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Wrapping up the Year and Looking Ahead to 2019

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Merry and Happy Holidays to everyone listening! We thought we would take a chance on this mini-episode to say thanks to everyone who has supported Quiet Light over the past 11 years  – especially over the past year with this podcast. We’re also taking this opportunity to go through a year in review and look ahead to 2019. It is truly our pleasure to do what we do and provide you the expertise you need to buy or sell your business. We have plenty more in store in the upcoming year!

Episode Highlights:

  • Highlights from the past year.
  • Looking ahead to 2019 with exciting guests queued up.
  • 2018 was a record year for Quiet Light
  • Thanks to all our brokers and veterans at Quiet Light.
  • Quiet Light’s referral program.
  • Hear about surprise guest coming up.
  • Success stories are also coming up on the podcast.


Mark: Merry Christmas Joe.

Joe: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Mark.

Mark: Happy Holidays, thank you for being so politically sensitive. I really appreciate it. To everyone listening, Happy Holidays … Happy New Year. This is Christmas Day when this is being released so if you’re listening to this turn it off, it’s Christmas. Actually, listen for about 10 minutes and then you’re going to turn it off. We’re not going to do a regular podcast episode today because it is Christmas and we want you to be able to spend time with your families and friends. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas be able to take a day off while everybody else does as well. We thought we would take advantage of this episode today just to give a quick thanks to everybody that has supported Quiet Light Brokerage over the past 11 years but especially over the past year that I’ve been supporting this podcast and do a mini year review. So Joe how has your year been?

Joe: It’s been fantastic. Yeah, I want to say thank you to everyone as well. Thank you to the folks listening to the podcast. This is our first full year right … 2018 we started late in ’17. The feedback that you’re giving us is fantastic and we feel like the guests that we’ve had on are really helping which is the most important thing. One of the things that I want to do for 2019 and beyond is do some of those sort of under the hood calls like Mike and Dave do and what the Ecom Crew would do for people that are looking for valuations so we can dissect your businesses in recorded calls. Keeping it confidential, not naming the business but having people see what it’s like to go through a valuation because the most important thing I think is to understand what the process is like to someday sell your business. But it’s been a great year. Look we’ve brought Walker Deibel on … Walker and his folks and we like to joke about this recently about Jason’s chops about his Bathroom Millionaire book but Walker is truly a bestselling author. He wrote Buy then Build that launched in the fall; a fantastic guy, honest, hardworking, a great addition to the Quiet Light team and then Brad Wayland as well. Brad is unbelievable in terms of what he’s accomplishing in terms of the volume of transactions and people that he’s helping. These two are going to essentially replace me very quickly in terms of the volume of work that I’ve done over the years. But then the rest of the team is all coming together and we’re just still that. You and I have swapped … talked about boutique brokerage firm. We are in a sense but it’s been a great year where we’ve grown tremendously.

Mark: Yeah we don’t publish our numbers. I know this is something that some businesses choose to do to publish their numbers publicly. I’ve always opted not to. No particular reason other than I just haven’t seen the specific advantage compared to some of the drawbacks. But I will say this 2018 was by far a record year for Quiet Light Brokerage. We more than doubled in growth this year in terms of the volume of deals that have been done both in total deal value and also in the revenue that Quiet Light Brokerage has brought on board. A lot of this is due to the new brokers that we brought on board over the past few years. It’s also due to some of the vets that we have on the team now as well such as Amanda and Jason. Joe and I were just talking before this podcast about how nice it is to have those two on board who have been doing such a phenomenal job. For such a long time they seem to understand this industry just instinctively at this point where they know how just to find a good deal. And that’s kind of what being boutique is in a way right? Being able to be selective and knowing what you’re taking on board. And I’d be remiss not to also thank Bryan. Not only is he bringing good deal flow and he does a great job for his clients but he also has been helping Quiet Light here on the backend with some projects to help us get better organized, create better business summaries, in continuous to find ways that we can improve our fishing seas. You know when I started Quiet Light Brokerage … about six months after I started Quiet Light Brokerage I went out and I hired five sales people. And I was just looking for people with sales experience because I thought well we’re selling businesses I need somebody who can sell. And they all flamed out pretty quickly. Some of them had moderate levels of success, some of them flamed out very quickly, and one by one they kind of dropped off. And it wasn’t until Jason came on board and literally bugged me to come on board as a broker that I’d literally stumbled upon this model of having entrepreneurs who have all been there done that and have been successful on their own right. And the result has been pretty amazing because Quiet Light Brokerage is this group of entrepreneurs where I get feedback all the time. Sometimes I really want to tell everyone to shut up but at the end of the day, I get really awesome feedback about what we can do better at Quiet Light.

Joe: That feedback is from the brokers, not the buyers and sellers just for clarification purposes.

Mark: Yeah, thank you. Buyers and sellers you can tell me anything and please do tell me whatever you want. It’s from the different brokers you know because as entrepreneurs what we do? We always find problems with other people’s businesses or we think how we could run it better. But it’s pretty phenomenal, it’s like a built in board of advisors.

