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5 Tips to Write an SEO-Friendly eCommerce Product Description

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: 5 minutes

If you’re selling your products online, using SEO techniques to write engaging product descriptions is essential. By writing eye-catching and SEO-friendly content, you will appeal to your customers’ emotional triggers and sensibilities. This will direct them toward your product and help them easily find what they’re seeking.

Here is where SEO comes into play, as you can optimize your original, customer-centric writing for better search engine ranking. SEO can be a useful tool in ensuring that the right people see your online storefront. Writing SEO-friendly descriptions is essential for long-term success in the global market. 

Published reports have shown that organic SEO is a top priority for 61% of online stores, with eCommerce expected to account for more than 95% of all purchases by 2040. There has never been a better time to optimize your store and establish an online presence. This article will cover five key ways to make your product description more SEO-friendly in the coming year.

Why Write SEO Friendly eCommerce Product Descriptions?

We’ve seen how you can make your product descriptions more SEO friendly, but what’s the result? According to recent findings, eCommerce platforms that invested in SEO reported a 190% or higher increase in revenue. With 3.4 billion people shopping online worldwide, that is a staggering number to ignore in 2022. There are plenty of valid reasons to focus on SEO in your product descriptions, including:

  • Easier skimming and scanning of product descriptions
  • Higher website domain authority and SERP ranking
  • Increased website traffic and conversion rates
  • Better user engagement and social media shareability
  • Increased generated income compared to SEO-less writing

1. Highlight Specific Product Features that Customers Search for

When shopping for products online, customers will search with certain words that correspond with the features they’re seeking. For example, In the case of Nike shoes, people will narrow their search based on how they will use the shoes. Someone might search for a specific color of the shoes, or look for running shoes or shoes which repel rain. Highlighting the use and visual features of your product will make it attractive for online customers.


Shoes made by Nike fall into different categories, with different models naturally being used for different purposes. Highlighting the main features of your product for potential customers will make them more likely to purchase it. When writing your product descriptions, use this method to ensure that your wording corresponds with search queries customers are likely to make.

2. Make Sure That your Product Stands Out

The best way to sell your products via eCommerce is to understand them. How can your products be used and what’s their advantage over similar products? People like to buy unique products which will make them stand out. They will search for these products by making search queries based on material, application, color, and other elements. Creating a unique value proposition through your product description will make it easier for your product to stand out when it comes to SEO ranking in SERP. Take a look at the keychain example we’ve presented below.


Knowing what your product can do for others will help you craft more engaging and creative descriptions. It will help people imagine different scenarios in which they can use the product, driving them closer to making a purchase. This writing approach will do wonders for your SEO and convince people to give your products a shot.

3. Speak Directly to your Target Audience

The more precisely you describe your items, the more likely they will appear in Google’s shopping tab for your target audience. However, no product will ever appeal to everyone. Focus on addressing a specific customer profile rather than writing generic product descriptions, such as in the following example:


Narrow down who you are addressing with your product description. This will make it far more inviting for your target customers. Trying to appeal to different customer profiles with a single product description will make it seem generic, which you want to avoid. However, you can outline certain product applications or list a few types of people who would appreciate the product as a gift. Everything in SEO writing revolves around balancing original messages with SEO algorithms. Always keep that in mind with your product descriptions.

4. Conversational Tone of Voice First, SEO Second

While it’s true that product descriptions are technical writing, they should still be as personable and relatable as possible. Take our example of a plush toy listing to get a better sense of how you should craft your descriptions.


The person visiting your storefront should want that product in their hands once reading your description of it. Once you’ve outlined your product description, you can work with professional writers on sprucing up your tone of voice. Adding specific keywords and phrases after the product description has been written is better than starting with SEO. This will make your product listing SEO friendly and appealing to customers.

5. Integrate the Right SEO Keywords into Product Descriptions

As we’ve mentioned, once you’ve written a product description that accurately represents your product, you can add some SEO to the equation. Using platforms like Google Keyword Planner or SEM Rush will indicate which keywords to integrate into the descriptions. Take a look at our example of an Amazon listing for reference:


As you can see, your product description needs to have certain keywords and phrases that people are likely to search for. Sometimes, it is worth giving up a bit of grammar to rank better with search engines like Google and Bing. You may need help from professional writers or editors, such as those on GrabMyEssay, to strike a balance between content and SEO. After all, high-ranking keywords and phrases will increase the SEO quality of your product descriptions. These words will dramatically increase your visibility and help you generate more sales via eCommerce.

In Summary

You can do plenty to improve your product description writing moving forward, and SEO is only one of them. Pairing your writing with great multimedia such as photos and videos will make your items more appealing. 

Grouping items into bundles and organizing thematic sales will also increase your odds of converting visitors. Use these tips and examples as a baseline for future eCommerce product description writing and give it your spin. Be original in your writing and tone of voice and new audiences will flock to your online store organically in 2022.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional content creator, copywriter, and editorial manager on TopEssayWriting. Her experience in digital marketing and professional development has enabled her to write better articles, essays, and case studies on these topics. Jessica enjoys reading personal development lit and listening to podcasts.

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