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This is a unique opportunity to own a 5-year-old profitable SaaS business within the highly sought-after Pet industry. The software was specifically designed to help pet groomers better run and manage their businesses. It is a web-based application accessible from anywhere and on any device. Its suite of features includes point of sale, a digital calendar, online bookings, client management, marketing and communications, gift cards, and so much more.

The most obvious evidence of the efficacy and intense need for this software is in the company’s conversion rate from trial to paid customers. They offer a 14-day free trial period for potential users, which has averaged a staggering 55% conversion to paid users over the last three months. If a new owner can tap into the vast network of ~310,000 pet groomers who desperately need this service and offer a free trial for a service they need, then this conversion rate could lead to tremendous scale.

The company enjoys approximately $9,500 per month in recurring revenue, spread over ~130 paying customers, and offers four different plans for their customers to choose from. Some of the growth opportunities revolve around tapping into this huge marketplace of underserved, potential users by 1) returning to pet grooming shows (these shows are a huge driver of sign-ups and a great way to build relationships for minimal cost), 2), performing cold outreach, and 3) focusing on SEO for the website.

This business does not need a technical buyer, as the white-labeled software was created by a third party and is licensed by the seller, which will make a transfer very simple. The seller spends about 10 hours per week on the business and has other projects and plans he’d like to focus on. He’d like to cash out completely and see someone take this business to amazing new levels.

***The seller has asked that no buyers sign up for the free trial period. A demo link has been provided in the Client Interview.

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