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Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys, known by his sobriquet “Amazon Summits Guy,” is the Founder of Orange Klik, an informational platform that organizes virtual summits, webinars, tools, and resources for Amazon private label sellers. Augustas’ passion is to help e-commerce entrepreneurs become the best at what they do, and he offers powerfully informative expert sessions and guides for becoming a top Amazon seller.

Since 2016, Augustas has created seven virtual summits that have attracted thousands of Amazon sellers. In addition to this, Augustas is the Founder of many popular in-person events for Amazon sellers, including the European Seller Conference, PPC Congress, and Seller Fest.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Augustas Kligys shares the purpose behind his Amazon seller-focused company, Orange Klik
  • The ins and outs of Augustas’ annual European Seller Conference, which is meeting in Prague in March of 2021
  • How Augustas’ background as a website programmer influences his work at Orange Klick (hint: software demos!)
  • Orange Klik’s international Slack community for e-commerce entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers
  • How to learn more about—and get involved in—Augustas’ in-person and virtual conferences, events, and meetups

In this episode…

Do you want to find reliable, simple ways to grow your business? How would you benefit from joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who could advise, challenge, and encourage you as a business owner?

Augustas Kligys is the Founder of multiple physical conferences and virtual summits. According to Augustas, attending entrepreneur-focused events is one of the best ways to grow your company. At events, not only do you learn tried and true business strategies that will increase your business’ value, but you also form lasting relationships with like-minded professionals in your industry. By regularly attending in-person or virtual events, you can gain all of the tools and connections you need to grow your business—and successfully transfer it.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Augustas Kligys, the Founder of Orange Klik, to talk about how attending in-person or virtual summits can help you grow your business to new heights. Listen in as Augustas reveals how you can attend one of his valuable events, access comprehensive software demos, and join his international Slack community of Amazon sellers. You don’t want to miss this!

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:07

Hi, folks, it’s the Quiet Light Podcast where we share relentlessly honest insights, actionable tips, and entrepreneurial stories that will help founders identify and reach their goals.

Joe Valley 0:29

Hey, folks, Joe Valley here from Quiet Light and the Quiet Light Podcast. As you know, I’m an entrepreneur I’ve built, bought and sold my own online business just like everybody here on the Quiet Light team. I’m on track to close about 100 million in the next, not in the next three months, but collectively over the last eight years and each deals getting larger, so that’s going to change pretty quickly. Walker, for instance, on the team in his first full calendar year, close 16 million. Brad’s gonna crush my 100 million very quickly because he’s on track to close something by the end of the year for about 25 million. We’ve got an incredible team of entrepreneurs, they’ve all built, bought and sold, online businesses, they’ve been training for the advisory roller quiet, like their entire life without knowing it. Each and every one of those folks are here to help first. And through that, we’re going to help you grow your business and make it more valuable for the buyers in the audience that want to buy a great business from a great business owner at a great price. So it works out for everyone. Equally. Speaking of helping Today’s guest is and I’m going to hack his name. I told him that already. It’s Augustas Kligys, I’m a redneck from Maine, as I said, so I didn’t quite get that right. You shake and say Good, good effort. But Augustas, as I’m going to pronounce it now, because it’s much easier for me is the founder of a company called Orange Klik. And their objective is to educate you and help you and share information from people that are experts in the Amazon world. It’s an information based platform for Amazon private label sellers. They facilitate virtual summits and webinars and create demos for tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers. And they’ve got a great YouTube channel as well. It’s all under Orange Klik, and that’s Klik with a K L I K, he runs the European Seller Conference, it’s actually going to be in Prague of 2021. In March, it’s actually going to be a live in person conference. So for those folks in the states that want to go to Europe and get over to Prague and need an excuse to write that off as a business expense. That’s your opportunity. He also runs PPC Congress, which is an event where Amazon sellers, PPC consultants, agencies and software companies focused on PPC and Amazon all get together in one place to discuss Amazon advertising. And from all of these events, you can learn everything from launching products to optimizing your listings, influence your traffic, essentially everything you need to know, to build and grow and eventually, perhaps sell your Amazon business. And I think it’s a great service it goes to thank you for joining the Quiet Light Podcast.

Augustas Kligys 3:05

Hello, Joe. It’s nice to be here.

