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How Can the Amazon and Walmart Agency Ecomcy Help Your Business?


Vincenzo ToscanoVincenzo Toscano is the Founder and CEO of Ecomcy, a full-service Amazon consultancy providing tactical and execution support and strategic consulting services for Amazon sellers and vendors. Focused on mid to large-sized brands, Ecomcy uses specialized consulting frameworks, profound analytical ability, and powerful technology to grow its customers’ revenue on Amazon.

Vincenzo is an Amazon and Walmart consultant, e-commerce strategist, and the CEO of Amzbassador, the ultimate Amazon live marketing software to find top Amazon influencers, manage relationships, and track results. He has a master’s degree in aerospace, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering and previously served as a Control System Engineer for Rolls-Royce.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [02:15] Vincenzo Toscano explains how he got into the Amazon space and the genesis of Ecomcy and the services it offers
  • [04:51] The value of partnering with an agency when launching a new product on Amazon or Walmart
  • [06:33] How Ecomcy helps brands create effective product listings
  • [08:17] Tips for creating A-plus content for your Amazon brand
  • [13:05] Vincenzo’s advice for established Amazon sellers
  • [19:03] The best marketing and advertising strategies to leverage an Amazon brand
  • [24:49] Vincenzo talks about the influencer philosophy
  • [29:56] How Ecomcy’s helping entrepreneurs launch and thrive on Walmart
  • [33:42] Ecomcy’s process of helping Amazon brands

In this episode…

Are you looking to open an Amazon or a Walmart storefront? How can you grow your visibility and sales?

Aerospace engineer Vincenzo Toscano landed in the Amazon world in search of additional ways to earn income and free up his time. He grew a remarkably successful Amazon brand, allowing him to quit his job. From the knowledge he amassed from using a targeted multifaceted approach, he opened a consulting agency to help other entrepreneurs launch brands on Amazon and Walmart so they could scale and drive revenue.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Pat Yates sits down with Vincenzo Toscano, Founder and CEO of Ecomcy, to discuss recommendations for launching and scaling a brand on Amazon and Walmart. Vincenzo talks about the genesis of Ecomcy and how it helps Amazon and Walmart brands scale, guidance for creating A-plus content, and the best marketing and advertising strategies to leverage for growing your brand.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:07

Hi folks, it’s the Quiet Light Podcast where we share relentlessly honest insights, actionable tips, and entrepreneurial stories that will help founders identify and reach their goals.

Pat Yates  0:32

Welcome to the Quiet Light Podcast again, this is Pat Yates sitting in for Joe Valley. I have a very fun conversation today with a Amazon and Walmart’s agency called Ecomcy. Interesting name, with Vincenzo Toscano. Man, what a great guy, he really understands the industry. This agency can not only really help you with product photography, getting your listings even together, if you’re just starting your business, they can help you expand not only and understand how to optimize those from an advertising standpoint, but they now are one of 20 providers on Walmart that can be able to help do some specific onboarding for those products. Really knowledgeable guy. And sometimes I think even though there are a lot of agencies out there, sometimes you find relationship stuff that’s different focus on a different vertical. I’m just excited to hear all the things that he can do with his company Ecomcy today. And if you’re out there looking to get Walmart expanded, this may be a perfect opportunity with this new opportunity that they have. And I’m just anxious to hear what Vincenzo has to say today. So let’s get going with it. Vincenzo it’s great to have you on the podcast today. How you doing?

Vincenzo Toscano  1:42

Good, good, how you doing my friend? It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for the invite.

Pat Yates  1:46

Oh, man, it’s a pleasure to have you I’m so excited to have this conversation today. I know you have an Amazon and Walmart agency that you work through and you have some things that that you do that are different. I think sometimes when entrepreneurs listen to this, they like, well, this is the same old thing that emails me and they sent me texts, and they want me to do this. So I’m anxious to dive in a little bit and understand a little bit more about your business and what might differentiate yourself. But honestly, I’d love to hear some background on you first, maybe tell us about you where you’re from, and all of that.

