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Reggie YoungReggie Young is an Amazon consultant, exit advisor, and entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing. While serving full-time in the United States Air Force as a Nuclear Missile Operations Officer, Reggie discovered his passion for e-commerce and made over $1 million after launching his brand. He sold his business for $638,000 and has helped other seven and eight-figure sellers grow and launch their brands. He continues to launch and operate his own e-commerce brands.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [03:17] How Reggie Young grew his Amazon brand
  • [08:34] Reggie explains how to scale your brand by outsourcing a virtual assistant
  • [13:01] Ways to filter and locate the best candidate for your needs
  • [16:50] Building trust and creating a positive work culture
  • [22:06] Reggie shares the importance of implementing standard operating procedures
  • [26:34] Tools for business management that are crucial when outsourcing

In this episode…

Have you thought about hiring a virtual assistant but are unsure how to find the right person? Outsourcing is a viable option, but the process can feel daunting. How can you be confident outsourcing will help grow and scale your business?

When choosing a virtual assistant, Reggie Young recommends looking for candidates who possess critical thinking skills, a strong English vocabulary, and a reliable internet connection. Building a cohesive team and incorporating standard operating procedures can boost work performance and create a seamless transition for new hires. Listen to this episode as Reggie talks about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Reggie Young, Amazon consultant, exit advisor, and entrepreneur, to discuss creating a cohesive team of virtual assistants. Reggie talks about the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines for a virtual assistant, why you should understand the culture to cultivate a stronger connection, and the importance of reinforcing your standard operating procedures. Stay tuned!

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:07

Hi folks. It’s the Quiet Light Podcast where we share relentlessly honest insights, actionable tips, and entrepreneurial stories that will help founders identify and reach their goals.

Joe Valley  0:32

Hey folks, Joe Valley here, welcome to another episode of the Quiet Light Podcast. today’s podcast is sponsored by my Amazon Guy. I know the founder, Steven Pope, he’s a good guy. I’ve seen him all over YouTube, creating great free educational content for scaling up leveling up your Amazon account. If you need help with SEO, design, managing your Amazon catalog, whatever you need, check him out at And now for today’s podcast. It’s all about virtual assistants, hiring, training and scaling up with virtual assistants. Reggie Young is our guest today. He’s He does a great job in terms of creating courses and SOPs on how to train and scale with virtual assistants, you can find it at, we talked about a number of different things in here. First, how to find that there’s some job boards, there’s some outsourcing folks, and how to create good culture for virtual assistants a little bit of difference in terms of the cost. But something we struggle with here at quiet light is creating SOPs for them so that they have plenty of work to do. I find personally myself, I’ve got a great virtual assistant. And sometimes I just know she’s not busy enough. And I wish I had more work for her. And the reality is I do but I haven’t created SOPs for her to go ahead and follow an attack and Reggie talks about that quite a bit. And he’s got courses available as well at purchase vault. So let’s jump into it. This is all about scaling, growing sourcing with virtual assistants. Here we go. Reggie Young Welcome to the Quiet Light Podcast. How are you today? I’m doing well. Thank

Reggie Young  2:21

you for having me.

Joe Valley  2:22

I’m glad you’re here. And I think you’re in Hawaii at the moment.

Reggie Young  2:26

Is that correct? Yes, currently at an Airbnb in Waikiki. I was born and raised in Hawaii. So I’m really glad to be back home. But this time, really, really close to the beach, or

Joe Valley  2:38

good for you Good for you. That’s the life of an entrepreneur, you get to go where you want to go whenever you want to go there, in most cases, and to yet, you know, to big with lots of staff that dictate that you need to be in the office. Anyway. Why don’t you give the folks some background on yourself who you are what you do that kind of thing?

