Jason Yelowitz


A recognized speaker and author, Jason joined Quiet Light in the spring of 2010 and quickly became the most requested advisor on our team. Within one year of working with Quiet Light, Jason set a new bar in virtually every metric for our firm. He quickly established himself as an accomplished, top professional within the industry by being savvy, honest, and considerate. A caring collaborator, he consistently cultivates genuine partnerships that result in successful transactions, and has become friends with many of his former clients.

Before and during his tenure with Quiet Light, Jason has started seven businesses, raising over $10 million in venture capital funding for the first one, alone. A prominent spokesperson at conferences and business schools, he has volunteered to coach and mentor others who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

As the author of The Bathrobe Millionaire, Jason tells his story of starting a business that was profitable from day one, and that generated total revenues in excess of $15 million while the entire workflow was completely automated leaving him free to explore nature, watch movies and catch up with loved ones. This book is more than just his success story; it examines the principles leading to success, and how he has inverted his thinking, often rejecting cliche “conventional wisdom”. Jason’s insight has resulted in significant financial gains and a balanced lifestyle.


Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No, I previously thought my career would be in a large corporation. I’m somewhat risk-averse financially, and the fluctuations of being an entrepreneur occasionally make me queasy. But working for others never felt right to me, so I became a reluctant entrepreneur at first, and later an enthusiastic one. Now, I’ll start a business anytime I have a good idea. I’ve learned not to take it personally when an idea flops. Some ideas work wonderfully out of the gate, some do not.

What is the greatest benefit of helping people sell their online businesses?

In general, I find that several months after the transaction, the vast majority of my clients are glad they sold. The sales process can be a whirlwind of documents, spreadsheets, Zoom conversations, and emotions. In the “eye of the storm”, clients sometimes question why they are doing it. Generally, once the dust settles, they remember why they approached Quiet Light in the first place, and are happy with their decision. People’s reasons for selling range from personal, to financial, to burn out or simply craving a new challenge. My greatest benefit is the satisfaction of helping people achieve their goals, regardless of their reasoning.

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their online business?

Sometimes sellers try to pre-judge who would be the “ideal” buyer, and often, on this aspect, their radar is not ideally calibrated. Frequently, the nicest, most enthusiastic potential buyer is also the one who is least qualified financially and/or experience-wise. Or in the case of larger businesses, the seller sometimes tries to choose a “strategic acquirer” without recognizing that the would-be acquirer very well may not know of or care about their business. I believe it’s smart to interview a good selection of prospective buyers, and seek a fit that includes a financially qualified buyer who can complete the deal, has the experience and wisdom to correctly run the operation, and whose personality fits well with the seller’s. The personality fit is more important than many people would assume.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

Super-empathy. I strive to see things from “the other person’s perspective”, but like most people, I can improve. In business dealings, ego often trumps common sense, and the participants frequently feel that “deals are ALWAYS done” in whatever way they personally like to do things. I find it’s best to strip ego out of the equation and assess the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved. When we are able to zone in on the actual problem, it often boils down to human emotions. If we can acknowledge and recognize that fact, then usually the best common-sense solutions present themselves.

If you could have dinner with just one person who would it be

Warren Buffett. I’ve been a fan of his for over 20 years. I respect that he is consistent in his approach, has good personal values, and has folksy tidbits of wisdom that really resonate. Also, he has done quite well in the business world.


“We successfully closed this week on an eight figure business and Jason was an integral part of the team to get it over the finish line.”

“I have worked with a number of brokers over the years and Jason was experienced and professional. Selling your business is stressful, and without someone by your side, you can make irrational decisions. It was great to have an experienced sounding board to talk through the problems when they inevitably arose. We successfully closed this week on an eight figure business and Jason was an integral part of the team to get it over the finish line.”

-Jonathan S.

“Quiet Light has a pool of vetted buyers….$5m+ deal….85% cash at close.”