Vincenzo Toscano  2:15

Yeah, 100%. So, yes, so as you say, I have an agency Ecomcy and we do full account management on Amazon and Walmart. And to give you a bit of context of how I reached a basically enter the space in my background is a aerospace engineering. So I used to work for Rolls Royce as an engineer. And to be honest, I always have that need to have my own business, I come from a family that’s very business orientated. And I always had that mindset of having to do my thing and do some extra money on the side. And that’s how I found Amazon to be honest, it was by mistake, I was doing some a site a wanted to find some side income opportunities. And from there started selling on Amazon, I did my own brands. And then from there, I discovered the world of a all different events you have in the Amazon space. And after going to a couple of events, I saw this interesting data gap here in the market of so many amazing founders, brand owners product inventor that they want to sell on Amazon, but they’re really struggling in terms of the strategies how to do it. And they didn’t really have the time to build a team to monitor brand and products on into this platform. And that’s how the idea of doing accounts came to fruition. So we’ve been in the space for over three years now. We started only with Amazon, basically helping all these brands fully scale into the platform globally. So we do all the way from Amazon USA, to Amazon Japan. And actually we have in the discussion before the podcast. Two weeks ago, we became one of the only 20 agencies right now worldwide, which is official partner, Certified Partner with Walmart. So we are helping now brands started to jump into Walmart to take advantage of this opportunity. So very excited.

Pat Yates  4:02

Well, that’s really an exciting thing, one of 20 companies, that’s really amazing. So not only can you help people a little bit with their Amazon businesses can roll over to another platform, if they have interest in going on to Walmart, let’s say they haven’t. So it’s really interesting and brought a lot of things. It’s interesting, I was looking at your site. And what’s cool about what you do is if you had a brand new product, let’s say you just brought it in from wherever you’re manufacturing and you don’t know where to sell it, you can help them with everything starting from the product launch to design to copywriting to anything. So tell us a little bit because I think people get a lot out they understand a lot about the marketing side goes but what are the advantages to maybe launching with a group like you? So the listings are what you would call better quality? I mean, is there sort of a pitch you would give them on trying to come to you from the inception to getting the store going?

Vincenzo Toscano  4:51

Yeah, I mean, we have this on a daily basis when we have in the course we have potential clients and I think usually the easiest way to put it is that usually when these brands come to us, and they want to start selling on Amazon or Walmart, they don’t really have a clue about to even get started. And usually the easiest way to really put it into a way of how this can actually help them scale their business into this marketplace is that for them as a business, to be able to hire a team, train them, and then make them even a capable of doing something that can be meaningful for their brands on this platform, it’s gonna take them months, sometimes even years. And for us that we have a team now close to 30 people now we’ve been in this space for so many years, we have worked for brands from six figures all the way to eight figures, we have seen everything in under the sun, for this much easier to really plug your brand into our ecosystem and get the things rolling, right. And you as a brand owner, you had to figure out what is PPC, how to do listings, how to launch a how to even open an Amazon account, which is going to take you so much time. And we all know time is money. So usually I say, you don’t want to waste all this amount of years figuring out where in the meantime, while you try to figure out your competition is going to come and take the slice of the pie which you don’t want. So that’s usually the way.

Pat Yates  6:13

So when you’re doing, let’s say you’re doing the product research, and you’re thinking about design a pages and things like that, have you seen situations where people don’t do that? And they come back to you? What is the real reason that someone should utilize you to say, do their own product listing? I mean, do you feel like that the information you have How do you make those more dynamic?