Joe: Absolutely.

Mark: So yeah and guys like Chuck, he gives us great feedback. And Chuck has been with us for a year and a half then. He’s one of the best connected brokers that we’ve brought on in terms of the industry and the relationships that he has. So you’re absolutely right it’s an incredible team, a board of advisors. Maybe this podcast is turning into a thank you to our team more than anything else. Well, I was actually going to move on from the team because I do want to say thank you to the team. But I just want to say thank you to our past clients and also our buyers and those out there who have been referring business to us. Honestly the referrals, when somebody comes to me and says “Hey I was talking to so and so and they said I should talk to you” it doesn’t even have to be about selling their business, it can just be I have a question about my business. Look that’s completely something where it’s flattering to hear that we’re a referred source. So thank you for thinking of us as a resource. For those of you that are referring potential sellers over to us keep in mind, we actually do have a referral program where you can get paid on that referral. I know most of you … the vast majority of you, you don’t do it because of that because most of you don’t know it exists because we do a terrible job of actually advertising this. But we’ve received lots of referrals from people where we’ve done sent them a referral payment and like woah I didn’t know this was coming.

Joe: But you do that intentionally. You don’t advertise it. We don’t put it out there. We don’t have it on the website because it’s kind of fun to have someone refer a client to us, we close that transaction and then we send them a wire form saying “Can you give us your wire details we’re going to send you $23,000?” that’s kind of fun. Maybe it’s selfish on our part and we should talk more about it on the podcast. Hey, we do referrals folks, we pay referral fees.

Mark: We do referrals. Just let us know if you give it. Again we know that’s not why you’re doing it. We don’t want you to refer us just for the referral fee we want you to refer us because you think that we’re high quality. So thank you and then also to people that took the survey a few weeks ago, thank you for that as well. That’s the thank you’s unless you have anybody else, Joe.

Joe: You know I just looked at Facebook last night and one of our clients posted something of a photo of about five years ago when he was in an airport and he was stuck in the airport with his four year old son and they couldn’t afford the taxi fare to get to where they needed to go. Their flight was canceled and they couldn’t afford to go back somewhere so they stayed in the airport for the night to catch the flight the next morning because they couldn’t afford it. We sold his business for almost 9 million dollars last summer. And for those folks that are in situations like he was 5 years ago stick with it. I had a conversation with somebody this morning that’s throwing their hands up in the air and is about to give up. Stick with it. Have faith. Listen to this podcast and the experts that we bring on, the people that are here to help, our entire team. Have a conversation. Pick up the phone and say I’m not ready to sell but I want to get better where should I go? Who should I talk to? What should I listen to? That’s … strangely enough yes we get paid to do what we do but for me to read that story this summer and know that I had an impact on that person’s life means more to me almost than the job itself. So thank you for allowing us to help you guys make differences in your life and grow and change and impact whether you’re a buyer or a seller because that’s what we’re doing. I think more than anything else Mark is we are having an impact on people’s lives and I get a lot from this. So thank you, everyone.

Mark: Absolutely. All right let’s look ahead real quick to 2019 first in terms of the podcast, the podcast we have some good episodes cued up. I know I have a few really exciting guests queued up ready to go including our number one ever listened episode … downloaded episode. I have that guest coming back on for a reappearance just like to try and take the top two episodes. We’ll also be doing an updated SBA in 2019 episodes soon. But I need to get on the calendar still with whoever we’re going to bring on for that episode. And then I have a surprise guest from a pretty big company, founder of a pretty big company and we’re going to get him on board here for an episode which I think will be pretty exciting for everybody listening. Good stuff coming up Joe. I know you probably have a stable of episodes coming up as well.

Joe: Yeah I’ve got a few coming on with their success stories either as buyers of businesses that they’ve bought through us and just to look back in the first six months on under ownership, what it’s been like and people that have sold. I want some real actionable items and experiences that they could take away from the podcast. And a little bit more of what you’re talking about, big guests that have big names but I really should inform or impact. You and I on a whim we didn’t have a guest one week and we decided let’s just talk and we ended up talking about the things that can improve or plummet the value of your business and now it’s in the top 10 podcasts. We need to do more things like that that are actionable and that’s one of the goals for 2019.

Mark: All right so moving forward we’re getting long on this and I want people to get back to their holidays or if you’re listening to this the day after be able to get back to families affairs. Families are still in town. So I’m going to wrap it up and just say once again thank you for everything. We’re looking forward to 2019 very very much. Our pipelines are very very full so I expect a good amount of deal flow coming out early 2019. Everything continues to seem to be pretty strong right now. Yeah definitely looking for 2019, thank you for 2018 and always feel free to reach out to Joe or myself or any of the members of the team with any sort of feedback; good; bad; otherwise. Direct all bad feedback to Joe all great feedback to me and I think we will be good to go.

Joe: All good feedback about me to me that’s fine.

Mark: All right very good. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. We will see you guys in the next year.


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