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From Van Life to FBA SaaS Entrepreneur


Conrad Lelubre

Conrad Lelubre is a passionate entrepreneur, digital nomad, and the Founder of Intellifox, an Amazon FBA optimization tool. He began his career as a software engineer for private companies before taking a leap and starting his own business. Conrad created and grew Intellifox while traveling around Europe in a renovated campervan. Today, Intellifox has boosted sales for 82% of its customers within their first couple of months of using the product.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [03:18] Conrad Lelubre talks about his background in computer science and his transition to entrepreneurship
  • [05:11] Trading a 9-5 lifestyle for van life — and how this change sparked an opportunity to build a business
  • ​​[9:56] The idea behind Conrad’s app, Intellifox
  • [12:24] How Intellifox helps sellers optimize their Amazon listings 
  • [16:47] Conrad details why his product listing tool stands out against the competition
  • [19:38] The unique benefits of living in a van
  • [26:33] Conrad reveals his plans for expansion in 2021 and beyond

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Are you struggling to gain traction with your business in the Amazon space? Is it possible to optimize your listings without exceeding your marketing budget?

While living and traveling in his converted van, Conrad Lelubre created a tool that helps Amazon brand owners optimize the text, images, and pricing of their listings. For your business to grow, you need the time and energy to focus on your brand’s operations. With Conrad’s unique seller-focused tool, you can optimize thousands of listings in half the time. Are you ready to increase your profit margin and bottom line?

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Conrad Lelubre, Founder of Intellifox, to discuss how to grow and scale your Amazon store using his unique optimization tool. Conrad talks about growing his software business while traveling around Europe in a campervan, how to utilize Intellifox to transform your Amazon business, and what he has in store for the future. Stay tuned!

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:07

Hi, folks. It’s the Quiet Light Podcast where we share relentlessly honest insights, actionable tips, and entrepreneurial stories that will help founders identify and reach their goals.

Joe Valley  0:18

Hey, folks, Joe Valley here with another episode of the Quiet Light Podcast. Thanks for joining us today. Today we’re going to talk about something a little unique. It’s about the van life living on the road and growing your business. Our guest today is Conrad Lelubre. I’m pronouncing that in English. He’s actually French. So I totally butchered his name, I asked him how to pronounce it, as I always do. It’s nearly impossible in English. So we’re going to hear the French version in just a second. Conrad spent a lot of time on the road building his business, which is a SaaS business geared towards Amazon sellers. We’ll get to that at the end. But this is really how to how to operate from the road, how to build a business, and operate from the road. Some of the tips and tricks that he’s going to share today, Conrad, thanks for joining the Quiet Light Podcast.

Conrad Lelubre  1:18

Thank you so much for having me. Joe. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Joe Valley  1:21

Let’s hear the pleasure of the pronounce the French pronunciation of your last name, if you wouldn’t mind.

Conrad Lelubre  1:26

Yeah, so even in French over, I have a hard time pronouncing it. It’s Lelubre.

Joe Valley  1:33

Okay, I’m gonna leave it at that I’m not gonna say it again. And you know, I can’t read you and I talked about it a little bit, my wife and I, and my family, my boys went to Paris pre pandemic. And, you know, in the in the US, there’s this, there’s this stigma that the French don’t like us. And we were a little worried about about going went to Paris than then like Lake County, in that area down there. Nice. Sand is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I recommend it to everybody. And we found everybody to be so, so kind and so nice and so welcoming and open. And we were sitting down at dinner one night, and there was a couple next to us. And we struck up a conversation and we brought this up because and the husband said, that’s not the case at all the friends just don’t like each other. We love America.

Conrad Lelubre  2:27

That’s so true. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s exactly that. We actually I think we we enjoy the natural international cultures a lot. So and we have a deep friendship, I think with with America. That’s the simple truth. We we are, we are the same families, we can say anything else, we are the same people, we have so much in common that we we can we can just forget it.

Joe Valley  2:58

What I wish our culture had in common with yours was it’s just a little bit more focused on life versus work. Here I think it’s working then life and finding that finding that balance is really, really important. I think you guys done very well. And that goes into what we’re talking about today. And that’s and that’s, you know, building a business from the road, which is what you’ve done. But that talk to us first a little bit about your background, what did you you know, where did you start your career in life and all the way up to where you are today?

