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How To Use Affiliate Marketing & PPC To Grow Your Acquisition

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If you’ve ever wanted to expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing or guaranteed cost per acquisition advertising – you have to listen to this Ex-Google executive share his story and expertise. Mike Nunez launched Affiliate Manager with his brother John, introduced himself to a “captive” audience and changed the course and direction of his life forever.

Podcast: Affiliate Manager Crawls the Internet as “Google for Affiliates”

Mike’s company, Affiliate Manager is essentially “Google for affiliates”.  They “spider” the internet for sites that monetize using affiliate and build a searchable database for clients.

Episode Highlights

  • Affiliate Marketing can be summarized as online referral services.
  • All affiliate advertising can and should be 100% traceable.
  • The “affiliate” or “publisher”  is the owner of the Facebook account, Instagram account or blogger.
  • The “advertiser” is the product or service owner.
  • The “network” is the platform with the affiliate or publisher list.
  • Affiliate Manager is the intermediary around all three
  • For the affiliate or publisher they find more advertisers.
  • For the advertiser they get more affiliates.
  • For the network they find more advertisers.
  • Earnings Per Click defined.
  • There is “power” in affiliate marketing.
  • Every tweak or slight improvement brings cost per acquisition down.
  • Affiliate Manager makes calls on their clients behalf.
  • A good affiliate program might on have 50 bloggers in the program
  • “Program” is the relationship between the advertiser (product owner) and network (i.e.
  • 5-10% of affiliates in program generate the revenues.
  • Affiliate Manager automates FTC compliance for clients.
  • Sleep niche related product owners are “hot” right now.
  • As a Google executive he learned how often advertising do it wrong.
  • Every advertising account he has ever reviewed has wasted ad spend.
  • Find the wasted spend, reinvest it into profitable advertising and grow total revenues.


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