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AMA Recap: Effective Strategies for Legally Mitigating Your Tax Bill

Are you an entrepreneur scaling your online business for an eventual sale but are worried about your tax liabilitiy? The time to begin planning for a deal structure that could reduce or even eliminate your tax burden is now.


Tax expert Shanyn Stewart joins Quiet Light founder and M&A leader Mark Daoust to discuss a wide array of the most common questions entrepreneurs have regarding taxes. Shanyn and Mark share real tips and strategies for deal structures and accounting methods that are really legal and will really lessen your tax bill.


You’re going to learn:

  • The truth about how capital gains tax really works
  • How to balance mitigating your tax bill and demonstrating high SDE
  • How to structure a deal so you pay less tax
  • The difference between basis and expense
  • How to plan for a profitable exit
  • How knowledge is your biggest weapon in tax planning

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