Conrad Lelubre  3:29

Yeah, so to sum up my life up to now, basically, I’ve always been fascinated about building things, like with code and computers. I know, I’m a geek in my nerd blood. So when it came to doing some studies, I chose to do computer science because I just enjoyed the field. And then I I had an engineering degree at 23 in 2012. And then I started working in private companies doing software in teams and having you know, the life buying an apartment. Like buying stuff and well, globally feeling miserable. That’s a quick conclusion to my career. But

Joe Valley  4:18

so you’re saying by all measures, college degree Good job, you got stuff, and you’re miserable.

Conrad Lelubre  4:25

Yeah, you’re some sums it up perfectly because I had everything. Like, I remember when I was really tired. My goal in life was to have a stable job. Wasn’t my goal in life? And when I got that, because it was like I was I was focused on that on this goal. So yeah, I made it very soon. And then at this point is okay, no, that’s not fulfilling at all I need, I need something else.

Joe Valley  4:47

Now you’re an entrepreneur. That’s the opposite of a stable life. My goodness, what have you gotten yourself into? So what did you What was the leap? What did you do you when you realize you were miserable? What kind of steps did you take to change that?

Conrad Lelubre  5:00

Yeah, so we thought a lot I said we because I said we because I’m with my girlfriend and we it’s a it’s a project we do together. And we, we were at a point in our lives that we said, okay, it’s it’s not fulfilling itself. It’s not okay, what can we do to change that. And then they were this idea of taking a life of Van and fitting our life into the van. And we said, okay, that’s one way we could escape the nine to five and just having a freedom to do anything we want. And, like we, he didn’t take long for us to plan on how to do this. Like, we took the decision in like in in July, and then in December, we were gone on the road.

Joe Valley  5:48

So what did you do for preparation during that six month period?

Conrad Lelubre  5:52

We found a van, which is an actual old firefighter ambulance, it’s big red van is beautiful.

Joe Valley  6:00

That’s not why you bought an ambulance. Okay, okay. Yeah,

Conrad Lelubre  6:03

we bought. Then we stripped everything from it inside, and we rebuild everything around what we loved in life, which is basically our bikes. And the whole design of the van is made is starting from from device and everything to fit our, our, everything we need to live in, we have a fully functional van. That is, like, awesome.

Joe Valley  6:27

So how did you prepare? Getting out of your leases? Or saving money up? Did you have enough money saved? And did you get rid of you know, expenses and overhead? That kind of stuff? How did you prepare financially for this? Or actually, did it just was it just much easier? Because you didn’t have rent anymore?

Conrad Lelubre  6:46

Yeah, that’s, that’s kind of the main thing in the equation that you you don’t have to, you don’t have that much fees anymore. But yeah, it was it was a process is first in our mind, we had to get rid of most of our attachment to stuff because we we had to get rid of stuff. And that that has actually that that process, lot of pleasure, you know, just removing stuff, removing clutter from our lives. That’s, that’s, I think it feels silly when you see people do this. But if you expand that once in your life, you it’s it’s a wonderful feeling. Like not to be attached to things and to be just free spirit, most in life. But yeah, that’s that’s one aspect on the financial part. We were quite lucky because we were actually ending professional careers. And then we had a thing we called Chumash in France. That means the government pays you money to live once you have time to find another job. But then I said to the employment thing, I said to them, I’m going to build a company. And they said, okay, just just do it. We won’t bother you, you get access to the fence, and you can do on your own time, build your business and do everything as you like, that helped a lot. I would think

Joe Valley  8:07

so how, how long did you get this these payments from the government for it’s called unemployment over here, but you have to prove that you’re looking for a job. And usually the pay is about, you know, a third of what your normal your job would be at depends upon how much you got paid before. So how does it work over there?

Conrad Lelubre  8:25

Yeah, so it’s, it lasts two years, generally. And during two years, you get like, a good two thirds of what you will make usually from your previous job experience. That’s, that’s a good deal.

Joe Valley  8:41

Uh, yeah, I think every, you know, single entrepreneur here in America is thinking I’m gonna, I’m going to take advantage of

Conrad Lelubre  8:49

this. You can yeah, there’s, yeah, definitely.