Reggie Young  2:57

Sure, yeah. So Reggie Young again, born and raised in Hawaii, I joined the military when I was 18 years old. And a few years into the military, my bosses thought I’d be a good fit for a military university called the Air Force Academy. I went there for like four or five years graduated was a nuclear missiles officer for five years. During that five year period, I decided that I that business was my passion and my obsession. So what I did in my free time was so iPhone six cases online, and my mom was actually my only customer. And I realized really quickly that I need to take a course. And I really need to double down on how to sell online. So I tested different business models. I started high ticket dropshipping. My first store did about $64,000 in revenue in the first one to two months, I came across some issues there, but still had about three to four years left on my contract at the military at the time. So I decided to dive into private label Amazon, I eat sleep and breathe Amazon since then. And in like 2017 2018, I was able to replace my income, sold my first Amazon private label business, late 2020. And since then, I’ve been consulting for other ecommerce businesses, while still operating my own.

Joe Valley  4:10

Really impressive resume. Well, first of all, first and foremost, thank you for your service, appreciate it. And congratulations on your success as an entrepreneur in your exit as well. And so now you’re consulting and coaching and one of the things you and I talked about that we wanted to focus on here was how to hire train and scale with virtual assistants, which seems to be just common sense, but at the same time really kind of hard. And I’ll just admit openly that I’ve got an amazing VA in the Philippines. And I know there are times when she’s going cheap. Do I really have a job? There’s nothing for me to do, because I have a difficult time choosing tasks for her to do. She’s got big month long tasks, but keeping her busy all the time is a challenge for me ready so let’s talk about that. How do you How do you jump in? First? What’s the benefit of a VA? And

Reggie Young  5:04

let’s go from there. Yeah, I mean, the easiest way to put it is, it’s a way of working, you know, on your business, not so much in it. So when you hire your first VA, you’re really able to solve that first problem, which is scaling fast one? And to answer your question more directly, how do you keep a virtual assistant gainfully employed, what I do is I have a project management, like a sauna type of CRM board. And what I do is I, I ordered their tasks from top to bottom from like, most important all the way down to least important. And when they’re done with all their tasks, they eventually will hit a task that I call the sharpen skills task. And what that is, is an Excel spreadsheet with a list of skills that I want them to learn. And it can be anything from watch this YouTube video to take this Facebook ads course, to research whatever you want and, and provide notes and updates. So that’s for me personally, how I’m able to keep them gainfully employed, generally speaking, I have enough business ideas that they’re, they’ve never actually hit the sharpen skills task. But if they do, I want them working on things that will benefit the business, whether it’s researching a new type of tool, a new idea, or working on projects and initiatives that are a little bit higher up in the sales funnel. Well, let’s

Joe Valley  6:25

jump back to the beginning in terms of the reason to hire VA that’s beyond, you know, you need another body, you know, let’s a VA versus, you know, in the Philippines, for instance, where were mine is, versus somebody than us. For me, it’s two reasons. And you tell me if it’s, you know, pretty similar across the border, there are other reasons as well. Number one, financially, I’ve got a full time virtual assistants, for a fraction of the cost that it would be here in the States, we’re talking about like, a third, in worst case scenario, I think of the cost. And second is that I find the VA, so we’ve got several here Quiet Light, but I find them to be very, very committed and dedicated, appreciative and loyal, once you treat them well and pay them well, that the combination of the two is a big financial savings. And there’s a real dedication from them to want to be the best that they can be those two compared to, in some cases, a US employee where the cost will be much higher, there’s benefits that go along with it. And then, you know, sometimes there’s a lot of job hopping that goes along with it. What do you see as the top, you know, two or three reasons to go with a virtual assistant versus somebody in the US or UK or wherever you might be

Reggie Young  7:56

living? Yeah, well, definitely the the cost savings is incomparable. And especially if you hire in a smart way, you can get that those costs down even even more. But one of the big narratives that I see in this space is kind of the opposite, that virtual assistants are not dedicated, they’re not committed, that they don’t care about pursuing, like, pushing the bid, your business goes forward. But the fact that you’ve had that experience tells me that you have a really good positive work culture, and that you pay them and compensate them well for their work. And that’s actually a failure of what a lot of other people who outsourced to the Philippines or other countries offshore, is they don’t, they don’t have that positive work culture. And they’re not compensating them well enough. Like yes, it can be cheap. I start most of my virtual assistants off, it’s just a few $100 a month. But I have such good work culture and a good setup of how to work and how to communicate with me that I rarely have a virtual assistant, leave my team. So again, cost savings absolutely huge. Besides that, I think you’re able to scale super quick. So if you have a good system in place, hiring a virtual assistant can happen in and for me less than a few days and have them plugged into your system. And the risk tolerance of adding that additional user to your business becomes significantly lower and allows you to scale a lot faster versus hiring someone from the states who wants to go through a whole process and have a lot more of a financial commitment to them. hiring a virtual assistant is super, super easy, and it allows you to scale just incredibly quickly.

