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Launched in 2019, this FBA business sells high-quality vacuum seal bags in the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon US and Amazon CA. With reliable suppliers and simple operations, the current owner is able to work on the business just 4–10 hours per week throughout most of the year.

The business’s products cater to sustainability-minded consumers who want to reduce waste while enjoying practical, cost-effective solutions for food storage. Currently, the majority of revenue is generated by just a couple of ASINs, although the seller believes there are numerous product expansion opportunities on Amazon. The business’s earnings have been lower in the last 12 months compared to previous periods, which the current owner attributes to increased Amazon fees and competition. However, he also believes there are numerous opportunities to reverse this trend and grow the business, as outlined in detail in the Business Summary.

This business could be a great opportunity for a first-time buyer or an experienced FBA seller seeking to expand their product line within the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon.

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Ian ran his first profitable business when he was 19, which ignited his passion for entrepreneurship and set the trajectory of his career. He later built and sold an Amazon business, before acquiring skills in affiliate and content marketing.  


Ian has extensive experience in content and SEO. Combined with his background as an ecommerce entrepreneur, this skillset enables him to identify high-leverage growth opportunities and communicate value. Over the last several years, he’s written many top-ranking articles about buying and selling online businesses and has been instrumental in crafting Quiet Light’s content strategy. As an Advisor, Ian is passionate about helping owners accomplish their goals and experience the freedom that entrepreneurship provides.

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