Joe Valley 3:07

Yeah. Thanks. So sorry, I keep butchering your name. I want you to mispronounce Joe, throughout the whole podcast, if you would, hello,

Augustas Kligys 3:14


Joe Valley 3:17

Well, hey, listen, I told you earlier, I think what you’re doing is fantastic. It’s really hard. I think for people that have built an Amazon business or have bought one and are trying to learn how to grow it to find great conferences to go to and what you’re doing at Orange Klik I think it’s fantastic because you are really focusing in on specifically Amazon and specifically conferences, many of them in the European area some of the states we met down at what was it the Billion Dollar Summit that Kevin King put on down in Texas earlier this year? Can you tell us overall what the general concept of Orange Klik is and the purpose and drive of the business itself.

Augustas Kligys 4:02

So the general purpose is to help people in this specific case it’s to help Amazon sellers and to more to be more specific private label sellers. So we don’t create content or events for let’s say arbitrage or wholesale sellers, it’s only private label. So it’s very niched, very specific. And we do that by creating content on our YouTube channel where basically we interview Amazon experts and software providers and kind of our other half of the time goes in organizing events and ritual in in person and also we run a website, which is we try to collect manually events, farmers and sellers around the world not only ours, but just that people have a some database where they can refer to when they are looking for events.

Joe Valley 4:54

Okay, and that’s Yes. Okay. So those that are listening That’s I think a great URL to go to along with Orange Klik, we’d be able to watch the interviews of people that are extra experts in the space. One of the things that you know, we don’t do here at Quiet Light is give you specific advice when it comes to running your e commerce business or your FBA business or even your SaaS or content business. If we’ve got Brad or David or Chris Guthrie involved. We all have that expertise in operating our own businesses, but here would help to advise you on the eventual exit of your business. guess this is very much the same, because he’s bringing in experts through these virtual and live events to share their information. And having having sources like in Orange Klik, Klik again, K L I K, will allow you to pick and choose what you want to go to and what you want to learn. If there’s something specific you want to learn like PPC and getting better at advertising on Amazon, you can go to bat specifically. Why don’t we talk first about the event they’re going to have in March in Prague. Can you talk specifically about that event? Because that’s when you’re putting on yourself and bringing the the experts in? Right?

Augustas Kligys 6:08

Yeah, yes. Well, I don’t present myself I just organize maybe opened a welcome session. But it’s important to say that four years ago, I started with visual events. And after I did two and a half years of virtual events, virtual summits for Amazon sellers, I felt kind of wish to become a in person event organizer and European Seller Conference in 2019, almost three years ago was the first flagship event like first my event I ever organized in my life in person. And it was really big success. And in 2021, we’re doing the third edition of it. The second addition, this year in March was actually affected by this COVID station with it. We were running it in the middle of March, when all the world was locking down on these days. So we had to adjust the new regulations of Czech Republic. But we look forward to meet again in March in Prague, we hope like within a few months, it will be a little bit easier to for people to travel and to come to the middle of the Europe and idea why Prague? Actually we don’t get many Czech people attending this event. It’s more it’s basically International. I think in the first event, we got like 40 nationalities or 40 countries. And the idea is that, you know, Prague is in the center, it’s no troll, there is no Amazon Marketplace, there are warehouses, but so everybody comes and Prague is perceived as a maybe cheap destination tourist destination. So very often people come for the event, Thursday, Friday, for two days, and then the weekend, they just stay longer and enjoy the city. So yeah, we are looking forward to this event. And we hope to get maybe, well, it’s not difficult to say how many people we can expect, because we don’t know what will be the regulation. If there is a distancing regulation, then probably we will expect at least maybe 100. If it’s easy. If everything is like back to normal, then we should get more than 200 people.

Joe Valley 8:14

I find the smaller events are more More, more impactful because you actually get to connect with individuals and have conversations around, you know, what you’re trying to achieve. And those individuals that you expect to attend, you know, a European seller event goes to us, are they Europeans are they Americans or Canadians, they Australians New Zealanders who is the actual people that you find are attending the European events specifically.

Augustas Kligys 8:41

So basically, I would say the events we create Orange Klik with probably the only ones creating international events. In Europe. In UK, there are events, of course, English speaking events. So they are also International, but because they in UK, more British people come. But in our events, it’s mostly European maybe, let’s know 80%. And maybe like 10% is from North America, we still get a little bit from North America and then the rest of the country sometimes people for I fly from Guatemala from Asia. And but of course, my goal with this European seller conference to create kind of them important, most important event farmers and sellers, yearly event in Europe, because in the US, there are a lot of big selection of events and people can go but for Europeans to travel to us silly with difficult for some Europeans. It’s even difficult with visa, you know, to get permissions to enter the country. And in Europe, it’s easy to travel. But European mindset, you know, we live in the era, I don’t know 30 or more countries in Europe and each country lives in its own culture and borders. So very often you cross the border and it’s a different culture. language. So very often people don’t know what’s happening across the border. And my, my challenge is to inform them that something is happening for everyone in Europe. So that’s why sometimes I seek help with a different industry. industry leaders in different countries, ask them to if they can spread the word in their communities. So it’s quite challenging.

