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5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation in 2022

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you constantly looking for new ways to feed your sales funnel effectively? Or, perhaps you’re experiencing difficulty generating high-quality leads? 

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it’s time to do something about it.

As you’ve probably already tested, there are many ways that help you generate new leads. Some are effective and some counterproductive; some work amazingly well for selected niches while being inefficient in others.

However, some common practices can help you effectively generate leads with your website, regardless of your niche. Let’s break them down.

1. Use intelligent widgets

Widgets make our lives easier and simpler. You should leverage them if you want to optimize your website for lead generation. For generating leads in 2022, conversion-enhancing widgets are the best. 

That includes:

  • Enabling your visitors to reach you easily — i.e., chatbot widgets that can answer questions, provide information and streamline communication effectively.
  • Enriching their journey through your sales funnel by helping them become customers — also called lead capture or lead magnet widgets.

Let’s look at one call widget in the image below (highlighted within the green square).

This widget provides a call now button that can be placed anywhere on your website. It allows visitors to call you directly from the website and get the information they need in no time. 

This eliminates cumbersome browsing through a website. Instead, they can call you immediately when they want to learn more and when their attention is peaking. 

This gives them what they want, when they want it, and eliminates wasting precious time. 

As you can see in the picture above, a pop-up window opens when a potential customer clicks on the icon. A simple design and clear CTA (Call-to-Action) encourages visitors to call to get immediate answers to their questions.

In addition, there are fields for leaving names and contact numbers, so you can easily “catch” visitors’ data and analyze it later.

Investing in powerful widgets is no joke. You can significantly improve your visitors’ experiences and move them through your funnel hassle-free. Pick the one that strengthens the weakest part of your website.

2. Optimize for mobile users

Users’ experiences on your website largely determine whether or not they become paying customers. Today, internet users want a highly immersive, frictionless experience. This applies whether they’re browsing blogs and websites, watching a TV show, or running an app. 

The percentage of total web traffic that came over mobile phones is a whopping 54%. If your web pages aren’t optimized for mobile phone users, you’re missing out big time.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your website is mobile-friendly in 2022:

  • Use Google’s mobile-friendly test and follow the advice you’ll get after analysis
  • Optimize images and fonts on your website — Images should be wide enough (typically 100% width), and fonts should be large and clear enough, it is also good to use only standard fonts 
  • Simplify your website — Remove unnecessary elements and content and use only the most important and relevant information for your visitors (this will improve mobile loading times and make your website look clean and easy to browse) 
  • Enable Java and CSS and avoid flash
  • Implement advanced features like auto-scaling and resolution switching so your images can fit any mobile screen

3. Create fun & informative quizzes

Ah, those quizzes! They’re something all of us tend to enjoy from time to time. Quizzes are great for a knowledge refresher or just for the “plain purpose of having fun.” They are dynamic, engaging, and interesting. 

If you are wondering — “Why are we talking about quizzes?” think again. Quizzes are that little extra that can stimulate your audience and boost lead generation. 

Another big advantage of quizzes is that you’ll be able to collect a lot of valuable insights in the process. With quizzes, that can happen in a natural and fun way for your leads.

With interactive quizzes, you can:

  • Collect information to create an ideal customer persona
  • Engage leads, customers, and visitors and improve conversion rates
  • Grow your subscribers’ lists
  • Communicate your message or share information about your business in a fun and entertaining way

All of this data will, ultimately, help optimize your website for lead generation. You can see a lead gen form in the picture below. 

(Image source)

The first thing to do is to make your quizzes thematic. That means they should fall within the scope of your niche, products, and services. For example, let’s say you are selling cat food and equipment. Your quizzes should be about cats, so here are some themes to consider:

  • “What type of cat are you?”
  • “How well do you know your cat?” 
  • “The ultimate cat quiz”
  • “Are you truly a cat lover?”

Second, attach a lead generation form within the quiz so that participants can leave their contact information. You should insert it right after the last question before the results get displayed. The copy in your lead gen form can start with something like:

“Now, you are only a few clicks away from your results. Quickly fill in the below fields to tell us where to send you your results and to let you know when a new quiz that matches your interests becomes available.”

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Additional tip: Personalize quizzes to convert your leads directly after taking them. You can do this by creating predefined flows that are based on the answers and lead a participant to a:

  • Product recommendation
  • Ebook or relevant article
  • Personalized offer
  • Detailed report & analysis on a certain topic

4. Offer free trials of your products and services

This one is a no-brainer as people simply love to get something valuable for free. Leverage this by giving a limited-time trial version of your products or offering a subscription to your services. 

You can set up automated pop-ups on your websites that are triggered by specific actions you have predefined. For example, they can get triggered when visitors spend a certain amount of time on your website. You can also set them to activate when visitors browse web pages with products and services. 

Another way to put your free trial offer is in the form of the first CTA on your homepage:

(Image source)

Offering free samples like this will help you not only generate leads but also to:

  • Get valuable feedback
  • Create powerful retargeting campaigns after the trial ends (and if your prospects don’t convert)

5. Offer valuable ebooks

Ebooks are great for quickly sharing informative and valuable content. You can use them for promotional purposes and effective lead generation.

You can also use ebooks to give something of value in exchange for contact information. Particularly, you’re giving out valuable content in exchange for their information you’ll use to give them more valuable content. There’s no reason why leads wouldn’t “trade” like that.

Ebooks are a tool for building trust. After you’ve collected lead information via your free ebook, keep sending them personalized, relevant, and informative content in the future.

This will improve your brand authority and relevancy and help generate more leads in the process (via word of mouth from your converted leads).

Final words

There are many ways to optimize your website for lead generation in 2022. We listed some of the most effective, but your choice shouldn’t stop there. However you choose to boost your lead generation efforts, make sure to do it from the perspective of your ideal customer persona.

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That means stepping in their shoes and creating thrilling and personalized experiences for them. Therefore, customer-centricity will help you do the right things that fit your leads the best way.

The way your leads (and visitors) perceive your website, and how and what they use it for should be your starting point for optimization. Improve their experiences, and you’ll improve your lead generation as well as conversions.


About the author 

Dennis Vu is the CEO and Co-founder of Ringblaze, a virtual business phone system company that helps teams to better serve their customers anywhere.

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