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Leigh’s Six-Figure Exit Story

In part 4 of our Quiet Giants series, we go all the way to South Korea to catch up with one of our favorite past clients Leigh Hyunh, who came to Southern California from Vietnam as a child with her family who had $200 to their name.

Her entrepreneurial journey started early, as she was deeply involved in the family’s nail salon. But she quickly learned that while owning a brick and mortar business can create financial well-being, it can rob you of your freedom and emotional wellness. After reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” she started selling beauty products on Amazon, but quickly found she had a lot to learn about selling online.

Her initial SKUs struggled due to competition, and she had to max out her credit cards to try new products that would sell. Leigh persevered through many challenges, found products that performed well (many of which she sourced herself), and got out of debt. Now a mother, she wanted more time and financial freedom to enjoy exploring with her growing family.

So she decided to sell.

The first time Leigh put her business on the market, buyers found it to be too dependent on her and the offers were less than sensational. Leigh then took the business off the market, rolled up her sleeves, and did the hard work to make her business an attractive asset. And she was rewarded with an exit twice her original asking price.

Following her exit, Leigh and her family moved to South Korea to enjoy the food and culture, and she is currently enjoying being a digital nomad, building a new business around wellness, and planning for her next life-changing exit.

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