With inventory being handled by 3PLs, all work can be done remotely. The owners past experience in selling and migrating eCommerce businesses will help ensure a smooth transition for any new owner, with extensive support and 100+ SOPs included.

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Meet Your Advisor

Pat Yates

Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce.  In 2014 he struck a deal with Robert Herjavec on the Emmy Award winning show “Shark Tank”.  Pat grew a single slipper kiosk business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce focused business.  During that time Pat has done licensing deals with DreamWorks, NCAA, NFL and Disney.  In 2015 he struck up a relationship with Mark the founder of Quiet Light and continued eventually leading him to becoming an advisor.

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