I talked to Jason for well over a year before I decided to have him market my Amazon company. In that year I spoke to several investment bankers and brokers, one of whom I hired. I did get a half dozen leads and one letter of intent, but after nearly 5 months of due diligence with the previous broker, we could not agree on terms with the buyer or get more than 50% in cash at closing. (With Jason I got 85% in cash at closing.) When that deal fell apart, Jason and I reconnected. I could tell he was ethical, capable, fair, and no-pressure. And it turns out Quiet Light has a pool of vetted buyers and banking experience to make a $5m+ deal happen.

Within two weeks of posting the listing with Jason, I had 5 full price offers and ultimately went with the buyer who was able to secure a commitment letter from the bank for an SBA loan.

From signing with Quiet Light to cash in the bank was just over 4 months. The final deal was 85% cash at close and a 15% seller note. In the end, Quiet Light’s fee was fair and I was happy to pay it. From first introduction through closing, Jason managed the process perfectly. He knew when to get involved and when not to. This allowed the process to progress smoothly and ultimately close without any major issues.


“…90% cash down on a seven-figure deal…Jason was a Godsend.”

” I moved to San Francisco to use the profits of my eCommerce company in order to pursue very lofty aims in artificial intelligence and public policy, but I knew that in order to get the upfront cash needed to fund my grand aims, I would need to sell the business outright. I had worked with other brokers in the past, but from the first phone call with Jason from Quiet Light Brokerage, I felt that I was speaking with someone who was different.

Most “online business” business brokers I’d spoken with in the past had little experience selling businesses at our size and growth rate (over 2MM in annual revenues and a rapid 1100% three-year revenue growth). He told me the price and terms to list, and within the first week we had half a dozen bites. One of the buyers was a great fit, and within three or four months we have over 90% cash down on a seven-figure deal, with terms that were fair and square for both parties. My biggest advice to my friends who are thinking of selling their online businesses is now “Find the right broker!” Jason was a Godsend. ”

–Daniel F.

“Jason, I just wanted to say thanks and compliment you on a job well done! You made the process of selling our site much easier than I thought it would be… From our first meeting where you explained realistic expectations until the final close and transfer of funds you were there, professional & positive. It was also amazing to me how quickly you found us a qualified, matched buyer. I definitely recommend your services and would/will use them in the future. Thanks again!”

-Dennis C.

“He has the unique skill to negotiate with grace and a smile.”

“Jason is professional and on point. He was essential in getting my deal done. He led all the meetings and helped keep them on track. He has the unique skill to negotiate with grace and a smile. He will give you an honest valuation for getting a deal done. I would certainly recommend him, as an entrepreneur friend did to me.”

-Jack C.

“Jason definitely ‘gets it’…$1.2MM purchase in less than 60 days…”

“In life some people “get it” and some don’t. Jason definitely “get’s it” …and from a buyer’s point of view ($1.2MM purchase in less than 60 days) because of the almost ridiculously smooth transaction we experienced, when I’m ready to exit, he will be first phone call I make. That’s the highest praise I give someone in business …first crack at my future business.”

–Chad A., LockandMane.com

“I contacted Quiet Light after hearing them on a podcast around the beginning of January 2019. Right from the start Jason appeared experienced and knowledgeable in how to successfully navigate the sales process of an online business. When our first buyer fell through due to last minute disapproval for SBA financing (something Jason warned me against, but I decided to go with the highest offer), he was quick to get me back on the horse and back out to market. Jason handled putting the entire marketing package together and ultimately got us a sale within the valuation ranges he initially quoted me. When most people think of a broker, I think the first thing to consider is if the broker will get them a high enough sales multiple to pay for their fee. What I didn’t consider that became obvious to me after the sale was complete was how much I relied on Jason to navigate the stressful waters that are the sale of a business. He doesn’t oversell businesses, he doesn’t push you to do a bad deal so he can get his commission. The ultimate testimonial is whether you would use someone again. I plan to use Jason and Quiet Light on the sale of my next venture and you should as well.”