Joe Valley 10:23

And who will be those industry leaders to speakers at the European Seller Conference in March in Prague will be on?

Augustas Kligys 10:29

Okay, so most of the events we do, they are featuring service providers most of the time, because it’s an Amazon seller and successful one who has a lot of knowledge, they would rather just have weekly mastermind group with their own like five people, other big Amazon sellers, they would not go there is no sense for them to go on the stage. So we do, yeah, I cannot hide. Most of our speakers are service providers, some of them are also Amazon sellers. But we do very, like, I’m very picky, you know, before I let them, a lot of people applied to speak at the European Seller Conference. But if I see potential new name, if I like the application, then I invite them, let’s say to do a video just like this kind of interview so that we kind of check if, for us, it’s important that expert is first kind of goal of the expert is to share the value to give the value to the audience and not to sell the business, their service. And yeah, this is what we try to do. And of course, we try to, you know, find experts from different countries like Romania, Serbia, UK, and Eastern Europe, West Europe. And we do have always North American speakers as well, because North America has a big selection of good experts, and they are willing to come and speak. And we still have, of course, North American presence there.

Joe Valley 12:01

Okay, excellent. I think it’s a great opportunity for somebody to get over there and learn more about what’s happening in the European area and take a nice vacation as well. Let’s, um, let’s talk about PPC Congress. And what you do there. This event is, is it an online event? Or do you do these in person and understand specifically for PPC and agencies and consultants and software companies? Right? Yes, so

Augustas Kligys 12:26

it was actually it happened only one time one year ago in Amsterdam, it was in person event. And we intended to do it this year. But due to obvious station, we didn’t do, we would love to continue this event two times per year in North America, and in Europe. And if it’s North America, most likely it could be Mexico, because it’s because we always try to target like more. I traveled a lot in my life, more than 60 countries. And I really my life is without borders. So I would like also to create events where everybody can easily come. So let’s see if it’s in Mexico, it’s much easier for Latin American people to come, especially as Amazon specialists from Latin America, and PPC Congress, the idea of it was to kind of to bring all this advertising knowledge, which costs Amazon advertising farmers and sellers is one of the probably most important thing daily, they if they don’t run ads, they will unlikely be able to kind of succeed. Yeah, it’s impossible, probably not to run ads. So it’s very important aspect. And in this event, we try to attract big sellers which which dealing a lot with advertising, then agencies which want to learn and network with each other and make partnerships and also software tools, which of course seeking for sellers and agencies to use their tools. So and when if people have visited any kind of conference in any kind of industry, they know the power of in person event. So maybe not always the content is what is the best part of the event, but the networking and it’s it’s amazing when you meet in person, then it’s different.

Joe Valley 14:09

It’s it’s a huge difference here, you know, you know, I’ve got kids, I’ve got a family. And sometimes I don’t like to travel to the event. So it’s great that you do you know, the virtual events, as well seems like you attend many virtual events. But that that in person connection is really important. I always find the I begrudgingly get on the plane. And then I realized, Oh, I’m friends with all these people. And it’s great to see them again and hang out and have fun for a couple of days along with learning as well. In regards to the software tools and demos, I’m looking at your site now to edit Orange Klik, and it’s got software demos. So talk to us about that you have you have specific software providers that come on and show demos of their products on your site and you walk through it with them. How’s that work?

