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Things I Wish I Had Known Before Selling My SaaS with Jon Hainstock

Long time entrepreneur Jon Hainstock is a trusted advisor at Quiet Light specializing in SaaS businesses. Prior to joining the team, he started several businesses, most notably ZoomShift which he built, grew, and exited for a life-changing amount of money. His mission is to help the next generation of founders build wonderful businesses and exit on their terms. In this webinar, Jon reflects on his experience when selling his SaaS. He discusses everything that went well along with the aspects of the process that could have been optimized. He covers everything from what owners can proactively do today to prepare for an exit regardless of their selling plans, to the final steps it takes to get across the finish line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should start planning your exit today even if you don’t want to sell.
  • What the step-by-step preparation process looks like for selling a SaaS.
  • Why you might want to under optimize some of your business.
  • What it feels like to sell and how to navigate finding what’s next for you.
  • How to build and maintain trust with multiple buyers.
  • How to handle and ultimately minimize the inevitable stress that comes with selling.

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