Joe Valley  9:33

Let’s talk about how you’re hiring them. I know that when we found ours, I think we have three or four now. But the one that specifically works for me, I don’t know I hired them through some random agency and turned out to be great was a great fit. And then I discovered that they were getting maybe half the money that I was paying the agency and there was a buyout clause and I just dinette and ended up paying them the full amount. And so they went from, you know, something like $350 a month to $725 a month for the same amount of work. It was costing me the same, I chose not to save any money, but I wanted to make sure that they were being well compensated and becoming very loyal. And this is for a full time employee, who by the way will work whatever hours I want them to work, you know, I’ve offered to allow them to work the day shift during their time. And they’re like, no, no, no, no, we’d like the night shift. I love the same hours as we have here on the East Coast. And so we stuck with it. So that’s, I think, compensation wise. I’ve got a full time employee for $725 a month, fully dedicated during my hours of operation. It was with an agency. How are you finding your folks?

Reggie Young  10:53

It’s up to that? Yeah, definitely. I’ve been hiring virtual assistants since since I first started in 2015. Even when I wasn’t profitable, I was hiring virtual assistants. So I’ve hired all over the place job boards, different websites, services agencies, and I’ve helped other businesses hire as well. So I’ve seen a ton of different ways in which people onboard find virtual assistants. For me specifically, I use a website called online And there are a lot of other platforms out there. I love to outsource to the Philippines. One because I’m part Filipino, I understand their culture. But the I find that when you’re outsourcing. For a virtual assistant, there’s two main things that I look for. The first is can they speak English really well. And the second is do they have a decent strong internet connection. And I feel like the Filipino culture and the workforce out in the Philippines has those two. Whereas if I go to other countries, the internet isn’t as stable and the English isn’t as strong. And then after that I look for like any type of critical thinker. When I’m able to pair all three of those together, you’re I’m able to set the foundation for a really, really strong remote employee, regardless of the skill that I’m trying to outsource outsourcing for, I can train them up myself, get a virtual assistant at a low cost. And really start to scale super quickly. So those are the things I look for. Those are the things that I hire for and where else we hire. But to be honest, you can hire anywhere, one of my friends, what he does is he will make the job template, and then He’ll blast it everywhere to a few Facebook groups, because there’s Facebook groups with like 50,000 virtual assistants, and you’ll get bogged down by applicants left and right, what I love to do is cast a wide net. So my template is more geared towards cast the widest net possible when it comes to getting your visibility like your your application out there. And actually use another virtual assistant to scrub through at least one to 200 applications that I will get and filter down by internet speed tests, country location, you know, a lot of the places that I get application sent to will have to accomplish some type of personality tests. So an IQ test I’m only taking after 200 applicants, the highest IQ, fast internet, most of them will have college degrees and some type of experience in what I’m looking to hire. And by kind of casting that wide net and filtering down and it will take 5% of a list of 200 people and end up getting really high quality applicants without having to do much work.

