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Launched in 2018, this trademarked, Shopify-based, superfood healthy greens brand has developed a premium and fun brand by custom formulating the best natural ingredients to create the highest-quality and best-tasting greens products possible to provide the foundation of daily health. Inspired by the owner’s own health journey, this company is the result of years of endless formulations, taste-testing, and tweaking. Thousands of customers agree that this company is the world’s healthiest, best-tasting greens on the market as backed by over 2,500 mostly 5-star reviews.

About 40% of the company’s current revenue comes from monthly subscriptions with about a $58 average order value (AOV) and an average of 7.7 orders per subscriber. This, in combination with both high 80% gross margins and high 28% net margins, means there is ample opportunity for customer acquisition spend.

The company has been on a decline over the past year as the owner has shifted his focus to spend more time with his family and on another business venture. The owner currently works about 1-2 hours per week with this company but does have a virtual staff member who works about 10-15 hours per week handling operational tasks like customer support and inventory management. However, paid marketing efforts have proven successful in the past and is a significant growth opportunity for a new owner.

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