“It is a life changing experience to have an income and also be able to do the things that I wanted to do. It’s a feeling like no other.”

The Calling
Sumana's Unbelievable Seven-Figure Exit

Discover how Sumana increased the value of her Amazon FBA business 5x in just 15 months and sold it on her own terms.

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From zero Amazon experience to a remarkable seven-figure exit.

As a teenager, Sumana took two buses and walked miles to commute to a full time job all before heading to school in the evenings. At that time, she believed that was how the rest of her life would go, but eventually she moved to the US. Without a resume or professional clothes, Sumana applied for every position she could find before landing a job as a bank teller. She went from not knowing what a nickel was to becoming the branch manager in just two years.

Next up: start her own business. She stumbled upon an Amazon FBA business selling board games that could allow her to work from home and make more money than she ever did in a brick and mortar...could it be too good to be true? Just when she thought she’d received the offer of a lifetime, she learned her FBA’s value was actually worth much more.

A Steep Learning Curve

Sumana’s only prior online experience was checking email and bank account statements (nevermind that she had never heard of the product). But she put in the time to understand the Amazon interface, and as she got more comfortable, she began noticing areas that could be improved. With every optimization, she saw an uptick in sales.

Avoiding an Inventory Crisis

Business was good. So good that Sumana realized the inventory she had was not going to last. She decided to place an order for 8 containers worth of game sets, totaling ~90,000 units. The investment paid off, and her 2020 revenue hit $3.3M. It wasn’t long before multiple buyers reached out with interest in acquiring the business.

Never Walk Alone

The problem was that those buyers were vastly undervaluing her business, claiming her record sales were simply a pandemic bump. The offers she was presented ranged from $2.2-2.6M. She would have never known what she was missing until she reached out to Chuck Mullins from Quiet Light to help put her business on the market. He took the time to do a full analysis using math and logic, and accounted for everything Sumana did to scale her business long term, like the operational changes, logistical improvements, and effective paid marketing campaigns just to name a few.

A Dream Exit

Within the first two weeks of working together, Chuck had set up 15 meetings with potential buyers. He walked Sumana through each and every offer that came in, and eventually she accepted an offer for $5.5M, an incredible 2x more than the original set of offers, and 5x more than she initially purchased the site for.

Sumana found her calling and financial freedom through entrepreneurship. Are you ready to find yours?

The level of confidence that I have now has changed, I can feel it. Because of this experience...my life, my business, and everything I do - I’m in control.


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The Fighter


Meet Ramon

"You don't need to create the next Facebook or Tesla to start a business that creates financial freedom for you."

"To get five full-price offers on the first day felt really good."





“When that payment hit the bank account, we had never seen that much in our account ever in our lives.”

"For me, personally, it is very empowering to have this independence."

Field of Dreams


Praise for Quiet Light

“You put a lot of faith in your broker. It’s a very significant decision. Working with Quiet Light for the sale of my business was one of life’s great decisions. They packaged it beautifully, found the perfect buyer, and closed the sale at my asking price – all while keeping the hammer down and the communication flowing. For all this they have my gratitude, and the ultimate testimonial: my next sale.”

– John G

“When I was deciding to sell my business, it was like jumping into the deep side of the pool without any swimming experience. My first call with Quiet Light was like being thrown a lifesaver while explaining the entire process. I was originally planning to sell ASAP, but decided to follow their advice to wait a few months and optimize my business value. Sure glad I did, because it ended up increasing my valuation by a third."

- LV

“Before choosing a website broker, I made a list of all the things that were important to me in a broker. Most of the other choices had 4 or 5 of the 10 things that were important to me. Quiet Light had 14 out of the 10. Why 14? They brought to my attentions things that I would never even have thought of, and he executed flawlessly in finding me a buyer. I’ve been unable to find another broker at their level to this day, and I feel like they are truly the best in the business.”

– Brian

Get more offers and better deal terms with Quiet Light

Your online business is not our inventory to sell. It’s the product of your hard work, risk, and investment. Why would you settle for anything less than an incredible exit on your terms?

Working with Quiet Light's entrepreneur-led team puts you in the driver seat. Our refined process helps you receive multiple qualified offers and exit quickly to the buyer you choose, for the price and terms you designate.

Here's a quick look at our industry-leading process.


Your Initial Valuation Call

Whether you plan to sell now or in the future, it's important to get a sense of what your greatest asset is worth and how to set yourself up for maximum acquisition value when you’re ready.

During your call, you and your Quiet Light advisor will establish a broad value range for your business. This range is based on the most up-to-date multiples for your niche, plus factors like your team, run rate, and inventory.


Letter of Engagement

Once we have established your goals and agree on a path to a successful exit, we will sign a letter of engagement. Our engagement is only 90 days, so you will not be locked into any long-term contracts you can't get out of.

In fact, if we fail to meet your expectations you can end the engagement at any time.


Your Detailed Client Interview

Your client interview is tailored to your business. Our goal is to be as thorough as possible and ask you every question that a potential buyer might ask you, so you’re prepared with an accurate answer.

We’ll go through all the details of your business together, because nothing else matters if the numbers aren’t correct.

Finally, we’ll explore your business’ growth opportunities. Buyers love clear paths to growth — especially those that are already under way.


Public Listing

Using the information you’ve given us and our extensive experience evaluating online businesses, we’ll create a clear, enticing package that highlights your business’ strengths and admits its weaknesses.

Then, we will schedule your listing to go to market and manage the flow of inquiries. Our listings typically get dozens (if not hundreds) of inquiries and multiple qualified offers.


Finding the Right Buyer

Once all the offers come in, we will help you sort through them and find the right fit for your goals. Things we help you consider are sales price/multiple, cash at closing, and earnout terms.

When your buyer is ready to seal the deal, we’ll set you up with all the documents you need to plan a smooth, snag-free closing.

Eighty-five percent of Quiet Light listings sell in 90 days or less, so you won’t live in limbo for long.