Joe Valley  8:53

You can or you cannot be obviously you have to I would you have to be a citizen of France, I would think right.

Conrad Lelubre  8:58

Yeah. But I think anyone can come. And as long as you have worked in France, you have accumulated this time period of working for an actual employer, then that’s what’s your taxes are useful. You know, you pay a lot of tax on your salary. And that’s, yeah, it doesn’t go anywhere. Yeah, that’s Yes. And

Joe Valley  9:18

your taxes are probably offsetting that. They’re

Conrad Lelubre  9:21

probably Yeah. I won’t talk about taxes. It’s too sad.

Joe Valley  9:25

Right. You’re still nice. Just not the taxes kind of like California here in the US. Okay. Well, Ripon, California at the moment. Okay, so you set a timeline, six months, you sold your stuff, which is liberating. You’ve got a two thirds of your income. And that’s both of you. So you know, overhead. So it seems like you’re probably saving more money than before possibly. But you were you were starting a company. How did you come up with the idea? What is the company? Let’s talk about that. Right now. It’s in Intellifox. But what is in Intellifox? And how does it operate?

Conrad Lelubre  9:59

Okay, so Intellifox See, the idea of the of the whole project came one year, after leaving on the world. One year, it took me one one year of like, finding my stuff and thinking about what I want to do. And I’ve, I’ve tried things I was working on so far, clients doing computer payments, projects, code. And then at some point, I said, Okay, I need to do something else, I need to have some kind of products that that I don’t have to mine to maintain that much. And I’m on the road. So I don’t have access to a physical storage array. I don’t I can do many things, because I’m on the road. So I needed to think, to think, How can I do that. And then I came onto simply Amazon FBA. And I saw this, this guru on the French YouTube. And basically, I fell in love with the idea of, okay, I can do anything from my van, just I have to outsource everything. Basically, the shipping. Well, you know,

Joe Valley  11:11

most people do do outsource most of it.

Conrad Lelubre  11:15

And so I started the whole the whole, the whole thing, finding a product, creating, finding a supplier, creating the packaging, the listing, putting an Amazon doing PPC and everything, it was working fine. But in my head, I was there, I saw so much struggle in the community where I was doing this, this thing because it’s to community from from early around in France, the YouTuber, Amazon guru that they love, by the way. And I saw so much struggle from the people starting to sell selling on Amazon there. And I sort of struggled, I hide myself, anything I thought to myself, Okay, I know, I can solve this with software, because that’s what I love to build. And I, I, I saw that I will provide I was providing more value to the world doing something that would benefit more people than doing just my products on Amazon.

Joe Valley  12:15

So what are the problems that you’re encountering you and your folks in your community? And and how does Intellifox solve it?

Conrad Lelubre  12:23

Yeah, the main thing people were struggling on were optimizing their listings, like, you know, like creating images, you have to put on your listing to sell things, like I saw people using Microsoft Paint to do this. Like, they were so low in technical scale, they couldn’t understand that you can’t do that with Microsoft Paint, it’s not okay, you need something better. And that’s, that’s the kind of people I had in mind in the beginning. Like, you, okay, I want to help those people, because then the lack of technical knowledge and not have to have you have to do the things properly for for Amazon. And, also, from there, all kinds of struggles are, like putting the right keywords in your title, the right amount of characters. So the basic stuff, you know, you know, you know, everything like that, when you sell on Amazon, it’s the limitations you have, and how, how you have to play the game of product listing optimization, but now I’ve taken that very far in the future, doing everything you can. And I think I’ve created the, like, the easiest way to optimize listings, and now I’m used by tons of customers that love the product. And I’m, I’m really grateful that I was able to do this.

Joe Valley  13:46

So how did you, you know, go from, you know, this, this idea of trying to create this business to, you know, getting your first or second or third customers did, let’s talk just about the entrepreneurial journey here. You built it, obviously, you were the first customer, because you were using your own products. And then did you just tap into that community that you were connected with and say, Hey, I’ve developed this, do you want to try for free? Give me some feedback, beta tested things of that nature? How did how did it work? How do you go from idea? Obviously, you’re a coder. So you were able to develop it, testing it on yourself, but then trying it with, you know, other people that are selling on FBA?