Augustas Kligys 14:56

All right, so my background is a website programmers. So four years ago, I was still programming websites. So I’m like very, you know, I’m, I like everything what is online and internet and software. And when I started to do interesting interviews with experts, of course, a lot of software is wanted to kind of maybe to be promoted to my audience. But for me, it’s boring to send just affiliate links. And three years ago, actually, I created this called video series called Demo Mondays. And now after three years, we did almost 70 episodes. And the idea was that I invite the owners or creators of the software and they come and they walk us through like a demo with all the features. And for me, let’s I’m not an Amazon seller. But I, I know that some Amazon sellers are looking at these demos, because they don’t need to spend, let’s say, one hour, two hour signing up for free trial. And looking at everything, they could just quickly watch my video two times faster on YouTube. And within 20 minutes, they will understand if interface resonates with them, if it’s their style, if you know, they see the features all what they need. So this was the idea kind of to give a chance. All what we do at Orange Klik is also a chance for service providers and software creators to get exposure. So we try to be very kind of, we don’t associate ourselves with one or two software providers, like maybe many, many other YouTubers do. But for us is not making money from affiliate what more to give, to put on the plate what’s available, and you choose as an Amazon seller, it’s and yeah, we don’t provide you the choice, you just choose yourself from the variety.

Joe Valley 16:46

Now I think it’s great it with you interviewing them and looking at it from a novice point of view, as opposed to just go into their company website and watching the, you know, five minute or 60 minute demo clip or signing up for the free trial, as you said, it’s again, education tools, sharing information helping first and, and second and third as well.

Augustas Kligys 17:06

Actually, the problem with software websites is that there is no demo, it’s maybe user use, you have to spend another like half a minute searching and finding. But if you will go on the landing page very often is just like nice, maybe a animation or something they don’t show what is in sight for me as a former web developer really, like very critical at the websites. And whenever it’s a web based application. For me, even if it’s cheap or free. For me, it’s important that it’s easy to use user friendly and easy to navigate. If it’s not then I will not be interested I rather pay more money to get to. So that was the idea kind of to show how it looks like because software tools they don’t show it on their website really what’s inside

Joe Valley 17:51

makes a whole lot of sense. jumping over to, I want people to definitely visit that site, as I look at it. You know, this, this recordings are airing until December 1 at this point. So Rear View window, you know, as I look at this, and I think what what what attend what events do I want to attend in the next couple of months if I can, whether they’re virtual and in person and I see some that I’m definitely familiar with maximizing e commerce first week of October, which is our friend Kevin Sanderson, who’s good friends with Scott Volker. Amazon World Conference in October, again, Prosper Show in October. There’s just in October alone, you’re listing six or seven events, and then trickling over into 2021. As I scan down through the page, there folks that are listening, I’m looking at probably 13 to 14 events that you can look at, including the you know, European Seller Conference over in the Czech Republic, but you know, there’s stuff in Germany and Australia, and UK and US down in Tampa. A lot of different events that are really specific that can help you grow your Amazon business. So definitely check out an as well. On Orange Klik, Augustas. Do you have any? You know, everybody’s got masterminds these days. Do you have any sections or community areas around? FBA businesses where people can connect with each other through Orange Klik?

Augustas Kligys 19:35

Yes, we do have what we call Slack clubs. So everybody is on Facebook groups. We’ve never had a Facebook group because well, I’m not an Amazon seller. So you need constant support for community. Yeah, but we created kind of a lentor alternative. It’s a Slack I think at the moment we have over 200 people if you go to the, there will be Information about that. And we just provide it as an alternative. Because we know a lot of people are business owners. And Slack is very popular among business owners. Not all, you know, this software. But Slack is popular. So we thought, Okay, let’s try this.

Joe Valley 20:19

So it’s an opportunity for people, business owners, entrepreneurs to connect and chat with each other in their own sort of Orange Klik mastermind group, but it’s called Slack, Slack club.

Augustas Kligys 20:28

Yes, it’s happening on the Slack. And we have different channels, let’s say in on the Facebook groups, this is where a lot of sellers go and search for information that we also on the Orange Klik website, somewhere in the resources menu, we have a link to a table where we manually collected Facebook groups related to Amazon. So you can also search according to your country or your topic, maybe we’ll find, but in in Facebook, you know, it’s a lot of noise. And yes, and yeah, you it’s difficult to kind of structure the information in that Slack club, what we call, we have like, maybe 20 topics, let’s say listings, logistics and you can just ask questions, which are important to you just in the appropriate channel, you ask the question. So it’s kind of to sort of

Joe Valley 21:17

drowning out the rest of the noise. If you looking at the list. Now, if you just want to talk about reviews, and how to improve your reviews, there’s comments in there and people that are focused on that. Legal listings, logistics, outsourcing product research, product, launch taxes, and accounting, which is always a fun subject to talk about even branding and customer service. So I think that’s fantastic. And you’ve got about 200 people in there. Now they’re all ecommerce or FBA business owners, sharing information and advice.

