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Learn the Top Tips & Tactics For Hiring VAs & Putting SOPs In Place to Manage Them

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Most entrepreneurs struggle with hiring and keeping VAs. Norm Farrar (affectionately known as “The Beard Man”) runs a $10,000,000 ecommerce business with 30 VAs. Norm has SOPs in place to hire, train and keep his VAs loyal. His SOPs are so detailed his VAs take over creating many SOPs for new VAs.

Norm shares all of his top tools to help get and stay organized.

Episode Highlights:

  • SOPs from a $10,000,000 Business Owner
  • 39 Employees with 30 remote VAs
  • How to Train VAs to create SOPs
  • What types of VAs to hire and where to find them
  • How to create loyalty in VAs so they love you and don’t leave
  • Tips on improving productivity
  • Don’t be cheap when hiring VAs, they’ll just go to work for someone paying $1 more.
  • Pay your VAs to be trained on a weekly basis.
  • Links to tools used by Norm and his VA team.
  • Screen recording software that makes recording “repeat work” a snap.
  • Conferences and events to attend and how to get the most bang for your buck
  • Mastermind groups and why they can make a HUGE difference in your success
  • Managed Service Provider (agency) helping owners great products but no ecomm experience
  • Learn about the latest screen recording tools
  • Best book on entrepreneurial management and leadership E-Myth Mastery by Peter Gerber


  • VPS Service –
    • – Check out their Budget VPS
    • – You will also need to download Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Screen or Video Capture –
    • – Norm uses Snagit & Camtasia
    • – They offer a free screen capture tool – Jing

SOP Automation

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