Conrad Lelubre  14:27

I think that’s that’s where I got the most luck in my journey, because I actually talked to the leader of the community, or healer. And I talked to him in the very early stage, like two months after the first line of code that I want. And I said to him, Okay, this is what I’m able to do. Do you think it would could provide value to your audience? And then, of course, it would, of course, he was happy to have someone from his own community creating something that delivers that much value to his own audience. And yeah, I Because the drain situation for me having the leader of the community saying, Yeah, I see the value in that you could improve this or that. And then, okay, here’s the plan. In April, you’re going to we are going to do a presentation in front of hundreds of people. And then we’ll see the response. And that that’s something that was, I couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity. Because the response from this small presentation with my might very minimalist MVP of a product, MVP of a particular set of phrases, but very minimal version. And the response was, was awesome. Like, hundreds of people signed up, signed up for a paid beta version. Like they were okay with paying for me for the product on a beta version. That’s like, Okay, if you’re looking for validation, I don’t know what else is validation? That’s the best position to be.

Joe Valley  15:57

So you may you connected with the, you know, Guru, as you call him, the leader of that community, you didn’t go asking for something saying, Hey, will you present you said, Hey, this is what I’m doing. Will this help? How can I make it better? And the end result is, yeah, Heck, yeah, that’ll help. Let’s did he did he test it out himself before he presented it to the community?

Conrad Lelubre  16:20

Yeah. Since it was so early, which was more me showing him what it could do. And yeah, it was not highly functional yet.

Joe Valley  16:29

All right. So is this something that’s totally new in your market or worldwide? Because it seems like there are so many Amazon SaaS businesses that are out there. There was no other tool that you found that you thought I’m going to just I’m going to do a better version of that. Like, how would you compare Intellifox to other software? businesses that do similar things?

Conrad Lelubre  16:52

What’s the closest? Yeah, yeah, I think you’re talking to my deepest fear right now. Because I, I, I’m afraid that it will be a competitor on that. But on this, like, specific niche, I’ll say complete product listing optimization. No, there are no direct competition. Because the tools focused on a keyword and phrase and doing everything perfect on the on the text side, but no tool will allow you to preview your listing and to build it from scratch inside, like one tool where you have everything you need. You don’t think anything else. And I think it fits in the in the mosaic of Amazon tools. You know, there are tools for everything. And not one tool will be able to do everything. You have the big players, we all know them the Helium10, Jungle Scout. Yeah, there’ll be but they’re there. They were not designed to do exactly this. Exactly. Optimization from A to Z. Okay.

Joe Valley  17:52

Do you want to sell to them?

Conrad Lelubre  17:57

Yeah. Let’s be, let’s be honest. Yeah,

Joe Valley  18:02

I would do so let me know and we’ll make it in the future. Okay. Okay. Once you feel like you’re big enough, because there are lots of there are lots of folks like Helium10, or Jungle Scout that are acquiring other SaaS startups. And they’re actually Amazon aggregators that are focused on SaaS, Amazon related products as well. Right. So an Amazon aggregator would be you think of maybe Thrassio or Boostered, or Elevated a purchase some of those guys, they’re buying up FBA businesses, putting them in their portfolio, instead of, you know, the the value of three or four times that they bought it at, it’s becoming worth 810 1215 times immediately, because there’s a much bigger business there. And some of them are actually focused on just SaaS businesses. So you know, what you built in the van. Someday may have tremendous value. Especially if it’s, it’s very unique. And it’s kind it’s it’s easier to, to buy that and build it than it is to start from scratch and get customer so separately, folks, I can make some introductions. If you want, Conrad, when you’re ready, or or if any of you out there listening, if you’re one of those aggregators that are buying SAS businesses, then we’ll give Conrad’s contact information in the show notes at the end of the show as well. So back to the van life. How long were you in the van developing this business? Did you do this presentation from the van did you do it from did you get back home and do it then how did it work out? It’s nice to hear that.

Conrad Lelubre  19:37

That’s the best part of this story, because at this moment, precise moment, it was April 2020. You remember the time it was not a time of great pleasure for everyone. But to me, it was the best month of my life. I was actually I was stuck in Greece. Okay. I was the Like in paradise, I was literally in an olive olive tree filled with my van. And nothing else to do than building my software. And that was perfect. So, yeah, I was, it was during my journey. And it’s amazing. You know, I have my, my solar panel on the roof of my van. I’ve got my 4g router, and basically I’m fully autonomous with my van. And that’s that’s a dream, right? I’m living a dream Joe. It’s perfect. My life is perfect. I know. This is Ah,

Joe Valley  20:38

are you still in the van by the way?