Augustas Kligys 21:44

I believe they are mostly Amazon, FBA sellers, private label sellers, of course, there are some service provider representatives. So it’s not a bad thing, because for example, there are I know a couple of companies signed up which deal with VAT, like taxes in Europe. And if you have some question, they will probably be able to answer you. And so this is good for us Bay sellers that are trying to expand over to Europe to be able to talk to this particular question. Yes. But we are not targeting only Europeans in that club. It’s for everyone. But of course, I’m European, I have European accent, and maybe more Europeans are attracted than us people. But to be honest, the traffic or the audience we have is maybe half half us half European, or North American and European.

Joe Valley 22:35

I would think that it’s great for somebody in the states to be able to be part of a group where there’s Europeans in there that can ask, you know, geo specific questions and help from a different point of view, and then do the same. If somebody that’s got a German FBA account is trying to expand to the US, they may be able to tackle somebody in the US that can help them as well. Thanks. Great, thanks, great. Let’s talk about the virtual events. Obviously, in 2020. We’ve had, you know, the pandemic and hopefully we’re looking back in 10 years and just calling it the pandemic instead of the 2020 pandemic, which would mean we had another one. And it’s changed the way that you know, people have attended events, you’ve got a lot of virtual events listed on is this part of what you think will be a resource and guide for folks going forward both the in person events where you can connect and meet face to face, which I agree is probably best. But also the online events for those people that are just getting started or cannot afford to travel to 60 different countries like you have is virtual events, something that you’re going to continue to focus on and share information on for folks.

Augustas Kligys 23:41

So platform features not only our events, and from the one we started this website three years ago, the idea was to feature three types of meetings. So it’s in person conferences, virtual summits, and local meetups. There is like a website with a lot of, you know, local meetup groups in different countries. And we also try to Hank handpicked like manually. And we have a table listed with maybe 200 meetup groups around the world where you can also search in the website. And I started myself in this industry with virtual summits. And I think virtual summits a really big good resource for for the knowledge but also virtual summits, I think for Amazon sellers could work as a database of service providers, because sometimes you you know, I see question so who can suggest me a listing optimizing specialist, but then you watch a virtual summit, you listen to maybe three people talking about optimization keywords, and you think, Oh, this guy’s style resonates with me, I want to contact him to get his service. And, yeah, very often I tell to look at it as a as a data Base have kind of as a reference later if you need something from the services, because all Amazon sellers are using some kind of services. But don’t get me wrong, this visual service very often, these speakers, they are just sharing the value. It’s not like really a pitch. And, yeah, it’s still good. It can be overwhelming, especially in 2020. Because when I started, I was like, kind of, I think I was the first to introduce virtual summits. And for the first two years, nobody was doing these kind of things. And then other people jumped in and this year was crazy 2020, because virtual summits are happening every month, one or two times. And,

Joe Valley 25:41

and this is the year you were going to go to more in person summits. So things got backwards a little bit. Yeah, but at least it’s a resource for people to go and find more virtual summits to attend. And I think, you know, connecting with the people that are making presentations. And literally, if there’s a better connection, they can use their services, as you say, and it’s not a pitch, you’re not adding people on that are hard pitching their products or services. They’re educating first and helping and sharing information. And then people can choose who they want to work with them. Yes.

Augustas Kligys 26:13

Yes, yes, it’s correct.

Joe Valley 26:15

Okay. Well, I think it’s fantastic. I think the European Seller Conference is a great one for people to get to, to learn more about what’s going on in that part of the world, their their us Bay sellers, good opportunity to take a nice little vacation because we’re all cooped up, hopefully things will be good by then PPC Congress as well. If you’re focused on advertising on Amazon, I think it’s an important one to attend. And then all of the other things that people can find on Orange Klik whether it’s the Slack group or the YouTube channel, where Augustas is interviewing, product or service, you know, product owners, people that own SaaS products or service products geared towards Amazon sellers. And it’s all fantastic, great resources go there and on And I’m glad we finally got a chance to get you on the podcast and then wanted to talk to you for a while because I think what you offer is pretty unique and different. So thanks for taking the time. I know it’s late there. And I appreciate you staying up late and sharing your time and expertise with us.

Augustas Kligys 27:13

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure. I appreciate your time as well and good luck.

Joe Valley 27:18

Hopefully I’ll see you over in in Prague in the spread.

Outro 27:23

Today’s podcast was produced by Rise25 and the Quiet Light content team. If you have a suggestion for a future podcast subject or guest, email us at [email protected]. Be sure to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you next week.

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