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3 Ways to Increase SaaS Valuation with David Newell

Quiet Light advisor and SaaS expert David Newell shares the three most important things you need to successfully scale your SaaS business and prepare to sell it for the most money, best deal terms, and highest number of offers.

SaaS businesses receive the highest multiples in the online industry, so if you’re a found of a software, plugin, or app you want to check out this webinar to learn how you’re probably leaving money on the table when it’s time to sell.

You’re going to learn:

  • Metrics like MRR, ARR, and acquisition that drive value
  • The importance of reducing risk
  • Tips on eliminating scaling restraints
  • How does SDE differ from EBITDA
  • Strategies for reducing churn
  • The growth strategies to avoid because they destroy your value

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