David’s Video Testimonial

-David W

“Jason was referred to me by a friend of mine who he had sold another business for. I was in contact with Jason for a few years before I decided to pull the trigger and sell. Once the decision was made to sell I had very high expectations. And he met them. The whole process from list to sale was about a month. I accepted an all cash offer at a high multiple to earnings (about double what I had expected the market to be.) Jason fought for me and made the process so smooth. He already knows he has another company from me to sell in the next few years. Very satisfied with the whole process.”

-Jeff T.

“Jason Yelowitz got it done, from listing to closed in 2 weeks! He knows this business of selling internet properties so well that he just set my expectations and moved me through the process like a finely oiled machine. Without hesitation I highly recommend that anyone thinking of selling should list with him. Both he and his team at Quietlight Brokerage are the real deal. Thank you Mark and Jason.”

–Michael W.

“…he succeeded in…exactly what we hired him for: a seven-figure sale…”

” After vetting several business brokers, it became clear to our ownership group that Jason was the best choice. He set our expectations correctly — not promising the world, but also not under-selling our potential for a successful exit. He followed up with us every step of the way and always communicated well with us and potential buyers. We feel like he has a special skill in cultivating interested buyers and drawing interest that others would struggle to generate. Ultimately, he succeeded in doing exactly what we hired him for: a seven-figure sale to a buyer who was a great fit for our business. ”

–Rodney Z.

“Jason is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He is very experienced and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Before working with Jason, I interviewed 5 other brokers, it was by far the most caring and committed individual. He did a great job of setting my expectations and properly getting be prepared for a smooth due diligence phase. Within just 3 days of listing the business with Jason, we scheduled a handful of qualified meetings and we received our first offer within a week. I highly recommend working with Jason.”

–Sam Y.

“We received multiple seven-figure offers for the business…”

“As someone who had never sold a business before, I went into the sales process knowing very little about how it works. Jason did a thorough job explaining what to expect at each stage, and he was available throughout the process to answer all my questions.

We received more than 50 inquiries about my business within days of listing it with Quiet Light. Within a few weeks we received multiple seven-figure offers for the business, including the one we ultimately accepted.

Working with Jason made the sales process straightforward and easy, and Quiet Light’s network allowed me to put my business in front of many qualified, potential buyers. I would highly recommend Jason and Quiet Light to anyone serious about selling their web business. Thanks.”

–Phil R.

“I want to recommend Jason Yelowitz and Quiet Light Brokerage. We interviewed numerous business brokers to sell Paper.com, and even hired one before finding Jason. Our experience with the other brokers was less than satisfactory. When we found Jason, he did his best to set realistic expectations, and then sold the domain and got us paid in less than a month in a transaction which was smooth, friendly and quick. If you are marketing a ECommerce operation – Jason is your man!”

–Scott V., Paper.com

“Jason did a fabulous job selling an ecommerce website for us. From launch to close, the process took less than a month, we had multiple buyers and we closed the deal at 76% above our asking price. We would definitely use him again.”


“Jason had 14 out of 10.” {characteristics seller was seeking in a broker.}

“Before choosing a website broker, I made a list of all the things that were important to me in a broker. Most of the other choices had 4 or 5 of the 10 things that were important to me. Jason, had 14 out of the 10. Why 14? He brought to my attentions things that I would never even have thought of, and he executed flawlessly in finding me a buyer. I’ve been unable to find another broker at Jason’s level to this day, and I feel like Jason is truly the best in the business.”


“We would highly recommend Jason Yelowitz as a website broker. We talked to many other brokers before deciding to list our business with Jason and Quiet Light. We could tell the difference from the first email and phone call that we received from him. He responded right away – a much different experience than when we had interviewed other brokers. Imagine our surprise during our initial phone call, when we all discovered that he had been a customer of our business years earlier! Not only was Jason responsive initially, he was VERY responsive throughout the entire listing and sale process. He took the time to explain everything to us, and always laid out our options with his suggestions. Personally, Jason is warm and caring, and always seemed to put our interests first. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in selling their business. Thanks for everything, Jason!”