Vincenzo Toscano  6:33

Yeah, I mean, when brands come to us, and they want to, for example, do list optimization, I feel of course when it comes to the actual description, and how to sell the product. Usually, the founder is the one that really know how to put that in, in the best words towards the audience but I feel where we really add the game changer a thing to the list to make it work is the actual strategy behind the keywords and phrases you use because you have an amazing company. And actually sometimes we’ll have calls with a brands that they have spent 1000s of dollars of pain like this amazing copywriter book writers like the best writers in the world. But the thing with these writers is that they don’t really understand Amazon as a game. And they don’t really know how to position the keywords, how to really do certain things with the actual strategy behind the ACO. And that’s where I feel the combination of these two things It gives the best result usually when we work with brands, we try to get a person behind, the designer behind the branding and product very integrated with our copywriters to make sure that our team can bring the best strategies and knowledge regarding the Amazon space. And then as the founders can bring us the best ideas in terms of how to make the pitch of your product to the Amazon basically potential customers as efficient as possible.

Pat Yates  7:54

That’s really incredible. So I know that one of the things that I’ve talked to a lot entrepreneurs about is putting their best foot forward with photography, enhanced brain content, things like that. Is there a certain philosophy as to how you go about it? Do you try to get your clients to concentrate on three or four really good things? Or do they go broader when they try to put together their pages bullet points and EBC.

Vincenzo Toscano  8:17

Yeah, so when it comes to images, that’s one of the first thing we do whenever we onboard a client that they’ve been struggling in Amazon for example, because from experience we have found that images is like the 80/20 rule right we feel like a images is like 20% of thing that you can do in the lesson that can bring 80% of the results and that’s just by the pure nature the AMA has become each day more and more a visual platform and people nowadays is very as a very short life a attention span you know they don’t really have time to read all the bullet points description. So I feel images is where really you need to put the most time I will say even resources if you need to choose an area where you need to spend the most money for sure has to be the image you need to make those images pop very very premium feeling like the person can like almost feel the project by looking at the images and that’s where we spend so much time for example doing AB testing we also do for example a audience analysis so for example services such as PickFu we can test a different angles different color shadows to make sure we get the highest click rate on an image because another day a few percentages on a seven eight-figure brand those can be a lot of money so that’s why we focus so much special and an image where I feel so much people don’t put attention I think they may image can be a game changer for sure if you do those things.

Pat Yates  9:46

Right so people that let’s say they have an established e-comm business and Amazon maybe it’s growing a little bit or maybe it’s stagnant. And I know that your work on listings tends to improve things but maybe talk a little bit about how you know those listings will tie into your marketing because like I know that enhance brand content is much bigger than just a store page. Some people think it’s a store page, much of it is information below the listing. So maybe you can talk about what’s your philosophy is there for people to like, put their best foot forward and look like a million-dollar brand? Even if they’re a small brand? Is there a philosophy that you guys go about on that?

Vincenzo Toscano  10:21

Yeah. So when it comes to the a-plus content, I will say that you definitely want to focus as much as possible to give the best face of your brand. And what I mean by that is really focus a lot on the brand. And like the actual a feeling that you give us a perception when somebody looks at your colors, your brand and the history behind the brand. I think a-plus content is a combination of talking a little bit about your story about your brand itself and how that basically made the possibility of your product even came into access. And like what is the issue that made you found your brand the first place and how that made you come with the idea of creating the product. And on top of that, I feel you need to be very aggressive with visuals. So for example, a mistake I see with the a-plus content is that people focus so much on text, like using the generic templates Amazon gives you and they focus on going so much in there with this feature and all that and all that. And at the end of the day, I feel the best A-plus content we have came across our catalog of brands is being very minimalistic, but also very clean with your colors and the images, but also very eye-catching. So using color that are really like we just call it makes you pop up and really feel that that screen or your font that makes it wow, this looks so nice. And it helps so much with conversion. Because if you just try to repurpose which I see this mistake so many times in the A-plus content, the images that you have in your lesson, the first plate like the same image, but you just put it in the A-plus quantity with a big a block of text. What is the added value you actually are in there it’s really none. So yeah, I feel a plus count is where you really make that brand and sell things a pop-up and really showcase to people that you are not just another like Chinese seller, you are really a brand up providing something unique to that specific niche.

