Ryan Condie


Ryan Condie has started 8 businesses, bought 4, and sold 2. He owns a lead generation software company, an FBA business, and is the host of the “Let’s Buy a Business” podcast. 

In 2014, he started a candy factory from scratch which can now be found in Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and thousands of other stores. 

Before becoming a business broker, Ryan spent 8 years in software sales at several tech unicorns but his passion lies with online businesses and helping sellers achieve life-changing events through their business exits.

Q&A with Ryan

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their website?

Not planning far enough in advance and building the business to operate without the owner.

What drew you to make your career online?

The internet-connected the world and in my first online business, I remember the feeling of selling wallets to people in Australia and Austria the same week. Making that first $1 online forever changed me. It changed what I thought was possible and made me realize that there was an alternative path to the traditional career.

Did you always know that you were going to be an entrepreneur?

100%. I always had odd ways to make money and while growing up I gravitated towards my parents’ friends who were entrepreneurs. The idea that I could be my own boss and not clock-in has been my motivation.

What is the greatest benefit of helping people sell their online businesses?

It doesn’t matter the size of the sale, it is always life changing for the seller. I’ve built, bought and sold online businesses myself and understand the late nights, sacrifice and dedication to build a business. Selling at the right time for an entrepreneur is always life changing, no matter the amount.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation so I could see and experience the world/universe without going through TSA again.

What is the best bit of advice you ever received?

A mentor once told me that “Adventures only happen to the adventurous.”

If you could have dinner with just one person (they don’t have to be living still), who would it be?

Andrew Wilkinson, the Warren Buffett of internet businesses. He’s built the most amazing holding company through buying, building, and holding internet companies.


I talked to so many brokers before choosing Quiet Light & Ryan were the clear winner. I had no idea how the process worked or what to think and Ryan educated me through the whole thing! I now send any founders I know looking to sell to them.

– Kat W.


“Once I decided it was time to sell my Amazon FBA business, then I needed to find out how to do it. Fortunately Ryan Condie at Quiet Light was recommended to me, and wow, what a great experience it was working with him! From beginning to end Ryan helped me effectively and efficiently down the path – guiding me through the questionnaires, video interview, scheduling meetings with potential buyers, and ultimately helping with the agreements and other details needed to finalize the sale. Ryan was always available for my questions and helping me to understand the next steps in this sales process. It was a great experience and if I ever find myself needing to sell a business again or know someone who is selling, I would definitely come back to Ryan and Quiet Light.”

– Doug R.


Working with Ryan was such a great experience! I always knew selling my business would happen at some point, but after bootstrapping for 2 years I hadn’t put much thought into HOW an exit would ultimately happen and WHAT the process entailed. Thankfully Ryan knew not only the process of HOW and WHAT from a business sale standpoint, he also knew how to help me with the mental aspects of selling something that I’d spent so much time and effort creating. Thanks bunches to Ryan and the rest of the Quiet Light team for helping me throughout the entire process, maximizing profit and minimizing stress! PS. My new hiking shoes are AWESOME!!

– Kristin D.


“I learned so much from working with Ryan and QuietLight through the process of selling my website, but the most important thing I learned was what a big mistake it would have been to try to sell my website without his and QuietLight’s help. Throughout the entire process, Ryan guided me through what would happen, and was an invaluable confidant/quasi-therapist for me, as I navigated my first time selling a business. He helped me price my business, package my business and sell it, and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of those things at all without his help. 


Some business owners, I’m sure, may balk at paying a broker’s fee. My experience was that that fee paid for itself many times over, both in the support I received from Ryan, the advice he gave me, and the selling price he was able to achieve by creating a market for my site among a group of bidders, which was an outcome I never would have been able to achieve on my own. My site likely would have sold for a third to a quarter of what it eventually sold for, if I had tried to sell it on my own without QuietLight’s help.

Especially if you’re selling an online business for the first time, and you’re new to the process, I wholeheartedly recommend listing your site with QuietLight, and working with Ryan Condie in particular — he’s an incredibly insightful (and experienced) buyer, developer and seller of online businesses himself, and he’s just a really great guy. We had so many great conversations that helped me through this process, I’d reach out to him again in a heartbeat if I had another business to sell.”

– Terrell J.


Working with QuietLight was one of the best decisions we made for our business. We had the opportunity to work with Ryan Condie, who was beyond instrumental in navigating us throughout the acquisition process. From our initial conversation, we knew that Ryan would be the partner for us to see our business sale go through. We highly recommend Ryan Condie and QuietLight. 

Ryan was informative, patient, detailed, proactive, and reliable throughout the entire journey. Ryan packaged and marketed our business in a way that received a ton of interest out of the gate, which eventually landed us in a situation with multiple buyers, and a close above asking price. Ryan is an expert in the field, and we learned an incredible amount from him along the way. We were 100% happy collaborating with Ryan and thrilled with the outcome. He’s also an awesome guy and became a friend throughout the process! 

-Mike and Jamie K. – Tennessee, USA


When the time came to sell my eCommerce business, I wanted professional help. As a fan of best-of-breed consultants I looked for someone I could trust to represent my interests. An industry friend referred me to Quiet Light Brokerage, where I met Ryan Condie.

From day 1, I felt that Ryan was all about helping me make the most of my business sale. He explained the process and milestones that we would pass through together: business valuation, interviews, letter of intent, etc. He led me through the production of a written seller interview and video. These tools saved me tons of time by helping buyers self-select in or out of the buying process.

Once we engaged interested parties, Ryan managed the whole process. His reliable scheduling, proactive communications, and expert moderation made my life easy. His affable demeanor put both parties at ease, making the process not only efficient but fun.

Selling a business can take time, so you want someone on your selling team that can go the distance. Ryan is relentless. He never seems to tire and is always cheerful and encouraging about the inevitable sale. His steady presence from first interview through post-closing payment management was invaluable. I recommend Ryan as a first-class broker and someone I would hire again. 

– Michael W. – Atlanta, GA


After 3.5 years of running my first FBA business, I was ready to make my first exit having no idea what to expect.  To be honest, I was not sure if the size and simplicity of my business would require the services of a broker, thinking perhaps I could deal with an aggregator on my own.  I can say now that this deal would never have closed nor would I have gotten my asking price if I went at it alone.  Unfortunately, we hit the market just as the economy started to tank earlier this year. 

We had one LOI fall through as the buyer got cold feet and as the economy and acquisition market continued to shrink, I was ready to put this on ice until things turned around.   However, Ryan kept the deal afloat in the background and was able to match me with the perfect buyer and hold my hand through a very complex migration period.  Now after a few months of enjoying semi-retirement vacationing with my family, I’m ready to get started on my next business venture with the proceeds from this exit.  

I am definitely looking forward to working with Ryan and the Quiet Light team again in a few years on what I hope will be my final exit for permanent retirement!

– Edward Y. – Los Angeles, CA

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