-Chris and Lisa S.

“…he was equal parts broker and coach…”

” Jason was instrumental in the successful sale of my e-commerce business and absolutely fantastic to work with. He took the time to work with me one-on-one prior to going to market and then stayed involved through the entire process and even beyond. At each step along the way, he was equal parts broker and coach, ensuring that I was abreast of the status, helping me understand the options, and recommending next steps. Jason is the most accessible professional I have ever dealt with; he was always available when I needed him. I can honestly say that without him, we never would have been able to do it. It was a true pleasure working with him. ”

–Blake H.

“My name is David A. Stuebe, a recent client of Quiet Light Brokerage. I was originally referred to QLB from a client of mine who sold his business successfully with the help of QLB. So, from the beginning I new that QLB would complete my business sale in a timely manner and do an overall great job. During my initial consultation from Jason Yelowitz and Mark Daoust with QLB, I was given the necessary instructions that guided me through to the final sale of my business. From start to finish, Jason and Mark did an excellent job and I would recommend their talent and knowledge to anyone trying to sell their online business.”

–David Stuebe

“Throughout the process he was responsive, gave great advice along the way…”

“Prior to working with Jason and QLB I worked another broker to sell my business for 9 months who made lots of false promises and drastically over estimated the price I could get for my business. After speaking with Jason for the first time, I knew he was the type of broker I needed to work with to get a deal done. Throughout the process he was responsive, gave great advice along the way and made sure that I always put myself in the buyers “shoes” when negotiations started to get a little rough. He navigated the process swiftly with buyer to a successful closing. I would definitely recommend working with Jason.”

-Gregg W

“Dear Jason,

Well… it’s surprising how fast time flies!
It was our intention for us all to reach out with some hideous mid-treatment Spa photo with some humorous caption or something when we were at the Spa using the Spa-gift you kindly e-sent to us months back. However, as that still hasn’t happened quite yet, we just couldn’t wait any longer to truly express our now long-overdue GRATITUDE to you for working with us to orchestrate the sale of our business recently. It wasn’t, as it turned out, so much only finding the right buyer, which we initially thought, going in, would be the hardest part, it was, in fact, your support, guidance, fairness, enlightening stories and, we hope, ultimately, friendship that has proved to be something we will never regret or forget and we are SO glad we asked you to help us. I’m sure in your busy, fast-paced world of brokering businesses, writing books, etc. – albeit in your bathrobe (LOL) – there may be little time for reflection or ponderance, but for us, being just a page in your 2017 book of successes, is a page that has made all the difference in the development of our paths into the future, and, for that, we are immensely grateful.

Hoping one day to welcome the opportunity to engage in business with you again (stranger things have happened, right?) but, for everything you already accomplished for us …. THANK YOU SO MUCH for a job WELL DONE!!!
Sincerely and gratefully, ”

-{Name withheld for privacy}

“Jason is heads and shoulders above the rest…”

“Jason is simply one of the best in the business of brokering website transactions. In my search both on the buying side and on the selling side I’ve talked to many brokers. Jason is heads and shoulders above the rest in that: (i) he knows his subject matter and is specifically focused on the website vertical, (ii) his investment memos are the best researched and the most professional I’ve seen, (iii) his personal demeanor and approach to the transaction process is always very professional, ethical, tactful and competent, and (iv) because he is focused on the website vertical he always has a good feel for website transaction benchmarks and practices, enabling him to be creative and realize fair market value for his clients. I highly recommend him and would work with him again any time.”

–Peter E.

“I highly recommend working with Jason. From our first interaction, he laid out expectations for the deal process. Along the ways he guided me through the sales process and was a knowledgeable resource when I had any questions. We were able to complete a deal and I am very thankful for the help and support of Jason.”

-Ben S.

“I talked to 15 business brokers before choosing Jason.”

