Chris Wozniak


Chris has been a business broker for the past 20 years, representing hundreds of sellers, and having earned the accreditations of Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary and Certified Business Intermediary. Chris also created and sold his first e-commerce businesses in 2003, and has since purchased an affiliate marketing site, created multiple content sites and an Amazon FBA business. He joined Quiet Light to merge these two passions and help online business owners reach their exit goals.

Q&A with Chris

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their website?

There are many pitfalls that need to be avoided. If I had to pick a #1 mistake, I’d say lacking in general preparation and truly understanding the market.

What drew you to make your career online?

Early in my professional career, the idea of earning money online, from my laptop, was attractive. This led me to create my first ecommerce site back in 2002/2003 and opened up a new sense of freedom realizing I had the ability to make an income from anywhere. This freedom allowed my wife and I and two children to move to the US Virgin Islands for two-year long adventure. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere opens up so many possibilities.

Did you always know that you were going to be an entrepreneur?

No, I didn’t. I honestly did not have a clue what I wanted to do even when I was in my early years of college. Thinking back though, I will say I’ve always been very independent and instinctually knew I wanted to avoid corporate America. My first “job” was as a commercial real-estate broker, working for some highly successful entrepreneurs. I caught the bug and it stuck.

What is the greatest benefit of helping people sell their online businesses?

My goal is to provide the best professional advice I can, but ultimately, nothing is more personally beneficial to me than becoming lifelong friends with my sellers. This is typically the biggest transaction of a seller’s life, so helping them successfully achieve their exit goals, whether that’s retirement, cashing out for their next venture, etc., feels fantastic. I’d be hard-pressed to find something more fulfilling.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

To be able to eat without getting full ☺.

What is the best bit of advice you ever received?

From a business perspective, my dad instilled in me to remove emotion from the equation as much as possible. With that, he gave me the “sleep on it” advice. There is a lot at stake and personalities involved in these transactions, and with that a lot of emotional charge. He taught me that before communicating from an emotional place, sleep on it and see what that looks like in the morning. HINT: It always looks different/better/clearer in the morning.

If you could have dinner with just one person (they don’t have to be living still), who would it be?

For the dearly departed, that’s an easy one. I lost my best friend of 30 years in 2019, and I’d give anything to have dinner with him one more time. Otherwise, it’s simple, my wife and kids. (sorry, can’t boil that down to one….).


“I am having difficulty finding words to convey the depth of my gratitude for your efforts
brokering the sale of Physician Durable Medical, Inc. Following my first meeting with you in
August, you very honestly agreed to take a look at our company when we asked for your advice.

I was blown away by your level of scrutiny regarding every aspect of a very complicated
business…I am convinced no one could have done a better job and we feel blessed to have
serendipitously met with you!” -Laura J.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, diligence and expertise in the sale of my
company….I deeply appreciate the time and effort that you invested in this transaction and
most importantly, the friendship that we’ve developed. I look forward to working with you in
the future on whatever my next endeavor is and would certainly recommend you and your
company to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.” -Richard P.

“You have been readily available to meet throughout this process and easy to communicate
with. Your knowledge of the entire process eased the burden throughout, and your persistence
is to be admired. We have relied on your knowledge and input consistently. Your concern for
us (Me and my wife), and in getting us a fair deal, is deeply appreciated. We would not hesitate
to recommend you to anyone who might be interested in selling their company. You are a
quality individual who we consider a friend.” -Galen D.

“The subject line of this letter says it all. You just sold the company I have owned for 20 years!
It has been a strange, somewhat taxing, but terrific experience…Not only are you skilled at what
you do, but you handle the transaction in a simple, logical manner. Any seller can appreciate
the importance of a simple and time tested methodology to what could be a complicated
process. Hopefully, when all is said and done, you call can find me a new business to purchase
and grow.” – Michael S.

“When you consider the magnitude of a purchase of this size, every detail is critical. Your
company steps you through the process, and along the way provides all of the information you
need to make an informed decision. Further, their strong ability to explain financials, aid in the
due diligence process, and help obtain funding are imperative. Again, I want to thank you for a
job well done. Your tireless effort and expertise has not gone unrecognized.” – Jim J.

“We met you approximately 9 months ago when we were originally interested in selling our
business. You came highly recommended on a referral basis, and after meeting with you, our
initial confidence in you was solidified. It’s important for sellers or buyers who use your
services in the future to understand that you and your company are truly a FULL SERVICE
firm…a one stop shop. Thank you again for a job well done. You did what we hired you for, and

it’s refreshing to work with such an honest person and competent company.” Bill & Kathy D.

“It was due to (your) persistence and unwavering focus that I was able to sell my business at a
very reasonable price and terms. During the entire process, I had no doubt that they were loyal
to me and went the extra mile to safeguard my interests. If and when the opportunity arises I
will never hesitate to call on Chris to help me find my next business opportunity and
would always refer my friends to (him). Over time (he has) become a good and trusted friend.”
– Shahzad A.

“I wanted to thank Chris Wozniak for helping me sell my company, ***** Industries, Inc.,
a company I started over 30 years ago. Given the history of the company, the promising
future of the company, and my legacy, choosing the right intermediary, who was up to
the task of helping me achieve my goal of selling, was crucial.

This was a long process, surrounded by an ever-changing health care environment in the
midst of a unique political climate. Chris was not only up to the challenge, but he
embraced it. He had to be readily available to discuss changes in the company, changes
in the market place, and changes in the industry. I never had a problem getting a hold of
Chris. He and Les worked as a team in the purest sense of the word, and one of them
could always be reached.

I charged Chris with the very difficult task of selling this company to an individual or
synergistic company who could carry on the Legacy I established. This created a small
pool of buyers, but they ultimately were able to find the right individual to acquire the

Chris was extremely knowledgeable, wholly qualified, and unwaivering in their
determination to sell the company I had worked so hard to build. Selling a company is
difficult, as they explained to me from the beginning, but they remained committed to
helping me reach my goal of retirement. I am happy to urge anyone who is interested in
selling their business to strongly consider Chris as their Intermediary. He simply does
what he commits to do.” – Ralph A.

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