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This 13 year old business produces high margin, customized products in the pet product vertical. Final assembly, as well as production of the majority of the components, occurs in America. The business has recurring, contractual revenue commitments, as well as diversified direct-to-consumer channels. An established CEO is in place to run day-to-day operations; the owner only works about 2-5 hours per week. This listing has been SBA pre-qualified.

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Meet Your Advisor

Jason Yelowitz

A recognized speaker and author, Jason joined Quiet Light in the spring of 2010 and quickly became the most requested advisor on our team. Within one year of working with Quiet Light, Jason set a new bar in virtually every metric for our firm. He quickly established himself as an accomplished, top professional within the industry by being savvy, honest, and considerate. A caring collaborator, he consistently cultivates genuine partnerships that result in successful transactions, and has become friends with many of his former clients.

Before and during his tenure with Quiet Light, Jason has started seven businesses, raising over $10 million in venture capital funding for the first one, alone. A prominent spokesperson at conferences and business schools, he has volunteered to coach and mentor others who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

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