Joe Valley  13:36

Yeah, so you know, online is a great resource. If you’re gonna go out and go through the process that you’ve gone through. And we’ve had John on the podcast, it’s really a great resource to cast a wide net in terms of trying to find a virtual assistants in the Philippines are another option. And this is this goes to the culture. Reggie, I’m curious as to what you do. You know, I found that when I could have my VAs on a conference call together in in a whatsapp chat together so that they were they were joining forces and being a team, that it built the culture that we’re trying to generate here at quiet like that, that benefited them personally, us as a company and the project that they were working on as well. And there’s a company out there I was I happen to be at the ECF boot camp last week and had a chance to meet with staff the founder of it. Let me just pull that up just to make sure I’m giving the right URL folks. Yeah, it’s staff What they do there Reggie is they’ve got class A office building in Cebu, which is one of the biggest cities in the Fila. panes, it’s kind of like if you imagine the financial district of downtown Boston or something, you know, a larger city where it’s impressive, and you’re excited to go to work this kind of environment that they have there. And they actually hire they they do all of the vetting of the Filipinos, the VAs that you just talked about, you know, you’ve got a VA, vetting all the VAs and giving them all these tests and whatnot. These folks are like, you know, they’re a staffing company. But all the folks that go to work there, let’s just say that there were five yeas, that quite light hired, they’d all work together in cubicles beside each other as quiet light, I can even like buy them, you know, quiet like shirts that they’d wear to work every day if we chose to. And then they’re part of a team and office together with other co workers in that location. It does come at a cost, right? Because staff is going to provide the overhead, they get benefits, right? They get benefits, which is not what my current VAs get. So it would ultimately cost me about twice as much for my current VA. But at the same time, I’m going from roughly seven to 800 to you know, 17 to 1800 $1,800 a month for a full time employed VA that has health benefits. And did you know already that one of the requirements by law in the Philippines is that when somebody has a full time job, they get an annual bonus of one month’s pay?

Reggie Young  16:33

Were you aware of that? Yeah, so they call that the 12 month or the 13? Month? Yeah, in Philippines. Yeah. And it’s just generally expected. But most virtual assistants won’t say that, but understanding their culture is super important. So again, that’s one of the things you know, when we when we work offshore, we have to understand their culture, their perspective, their their tendencies towards management. And when you’re able to do that you’re able to create, you know, like positive work culture. And it’s an amazing thing to bring virtual assistants together. And there’s, like, you just talk you’re talking about using a service that allows the virtual assistants to come into the office, which one solves one of the biggest problems with outsourcing, which is a stable internet connection. So you have that exactly. Then positive work culture, super important, you’re creating that team cohesion there. The way that I create team cohesion in a remote setting is one, I actually usually end up hiring their friends. So many people on my team, their wives are also on their on the team or their best friend is on the team. Like for example, one of my best virtual assistants. During COVID. He was a security officer at the at the, at the airport and never done ecommerce before. But he is such a critical thinker, he speaks English really well. And I’m able to train up upon everything he manages my website, he’s done back encoding for me before he his post edited some of the content that you you’ll see on my social media. And I was able to kind of create that positive work culture by hiring friends of friends as long as they met certain requirements. And that creates like team cohesion. And you know, team cohesion can come in different aspects of it. Sometimes I’ll give a monthly bonus and require that monthly bonus to be spent on a team dinner. And because they’re friends of friends, a lot of my virtual assistant teams actually ended up forming like little pockets all over the Philippines. So they’ll have like little micro groups, and three or four of them will will go to a location and have dinner together. We just got a donation to the business to support families on the ground. And when I got that donation, I tasked my team with hey, go ahead and distribute this. These funds the best way that you want to so they chose the nonprofits to work with, they went out there together as a team. And it’s been super powerful and very motivating to build that team cohesion unit and reducing a lot of friction in your business. And it creates a lot of trust both ways. Yeah, I

Joe Valley  18:58

like that idea of hiring friends and family. I think that’s essential over there here in the US, I don’t necessarily think it’s a great idea. Because there’s a closer connection if you’re the friends, and if they’re your family, it’s harder to let them go. On the other side of the world, it might be a little bit more disconnected and easier to do that if business require that. So folks online is where Reggie generally goes to find his people, staff would be another option for you. If you want a guaranteed stable Internet location and Cebu where they can physically go into the office and sit in cubicles together. They get health benefits and they’d get that 13 month, what do you call a 13 month bonus? What does it call you just they call it a 13 month, the 13 month that that’s all built into that the pay that they’d be getting? You know, and that’s in contrast to you know, we’ve had some folks on the podcast that have have Mike Jenkins comes to mind where he actually rents a house in somewhere in the Philippines where the all of the his VA is go to work and some of them travel hours to go there and spend the week there. And they do a week on week off or something like that, which to me when he described it as overly complex and complicated, and probably still not within the laws in the Philippines, because you’re supposed to be paying taxes and benefits and things of this nature, which you can do by using an agency like staff outsourcing or, you know, admittedly, what, you know, we just worked direct like you do Reggie with our current VA. But I think I think that 13 month, and the health benefits creates loyalty beyond what you can pay for it. Even money’s not everything to be spoke sometimes, you know, like the mike, my top VA, it’s not necessarily about the money, it’s about the satisfaction, satisfaction with the work that she’s doing and growing and improving herself. So let’s, let’s get into my issue, which I’m sure has many that folks issue again, Reggie, which is some of the some of what you’re doing with Asana and whatnot in terms of how to, like, how to assign a task, like as a virtual assistant, which in my case, dad is she does, she also media stuff, she does a lot of different things. But sometimes I have trouble coming up with things for her to do, because I feel like it’s as many entrepreneurs do, it’s almost more work for me to create the SOPs than to just do it myself. So how do you overcome those things? How