Conrad Lelubre  20:41

I currently I’m talking to you. I’m like five meters or sorry. Some feet away from the beach. The beach is behind me.

Joe Valley  20:52

1520 feet from the beach. It’s interesting. It looks like in the background you’ve got you’ve got a wood panel interior, pine wood interior. You have electricity. Is that? Oh, yeah.

Conrad Lelubre  21:05

Yeah. Yeah, the solar panels say they provide us with we could say infinite amount of electricity. We don’t need any other source of power. And

Joe Valley  21:15

you have a full size chair there that you’re sitting and that looks like a my son’s gaming chair.

Conrad Lelubre  21:21

That’s exactly that’s your son’s gaming chair. I stole it from him.

Joe Valley  21:26

He sold that one. It’s not very comfortable. I feel bad for you.

Conrad Lelubre  21:30

Now, you know, I believe in iterative improvements. And that’s the third version of our little ARIA there. And on the dogs folks. So basically, now we we understood at the beginning, we were like yeah, okay, when we’re going to work that much, maybe we will travel and do okay. But three years after that. Okay, now we spend all our time working because we love that so much. So we need to have comfortable, comfortable office now. Now I’m looking at the 27 inch screen. I have a mic a blue, blue microphone to URI. I have a Blue Yeti microphone. I’ve got like custom made by myself table with everything I need. I’m so comfortable. I can stay here for hours on end.

Joe Valley  22:19

Alright, so for those that are wondering this question, Van life, you’re working. Let’s talk about facilities, you know, showers, bathrooms, things of that nature. What do you do?

Conrad Lelubre  22:31

Yeah, that’s the main question we get indeed. That’s, that’s quite simple. Okay. Let me summarize. The first thing you have to understand is that you’re not on the same I would say hygiene level and

Joe Valley  22:48

sound smell.

Conrad Lelubre  22:50

I spent very good. They smell very good. I got a friend. She’s She doesn’t have any problem with me. But the thing is,

Joe Valley  22:57

with her though, is that we’re saying cuz she smells? Okay.

Conrad Lelubre  23:02

That’s confidential.

Joe Valley  23:03


Conrad Lelubre  23:07

No, basically, yeah, your usual less because you don’t need that much people. So you’re basically on a different baseline. I’ve got I have access to everything. I’ve got my own shower, I’ve got my toilets. We have water, we have everything we need. Just we don’t use as much as we would be as if we were living in a flat. Okay.

Joe Valley  23:30

So you’ve got less staff and you’re you’re you’re doing less damage to the Earth at the same time. using less water, less facilities and things of that nature. It’s good stuff. So you’re, you’re you’re profiting but serving the planet well, I guess, right.

Conrad Lelubre  23:47

I hope I hope I’m not perfect by any measure that it doesn’t seem to be worse than normal life. I would say people always think about like the gas consumption. But it’s not that bad because we usually stay in the same place for weeks on end. So we don’t think about moving that much.

Joe Valley  24:10

What have you been since you you left? Your your flat and your day job? How much time has passed during that time? It’s been three years now. Yeah, it’s three years. Exactly. And have you been living the van life the entire time? Or did you end up getting a flat given living van life the entire time?

Conrad Lelubre  24:29

Yeah, the entire time. The thing? The funny thing is that two months ago, I was in Bansko in Bulgaria. It’s a ski resort in the mountains. And I saw this well cheap real estate and I actually I bought an apartment, but I’m still in the van.

Joe Valley  24:46

Okay, so you’re in Bulgaria right now that?

Conrad Lelubre  24:50

No, I’m in Greece, but I’m going to be in the Bulgaria in two days. That’s a wonderful part of the world. If you want to come to Greece, I recommend it to everyone that’s so beautiful. See the mountains everything like it’s for my eyes. It’s beautiful and it’s warm and the people are friendly. The food is wonderful. Yeah, come here.

