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**This listing is considered a “distressed sale” and is not appropriate for all buyers. Cash offers only.**

Established in 1957 and acquired in 2021 by the current owners, this business sells licensed party supplies for nearly 50 colleges, the Kentucky Derby, and the Indianaoplis 500.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a business with a significant foothold in the collegiate and Kentucky Derby licensed market as these licenses are extremely difficult for new entrants to receive.

Since taking over the business in 2021, ownership has modernized the business and equipped it to compete in the current ecommerce era. The owners have added larger university licenses while doubling wholesale accounts. They have also streamlined wholesale operations, improved online ordering, and expanded the licensed product range.

Next year (2024) marks the 150-year anniversary of the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby, which is expected to be a large revenue increase for the business. Back in 2017, the business switched from purely wholesale to mostly an Amazon FBA business.

The current product lineup consists of drinkware, paper napkins, paper plates, and balloons. They are also authorized to sell tumblers, barware, glassware, tableware, gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue, stickers, invitations, note cards, stationery, and other paper products as well as higher-end ticket items like lighted bar signs.

The owners do not have a background in ecommerce and have another business opportunity within their core competency (financial services). The owners diverted a large amount of resources and attention to their Shopify store and an outside agency. Both have not worked out well for the business and set things back profitability-wise. Focusing on Amazon and wholesale was the strategy before the acquisition and is their current strategy now.

**We are looking for an experienced ecommerce and Amazon FBA operator.

**Current inventory is about $250,000, which is included in the price.

This business has sold :-(

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Ryan Condie

Ryan Condie has started 8 businesses, bought 4, and sold 2. He owns a lead generation software company, an FBA business, and is the host of the “Let’s Buy a Business” podcast.

In 2014, he started a candy factory from scratch which can now be found in Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and thousands of other stores. 

Ryan also spent 8 years in software sales at several tech unicorns but his passion lies with online businesses and helping sellers achieve life-changing events through their business exits.

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