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Your High Ranking in Google? That Could Be a Weakness

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: < 1 minute

It is a nightmare scenario for any buyer: they view an opportunity, do full due diligence, weigh the pros and cons of an acquisition, and risk their money to acquire a website only to have that website’s high ranking disappear a few months after they acquire the business.  This scenario has, unfortunately, played itself out for too many buyers.

If Your Business is not Stable, It is not Valuable

It is no surprise, then, that over the past several years, a strong search ranking is not valued as highly as it once was. While there are hundreds of factors that play into a websites value, none of these factors matter if a buyer believes that a business is inherently unstable.

This is why buyers often look to identify single points of failure.  Identifying single points of failure is a key step in improving the value of any website. And because Google has had such a rash of extreme updates in the past several years, buyers are more wary about businesses whose success and failure rides on Google.

This is Why We Must Use Our Rankings Wisely

Despite this, strong rankings are still extraordinarily valuable. SEO is still a strategy to pursue, and buyers will still place a premium on well-ranked websites that utilize sound SEO strategies. The trick for website owners now is to figure out how to take advantage of strong rankings and how to stabilize traffic over multiple channels and sources.

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    1. Being tech savvy in SEO certainly helps, but it isn’t a complete cure for having a dependency on another company’s rules. The danger in relying only on SEO traffic is that you don’t control the rules of SEO…Google ultimately does.

      1. To be fair this is only really dangerous if the buyer doesn’t invest in proper due diligence on the SEO side; if the site is propped up on controlled assets or flimsy signaling it’s very dangerous but on the flip side if the link profile of the site is clean and natural, all sources can be identified as true 3rd party (not existing owner controlled or influenced), and the content is all inspected for legitimacy this can be a great foundation from which to build on top of.

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