Reggie Young  21:38

do you manage that? Yeah, it’s definitely you know, we think about business as a collection of systems. And we think about systems, the way there’s a quote that I really love is we don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems. So having good SOPs and standard operating procedures, really embedded in in your business, I think, is really foundational from a remote management perspective of moving those business processes forward. So one of the things that high require, as soon as a hire virtual assistant is they learned to do things immediately within the first hour of working with me, they’re provided an SOP, which teaches them what I call workflow. And that is, how do you communicate? To me the team on what channels were in when How do you look at tasks that are higher priority, that are more reoccurring, so literally, within the first hour, they know how to work, when to work, and in what in what order, which is super important. The next thing I teach them is the importance of an SOP, how to create a standard operating procedure extremely quickly, how to make their own, and how to share that with the team. And when they have those two things to go. Literally, within the first hour, you set the foundation for a virtual assistant to do what I call it to do anything, I have a course called How To Train A virtual assistant to do anything. And when you teach them how to build an SOP, they can go out and build the SOPs that you don’t even know how to do on tasks you don’t know how to do so the easiest way I I like to explain it is I use a Google Doc. And it’s super easy. There’s all types of software out there that will create SOPs, there’s SOP libraries out there. But the reality is you’re you have to use a software that virtual assistants and people even outside of your organization organization may not have access to don’t understand how to use if you’re using a Google Drive. And what I do is I use a software called loom. And what it is, is a screen recording tool. So all I will do, for example, if I am creating, if I’m trying to make a website logo, let’s call it like a yoga logo. What I’ll do is I’ll pull up a couple of tabs, I’ll look at maybe some competitor locals that I want to make, or maybe even typing on Google, you know, steps to create a logo. And I’ll just say, hey, this, this is the logo I’m trying to create. This is what it looks like. Here are the steps and here’s a link to a YouTube video, I would like you to go through this video. And what they’ll do is with that video link, I’ll put that into the SOP like a template. I’ll have my virtual assistant go through and they’ll break down that video into steps step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, to completion. And what I’ll do is I’ll review that SOP if it looks good to go, then that becomes a foundation SOP that the team can use. And what that does is it teaches a virtual assistant it reinforces the SOP creation. They take ownership of the task, they break down the tasks themselves, they end up fixing parts that you want me to understand is that someone who doesn’t create vocals today have the time and space to figure it out. I also have an SOP called how to solve problems and it sounds super basic but my how to solve problems SOP and my How to create an SOP are super foundational they provide the most value to people out there. But when they know how to solve their own problems, you give them the time and the space and the positive work culture to do that. And they have a good foundational system to create an SOP, which can just just as easily be, look it up on YouTube, because there’s so many training and resources now out there for free. Look it up on YouTube, break it down into steps, send it to me for review. If it looks good to go, that becomes a foundational SOP. And I can put that at different points of my business and the tasks start to get done themselves. And when it comes to task idea creation you are there’s 1000 things that a virtual assistant can do. You know, just because you have a virtual assistant that’s trained on let’s say, print on demand or making t shirt designs does not mean that they can’t set up an automation on your MailChimp. You know, there, there are so many videos out there that walk you through, there’s something that goes on on Amazon FBA, step one through 15, the full two hour checklist on how to do Amazon FBA, there’s so many these of these types of how to training videos, that someone does not have to be a web developer or master coder to build a website. There. The tools and software out there allow you to leverage low cost virtual assistants to accomplish high quality work as long as you give them the time, the space and the system to