Joe Valley  25:11

I’ve got to get there. My and this is so far off the track folks. But my my grandfather came over from Greece when he was 17 fled the wars and came to the US changed his name. My last name is Valley everybody knows but the original Greek name is books of Atlas. And we’ve got some relatives my sister’s done some genealogy work, but I’ve never been so where in Greece are you? Now? We’re about

Conrad Lelubre  25:36

I did is pretty small town called Auntie Cara. It’s in the Corinthian golf. It’s, I would say waste from offense. Okay, in this

Joe Valley  25:47

house. Gotcha. Awesome. Okay, so let’s just jump to a little bit more to Intellifox? How how long? Are you going to be able to operate this business from your van, I assume that it’s not just you anymore? Do you have customer support people? Do you have developers and things of that nature? Or is it really still just you and your wife? Or girlfriend?

Conrad Lelubre  26:06

Yeah, so my girlfriend she doesn’t work on Intellifox, she does help me, though doing corrections. But yeah, I actually have one employee that helps me doing the YouTube thing because we have an active YouTube channel, which is our, like, best way of attracting people to our business. We help them doing stuff on Amazon, whether they

Joe Valley  26:29

just search for Intellifox on YouTube.

Conrad Lelubre  26:33

Yeah, if you want to see what we do, it’s all in French. For now, we are going to start a channel in English because it’s the way we love YouTube. We love making videos. But yeah, if you want to see what we do, it’s with two L’s. And so I’ve got one employee that helps me do that. On a regular basis. It’s much more wiggle out since I’ve been hiring these people. This man, Nikolas from so have customer rep. Person, Gail, that’s working part time. And she does mean support. And I mean, I’m always I always have notifications, you know that I’m if something is if something goes down, I need to act verify. So I’ve gotten a signal check all the time. But I’d rather have more time to help me work on the product. That’s why That’s why I’m good. I want to work on the product. I want to make the product better. And that’s what I’m doing every day working on the product. Let me code.

Joe Valley  27:38

Right. And I’m looking at the website here. It’s in English, the version that I have up, but is is there. You know, it’s fully functional for English speaking, folks, I assume? Yeah, definitely. Yes, definitely.

Conrad Lelubre  27:52

Yeah, it wouldn’t have been a silly question three months ago, because the English version was not a focus for me. But it has been a focus. That’s why you have a wonderful site that explains the whole things you can do with Intellifox on and the whole application is in English to support is in English, we speak English, obviously. Actually, my customer support support rep is an English teacher teaches English in small, small school, schools, children.

Joe Valley  28:25

and I’m looking at the site looks like you do have a free trial period, 21 days for free. And so anybody can log on and give it a shot and optimize their listings, what kind of results are focusing when they use your service to optimize optimize their listings? Well, we’ve, we’ve,

Conrad Lelubre  28:45

we’ve quite a number, you know, we checked exactly on the statistics of customers that we call internets. And we’ve seen on numbers that 82% of them during the first month after their free trial. 82% of them had an increase in sales on the next month. That’s that’s not rocket science show. That’s simple. You apply what created the battle plan that we offer you. You do everything right, like the software tells you to do and helps you do. And then results come. That’s that’s easy.

Joe Valley  29:25

82% of your customers had a boost in sales because of the software that you’ve created. That’s pretty impressive.

Conrad Lelubre  29:31

Congratulations. Thank you.

Joe Valley  29:35

All right. How do folks find you? How do they reach out What website do they go to? Let’s share some contact information.

Conrad Lelubre  29:42

Well, the best way is to to go on And we have a chat widget on the bottom right and you can ask any question you want. My email is [email protected] Not really hard to guess. And I answer To email and happy to receive anything, anything that comes to mind, but I’m looking for something very specific right now. Okay. I’m looking for affiliate partners that have an audience that sells on Amazon, because that’s the thing that got me started on 30 folks in France, and I’ve got now a partners that’s making more than $50,000 per year of affiliate commission. Right. Now, I’m looking to replicate this. And I’m sure that people will find value for their own customers, and they can get a share of the study. So I’m looking for partners. If you’re interested in this, you know how to reach me [email protected] Perfect.

Joe Valley  30:47

Perfect. Conrad, thanks for your time today. Thanks for sharing that van life experience while building a very successful SAS business in the Amazon space. I look forward to seeing great things from you in the future.

Conrad Lelubre  31:01

Thank you so much, Joe.

Outro  31:04

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