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This opportunity is a corporate “carve-out” with over $12.3M (TTM) in revenue from sales channels, including Amazon, Wholesale, Target, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and branded websites, representing a significant opportunity to scale quickly. The business is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis for the inventory value ($3M cash at close), plus all brand equity and goodwill, intellectual property, marketplace accounts and listings, domains, websites, inventory, data, systems, other digital assets, and IT. The seller is committed to a successful transition of the business assets and is confident in the future of the business.

The financials provided are comprehensive, covering all variable costs. However, it’s important to note that they do not include other corporate overhead fixed expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, labor, etc. The business has a strong TTM gross margin of approximately $6.7M. These financials can be 100% verified with reporting directly from the marketplaces, platforms, shipping carriers, and invoiced proof of COGS (cost of goods sold). This opportunity will be particularly attractive to buyers with cash and streamlined closing times.

Launched in 2009, the business sells bedding, home, and accessory furniture. In 2018, the seller sold 70% of the company to a publicly traded company (NYSE) and repurchased all the equity in March 2020. The seller is divesting this portfolio business to focus on his warehousing and distribution operations, other businesses, investments, and personal interests.

The seller is well known in the ecommerce and business world. He has spoken multiple times on Capitol Hill with representatives of the Senate Finance Committee, the House of Representatives, the International Trade Org, the Digital Trade Caucus, and with members from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. He was a member of the FedEx Ecommerce Board of Directors and Channel Advisor’s advisory board.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.  While honing his SEO skills in the print industry he spent much of his time learning other aspects of the web from traditional ecommerce, to affiliate marketing, to content.  Eventually his love for content businesses led him to being a serial acquirer and he ended up on the buy side 26 times.  A majority of his acquisitions were part of a rollup strategy he was pursuing.  In 2015 he sold his content portfolio to private equity.  Brad has experienced 4 successful exits from businesses he owned and operated.  Brad joined the Quiet Light team in 2017 and has represented more than 50 successful transactions.

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