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Tips to Take Your Business to Amazon and Beyond with Scott Voelker

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Scott Voelker’s Podcast has had more than 8 million downloads and his Facebook group has 52,000 followers. That is the equivalent of everyone in the city of Los Angeles downloading his podcast…twice, and almost everyone in Maine’s largest city (Portland) joining his Facebook group.

With these numbers he’s clearly doing something right. Is he teaching hacks, tricks and tactics to help people sell more products on their ecommerce site and Amazon? No. Is he selling tons of courses and charging huge sums for mastermind sessions? No.

Scott’s motivation is to help first, and then help some more. The end result is something we can all learn from, huge success. This can be applied to most business models regardless of the platform.

In this podcast Scott shares his not so secret secrets, tips on staying focused and well organized, and talks about how his teachings focus on going well beyond Amazon to build a sustainable and valuable online business.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to block your day to get more done
  • How to commit to your schedule
  • How to build a business part time
  • Why it is risky to sell only on Amazon
  • How to go beyond Amazon and build a more valuable business
  • Where to start and validate the business model
  • Building your own email list
  • Why Scott has business partners and how it works
  • How Scott splits revenues with partner
  • 10x10x1 goals and why they are better than selling 100 a day
  • How to spike the Amazon algorithm
  • How Scott launched his first training program
  • Why smaller events are more personal
  • Workshops to build email lists and sell more products beyond Amazon
  • Free training is all on the Podcast


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