“I talked to 15 business brokers before choosing Jason. I chose Jason, because he only sold web business, I felt he would do the best job and get me the all cash offer I wanted. He certainly exceeded my expectations! Within 10 days I had three offers and accepted one. Due diligence came and went and we are set to close. I could not be happier with my choice. I would recommend Jason to anyone selling their business.”

-Varo A.

“My appreciation for your inestimable representation in regards to the sale of my company, Conventions.net, is immense. From the inception of the sale to the closing of the last documents, you made yourself available and offered insight, that as a seller, I would never have even slightly approached on my own. Your opinions, points, counterpoints and composure are traits that kept the process of our sale from being a tedious challenge to an enjoyable progression in exactly the direction I had hoped. Throughout our relationship, you showed great loyalty and conscientiousness in regards to all parties involved, and I thank you for helping me keep my head in the clouds while ensuring my feet were still on the ground.

You are exceptional at what you do and I hope that the sale of Conventions.net will not be my last with you. I will refer business your way in the future at every opportunity with confidence and gratitude.”

-Randi Freedman, President & CEO, Freedmanlane, Inc.

“I have never run across a more qualified broker than Jason Yelowitz.”

“I have acquired a few businesses over the years and in all of my dealings I have never run across a more qualified broker than Jason Yelowitz. As a perspective buyer I immediately felt at ease with his common sense approach to the transaction process. Throughout the due diligence period I felt more like I was communicating with a fellow business owner than just a broker. Jason truly understands the fundamentals and economics of business ownership and when you combine this with his professionalism, honesty and integrity it puts him in a league above all others. Should the day arise for me to sell my business I will undoubtedly call Jason for his services.”

-Kevin B.

“Jason had a buyer for my site within a day. The reason is because he has the experience and the resources to make things happen quickly and efficiently. Not only did we have a painless sale, I learned quiet a bit about selling web based businesses and really could not have asked for a smoother sales process and close. Even though selling a web based business may seem pretty straight forward, there is actually a lot to be considered and using a experienced broker like Jason will actually save you time and money. It was the way a sale should be for both buyer and seller. ”

-Michael Morales, Vital Ethics Inc.

“Jason’s vast experience allows him to…make course corrections…”

“Buying or selling businesses is a complex, emotional process – there is no way around those facts. Jason Yelowitz managed these obstacles for us and produced an outcome that both buyer and seller were pleased with. Deals have a way of veering off course, but Jason’s vast experience allows him to sense this and make course corrections needed to keep both parties engaged, focused on the pertinent facts, and the process moving forward. Most importantly, Jason performs his duties with a high level of integrity – something that absolutely cannot be overstated. I would highly recommend Jason’s services, along with his team at Quiet Light Brokerage, to anyone looking to enter or exit the online space.”

–Eric S.

“I highly recommend using Jason Yelowitz and QLB to sell your business. I was a first time business seller and wasn’t even sure how the process worked. With just a quick phone call, Jason walked me through the entire process and got my business placed in front of lots of qualified leads. Within days, I got multiple offers and was able to choose my buyer and ended up getting a very fair price. More importantly, I learned that having a true professional that is wonderful to work with and who tirelessly promotes your business is priceless. I’m very thankful that I found Jason and definitely recommend that you use his services!”

-Jeff C.

“Thank you Jason. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been tremendous on all aspects of being a business broker. I loved working with him on all the counts and will not pass any opportunity to do such in future. I would recommend him to my circle as well.”

-Pathik J.

“I’ve worked with Jason on multiple transactions…He has done a fantastic job…”

“I’ve worked with Jason on multiple transactions now. He has done a fantastic job navigating deals to a successful closing. He proved knowledgeable, professional, and earned the respect of both parties. In my case where I was the seller, the buyer actually complimented me on my choice of broker, saying that Jason stood out from the field as reputable and smart. I would gladly use Jason again, as buyer or seller.”

-John C.

“Thank you again for all your help with this. You were absolutely amazing and I will happily recommend you to anyone in the future trying to sell a web business. I can’t thank you enough for all your effort, professionalism and guidance.”

