Amanda Raab


Amanda Raab is a highly experienced entrepreneur with multiple million dollar successes to her name. First introduced to Quiet Light Brokerage when she was looking for another business to add to her portfolio, Amanda quickly demonstrated why she is repeatedly successful online.

In 2003 Amanda started and was subsequently featured in TIME Magazine, Houston Business Journal, InStyle, Modern Luxury, WWD, and many other publications. She followed this up by shooting a documentary in Asia on pearl farming and what goes into the making of a pearl necklace.

In 2005 Amanda continued with her entrepreneurial spirit by launching 5 websites in the publishing industry and turning them into multi-million dollar businesses. She has continued to start websites from the ground up, buy distressed businesses, and sell from her own personal portfolio.

Q&A with Amanda

What drew you to make your career online?

I started my first business while I was going to grad school full-time and working 20 hours per week to put myself through college which only left late nights for me to build my business. The internet was the only outlet that allowed me to have flexibility with my schedule and gave me a world wide reach to market my high-end pearl jewelry.   I also found that this was a major turning point in my life because I had access to so much more information and could teach myself anything I wanted to learn on the internet and was able to make valuable connections that I would have never been able to make locally.

What is the #1 mistake people make when selling their website?

I feel business owners can often feel overwhelmed by maintaining clean books and often put this as their last priority.  When looking to sell a business, it is essential to have -financials well-documented so that you know how profitable your business is.  It not only helps in selling the business but it also helps a business owner make more strategic decisions in how they reinvest money into the company.

Did you always know that you were going to be an entrepreneur?

Yes, 100%.   Going through college, I had always envisioned running my own private practice with a team of therapists.  It just so happened that I chose another entrepreneurial path before I had gotten to that point.  I certainly never imagined I would be a serial entrepreneur.

What is the best bit of advice you ever received?

Don’t be afraid to fail!   As an entrepreneur, there will be failures along the way but it is in those failures that we learn and grow.

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

I’d love to be able to reverse time!   Not only does time go by way too quickly, it would be really cool to be able to make decisions in the past based on what I know now.



Amanda- Thank You, you have been amazing! It’s rare to find people as professional and detail-oriented as you. This whole process has been perfect.

– Jay S

“After numerous (failed) attempts to sell my two websites on my own, I finally began my search for a business broker. All roads for selling a high valued website led to Quiet Light. I reached out and was contacted by Amanda. From the moment she took over, I was at ease, comfortable, and confident. I was then exposed to the QL process and once all information was submitted we were ready to launch the listing. From day one there, was interest and within a month or so I had the money in my account just in time for my newborn baby, couldn’t have planned it better! Amanda was proficient, professional, friendly, and explained everything along the way. Sure glad I decided to look up a business broker!”

– Greg Berry

“Amanda- I wanted to take the time to say thank you for making the process of selling my business as easy as you did. You took time to answer any and all concerns/questions I had and were very patient with me in the process. I appreciate everything you did for us-myself and my family- we say thank you and God Bless.”

– John Hupp

“Selling your internet business can be intimidating when you may never see your broker or the buyer face to face during the selling process. Amanda put our minds at ease and made the transaction very comfortable by keeping us informed ahead of time on what to expect from due diligence to asset transfers. We spoke with brokers that mostly work with “Bricks and Mortar” businesses before contacting Quiet Light. Quiet Light was able to get us more money for our business because they knew how to assess the value of our internet business.”

– Tom Davidson

“Thanks Amanda. After a couple of failed attempts, its nice to finally buy a business through Quiet Light. Quiet Light has been the most professional brokerage I have worked with. You’ve also been great to work with and I’m glad you stepped in to get the lien issue resolved.”

– Ralph

“As someone headed back to college, it was important that I not only sell my site quickly, I needed to know the right buyer for the site would emerge. Thanks to Amanda’s expertise and care, we found a suitable new owner for the site within a couple of weeks and I was able to hit the books without any worries. Thanks so much, Amanda!”

– Jamie VanEaton, former owner of Your Lighter Side

“I was interested in purchasing a business after too many years of working for someone. While searching online I came across Quiet Light Brokerage. I found many intriguing possibilities. Thanks to Amanda, obtaining information on each company was very quick and easy. This even included communicating with owners either with emails or phone communication. Once I found a company I wanted to purchase the due diligence process was very easy. This was my first purchase so naturally I was very anxious. However, Amanda walked me through the entire process and made me feel at ease. I am so pleased with my first purchase I am now looking into buying another company. This has all been done in under 1 year. So naturally I have contacted Amanda to assist me in this pursuit.”

– Patrick Azzarito, Blue Rocket Textbooks

“Few brokers match Quiet Light Brokerage in terms of the quality of of businesses, the amount of information they provide and their overall process for handing buyer-seller interactions. As a recent buyer, I’ve been most impressed by the level of professionalism that the team showed throughout the buying process. Thanks to Amanda and all the folks at QLB. For anyone serious about acquiring quality online businesses, this should be your first point of call.”

– Daniel

I wanted to thank you again for helping sell my company. Not hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

– Rob P.

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