Joe Valley  26:06

do so. Interesting. Some of the courses you’re talking about are available on your website. Right, for less involved,

Reggie Young  26:14

is that right? Yeah, yes, yeah. So for me, personally, I put all of my knowledge and courses behind a monthly subscription, which I called the vault and you can sign up for that as $18 a month or like $500 for life, one time and you get access to my entire course library. But specifically, as we talk about virtual assistants, I have two courses. One is how to hire and train virtual assistants. And what that is, is a plug and play system for anyone to use that can come up off the ground have an understanding of basic project management, a, a foundation for project management, all the SOPs to hire a virtual assistant get one trained up very quickly. And to understand from a business owners perspective, some principles of remote management, you know, that come down to, you know, 8020 rule, critical path, all these like really foundational pieces that are really helpful when you outsource remotely to another country. I have all the training for that. And then I also have the training for virtual assistants. And it’s the training that I’ve created over the last five to seven years when I hire someone brand new. I personally it’s really hard. And it’s a problem, I see a lot of people wanting to try and scale past one. You know, not everyone has a budget for $700 va or $100. Va and the problem is when you hire one VA, and that virtual assistant is sick, or you know life happens, or you know, you need to need to project to move faster. Having a team of three allows so much more speed in your business. And when you hire one, generally speaking, they can only do one thing. So the problem I always came across when I was starting to hire virtual assistants is, again, I would hire for one task, but I want to keep them gainfully employed, I don’t want them to do a ton of different things. So I created training that’s says, Hey, these are these are the basics of Shopify. These are the basics of keyword research. These are the basics of email management, customer support. Here’s how we work together. Here’s how we secure files within the business. And I have a course specifically for that. So if anyone decides to sign up, they can do is literally sign up, go through my course on how to hire a virtual assistant. And then once they hire a virtual assistant, give that virtual assistant access to the vault. And they can take the course on what I call basic virtual assistant training. And they’ll have the foundation of all these things. Because when you really leverage a virtual assistant, let’s say who’s doing social media management, but they don’t understand the foundation of what keywords are, right that they could add, they end up making a less than optimal piece of content. If they understood how to use Shopify or the basics of a WordPress site, you could leverage your virtual assistants beyond content creation. And now they can become the person who posts it at scale, and does it in a way in which they understand these things. Does foundational SEO even take it a step further to setting up automation to make sure that an email push happens automatically, even though they don’t know how to do any of this. There’s so many tutorials out there and software that’s easy to leverage where you can take a virtual assistant who’s never done it before, like in my case, one of my best VAs who’s a security who was a security officer at the airport. And now he literally can do everything. He does content creation. He does website design. He has things I’ve never done before because he thinks critically has strong internet, good positive work culture and I give him time and space to do it.

Joe Valley  29:31

All stuff I need to do with my own VAs for sure. Because trying to figure out what tasks are going to do as part of the issue I have and teaching them how to do different things. There’s things that I can be doing and should be doing that I’m not because a I don’t have the time and b i haven’t taken the time to create an SOP to teach the VA how to do it. And I like you said I mean if they had it Have a task to go learn how to do it. If I just gave them that directive, they would do it. But it sounds like you’ve got some good courses there at Reggie, I appreciate your time today. This is valuable information. Personally, I think the value of VAs it’s a multitude of ways that they benefit people in growing their business and improving the value of their businesses. Well, when it comes to a simple multiple of discretionary earnings, if you’re, if you’ve got, you know, a couple of VAs replacing one person and you’re spending half the amount of money, saving $30,000 a year in your business worth four times it’s adding $120,000 value to the business and you’re probably getting more output from the VA as well. So there’s lots of different perks and benefits. Check out folks, go to to check out that hiring platform. And then staff as well, Reggie, appreciate your time today. Look forward to catching up in the near future.

Reggie Young  31:07

Awesome. Thanks a lot for having me Joe. Really appreciate it.

Outro  31:11

today’s podcast was produced by Rise25 And the Quiet Light content team. If you have a suggestion for a future podcast, subject or guest, email us at podcast at Be sure to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you next week.

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