-Sasha P.

“Jason and Mark netted me about $75,000 more on my sale.”

“When I first called Quiet Light I was told it was in my best interest to wait six months to list my website for sale. Yes…they told me to go away! No other brokerage firm told me that – they all wanted to list my site right then. Waiting was the right things to do. Jason and Mark advised me on when to list based on improvements in my cash flow. I followed their advice and came back six months later. Within a few weeks Jason had a nearly full price cash offer for me! The advice Jason and Mark provided netted me about $75,000 more on my sale. I HIGHLY recommend working with Jason – he knows how to get the deal done.”

-Joe Valley {now part owner of Quiet Light Brokerage, but first a client}

“This was my first time selling a web business. I would strongly recommend using Jason Yelowitz to assist you in selling your business. He is a complete professional throughout the entire process. He walks you through each step and quickly responds to any questions you have. He works with both parties to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Jason was great to work with! Thank you for all of your guidance!”

-Courtney D.

“Having Jason act as a broker for my website sale was the best decision I have made.”

“Having Jason act as a broker for my website sale was the best decision I have made. Jason was committed from the start and consistent throughout the transaction. His level of professionalism and attention to detail was beyond my expectations and I am very happy to have worked with Jason. What struck me the most is that Jason cares very much for his clients. His level of service and expertise is highly appreciated. Thank you Jason!”

-James L.

Within 10 days of contacting Jason my website was sold and the funds were in my account. Jason kept me informed every step of the way through emails and phone calls. It felt good knowing I had an experienced professional on my side. The process could not have been any easier. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone selling a website.”

-Rob K.

“When I decided to put my niche website up for sale, I knew that I needed not just the right buyer, but also the right brokerage firm. Thanks to Jason Yelowitz and Quiet Light Brokerage, I obtained both. Jason’s dedication, perseverance, and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with and from beginning to end, the whole experience was wonderful. If I am ever in the market for buying or selling another site, I’m giving Jason a call!”

-Aaress L.

“Jason is truly one of the best website brokers out there…”

“Jason is truly one of the best website brokers out there in terms of his professionalism, organizational skills and knowledge. I was looking to sell my website for top dollar on the internet and needed a good broker… So what did I do? I called the top 4 brokers in the industry and grilled all of them with my questions to see if they were up to snuff. After one week of questions and answers with all of the brokers it was apparent that Jason was way ahead of his peers. He was the most responsive individually I have ever met and this characteristic is so important when you are trying to close a sale. With Jason’s expertise I was able to sell my website for over half a million dollars! I can’t recommend Jason highly enough. If you are lucky enough to have him sell your website then you are in great hands! ”

–Dave S

“I began my search for an internet-based business nearly a year ago, digging through listings on my own and mostly finding garbage. About 6 months into my frustration, I was fortunate to stumble upon one of Jason’s listings which formed the foundation for what I now consider a friendship. With my (very) limited “e-background” Jason was patient and thorough, taking time to explore various listings and answer my questions. When we finally found a business that met my goals, we closed within a week. I guess the best thing I can say to support Jason is that when it comes time for me to sell, Jason’s my guy.”

-Travis D.

“Jason is really in your corner when it comes to getting a fair price for your website and knows how to handle every detail perfectly. Also very easy to work with!”

-Patricia B.

“…the offers Jason got us were higher by a magnitude than what we had received before…”

“Wow! Three weeks from start to finish and the offers Jason got us were higher by a magnitude than what we had received before. Jason was a pleasure to deal with and an example of transparency, professionalism and efficiency in a broker. Just try not to picture him in a bathrobe while on a conference call with a potential buyer!” (Jason is the author of The Bathrobe Millionaire.)

–Tobias Ratschiller, Senze Limiti

“I have had an opportunity to work with Jason on two occasions. First as peers discussing a business acquisition and second as a client of his while purchasing an online business. In my interactions with Jason I have found him personable. Jason also has the ability to quickly grasp the human and business elements of a transaction and then implement action which satisfies the people and the business at hand. Most importantly I would say that I have never felt as if Jason was not 100% ethical and honest in every discussion. Jason is simply a practical and trustworthy person to work with in a business deal.”

