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Launched in 2020, this top-selling Fiverr brand specializes in providing quality productized services to the evergreen niche of job seekers, specifically focusing on writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for clients.

Based on platform reviews and comments from clients coming to this brand after working with competitors, the company’s focus on providing products to not just improve grammar but rather exemplify the overall quality of the candidate truly helps provide real solutions to clients’ needs in securing their next job. This can be seen by the over 5,000 reviews with an average 4.9-star review rating.

Almost all sales currently come in organically through Fiverr. The account has been run white hat and is fully transferable (verified through Fiverr). As one of the top profiles on Fiverr in its space, the review count and quality reputation have created a moat around the business allowing for future success.

The owner does not have any previous business/entrepreneurial or HR/recruiting experience, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating a successful company with a very impressive automated system behind it. Under the hood, multiple software automations and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are now currently being leveraged in order to keep human involvement to a minimum, as this work has been very manual in the past. At current levels, the company is run by two full-time virtual assistants. The automations, SOPs, and team all transfer with the sale.

A new owner looking for continued growth can focus on both Fiverr and website growth strategies as very little marketing has been done to date. Growth opportunities include offering new services to sell, expanding the current automated process to other freelancing sites, and a number of other areas outlined in the packet.

This business is not SBA eligible (no US tax returns); however, seller financing, earn-out, and cash discount funding options are available (full details in the packet).

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