-Ben F.

“If you are thinking of selling your online business, Jason Yelowitz should be at the top of your list. Jason took the time to understand my business to determine who would likely be interested in purchasing the business before going to market. His aim was spot on, and he helped the buyer with the SBA process to facilitate a successful close. Jason got the deal done.”

-Zach B.

“Jason you were absolutely fabulous to work with!”

“Jason you were absolutely fabulous to work with! I would not hesitate to work with you again or to send you referrals! My overall experience was an A-plus! You were always very responsive, quick to reply, very informative and a professional. THANK YOU for making this process as easy as possible for me!”

–Dani S.

“Jason went beyond the extra mile in selling our internet business. His personal attention to detail and responsiveness to issues quickly earned our trust. From beginning to end he properly managed expectations and took a personal interest in making sure we and the buyers were happy with the transaction. He facilitated difficult situations being resolved satisfactorily for all parties and made for a very quick and efficient process f=rom the gathering of initial information to the close of the deal. I have never had deal go as smoothly and satisfactorily as this one, I credit Jason and his great work for this.”

–Tony R.

“…I genuinely enjoyed working with him.”

“Jason Yelowitz was great to work with in selling our business. His advice and experience was invaluable, as he helped to guide the process to a successful completion. We had a strong rapport throughout the process, and I genuinely enjoyed working with him. Jason has lived the experience of selling a business both as a broker and as a seller. So, he knows what you are going through. I both like and trust Jason, and I recommend him as your broker.”

-Aaron B.

“Jason, I wanted to take this opportunity to say many many thanks for all you help – I can’t even begin to express my gratitude! The process of selling or buying a business can be difficult and confusing, but you managed to make it easy! You are incredible at making sure BOTH the buyer and seller are a good match and that we are comfortable and happy. Your attention to detail, honesty and integrity, timely followup, professionalism and your “solution orientated win-win approach” is refreshing and I feel very fortunate to have met you. It was also amazing that you were able to know the difference between who is just curious and who is ready and serious. I would not hesitate for a second to use you again or recommend you. I look forward to working with you again! Thank – you!”

-Nicky K.

“I would have to say that my business purchase experience with Jason Yelowitz of Quiet Light Brokerage was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend them for buying or selling a business.”

-Ken A.

“I can’t say enough about my experience selling my website through Jason. He did what he said and made it easy for us to craft a deal that worked for both parties. I highly recommend him.”

-Bob W.

“Jason worked smart and hard to get my website sold. We were in a distress sale situation and every day counted. We ended up getting the price we asked for and the new buyers have been good people to work with. So we are very pleased with Jason getting the job done, and his professionalism and providing the hand holding we needed in a difficult and stressful situation.”


“Mark and Jason…have made the sale process easy…”

“Clker.com was my first sale. Mark and Jason with Queitlight brokerage have made the sale process easy, they helped us with marketing, negotiating and agreeing on a contract with the purchasers and provided prompt responses and advice when we had questions. I am very happy with their service and hope to use it again in the future.”

-Mohamed Ibrahim, President & CEO, Brain Waves LLC

“As the day’s have passed after selling the website the thoughts that come into mind are the words that you both said, ‘Right now in the midst of selling it can be tough, but once it is over you will wonder why you worried so much.’ and sure enough those are my exact feelings today. Thank you both for everything I could not have asked for anyone better to handle the transaction of the sell of our website”

-Hwaida H.

“…Jason provided peace of mind…”

“We acquired our first business, www.puristat.com, with Jason’s help back in 2010. Throughout the process, Jason provided peace of mind. Even though he was obligated to act on behalf of the seller, he made sure our questions were answered and we were comfortable as buyers. He was very knowledgeable and easily accessible throughout the buying process.”

-Jim D.

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