Pat Yates  12:17

That’s a great point. I mean, I think that what you hit on there, there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that first of all, they like to control everything, and they don’t want necessarily to pay for something or they feel like they can create it themselves. But obviously there must be a measurable difference between someone looking at their own brand through the classes that they would normally make things and then having another company to bounce ideas off. I mean, have you found that people that are established sellers? Let’s say it’s not someone new that comes in to work with you? Do you feel like what percentage of those people in your eyes are really not as prepared as they actually think they are? Maybe it’s something out there that people say, hey, I’m in great shape. I don’t have to have this. But is that really true? Or do you find little nuances that help in some way, shape or form for everyone? Maybe you can talk about that of clients, you’ve onboarded that are existing sellers?

Vincenzo Toscano  13:05

Yeah, for sure. Actually, it’s funny because I have found so many big brands seven eight-figure brands. And these are usually sellers are starting in the easy times as we’ve gone in, like 2014 2015. And they are really dominating their niche, and they’re dominating all the keywords. And they come to us and when we actually have a look at the listen like leasing super basic, like one sentence bullet points, like only three images. And sometimes it’s shocking to know that these people are doing that level of revenue. And they haven’t really put the extra effort to, I’m already making so much money, why not even put so much a that extra optimization to increase it to that maximum, possibly the unknown discovery at the moment. So I see that so much. And I feel the reason why that happens is, usually when I have this conversation with sellers, you know, starting to read this area, and they got very stylish on keywords and now they’re making pretty much passive income without doing anything, you reach a point sometimes I would call it like comfortable, like you’re making money. I shouldn’t really put in too much effort into that. But at the same time, I had clients that with that mindset during the COVID times and during now that there is so much extra competition coming to market they’re struggling because when you are taking advantage of that revenue, which is nice. I mean, they’re having a good life, they’re having good revenue coming in and you stop going to events, you stop going to webinars, you start listening to podcasts, you don’t know where the latest strategies you don’t know what the competition is doing to attack your lists in terms of PPC what they’re doing to maybe possibly take your listing does all these things that if you don’t stay updated in the long term can be very difficult because now you have the sellers a half seven eight-figures brand and they don’t really have lost all this time of not catching up with the trends of the hungry people. That’s going out there. So I will say is an always learning process? I will say you need to keep adjusting and for all those brands that you know, are have been sellers for such a long time. My number one advice is that never settle, right had a couple of clients before coming to us and that’s why they onboarded us. They were on that comfortable position and they started losing their dominance on a niche. And this scenario was exactly why this guy, they were the typical listens. Very basic images. Very basic listing, we made the whole branding. And now we managed to have them get on track of being the dominant leader again. So yeah, never said that. No, don’t be at comfort over on this space.

Pat Yates  13:51

That’s great. That’s really good point. I mean, I think that what’s funny is I think that some people they listen to sellers talk about going on Amazon, you so many people say like you’re gonna go on TikTok. And people say, hey, all you got to do is find a product listed on Amazon and watch money come in. It’s not near that easy that some people would say, so it’s good to have people that are experts. And one of the things that I think that’s important in this, I mean, you keep up with a lot of Amazon rules, regulations, things they have to be in compliance with? Is that advice, something that you usually give like, if you’re diving into the system, and you see problems with listings or policy violations, is that something you walk your clients through to make sure their account health and things stay great? Or is that sort of outside the scope?

Vincenzo Toscano  16:33

Yes, that’s something that we always get an amazing favor from a client. So actually, whenever I’m talking to founders, and they hire us, and we start working on the brand, I always tell them, I’m happy that you became more client, and we’re doing everything for you by really incentivize you that, we do this with our clients. And sometimes they cannot do it because of time limitations. But we have weekly calls every single time with them. And we actually take them and we give them always a brief update of what happened in the space like these the latest things, we want to try to study with your brand, or we always try to get them refresh of what is going on. Because I feel like if the gap between the founder, which is our client and ourselves are becoming too big, then sometimes can be a difficult for the communication because again, maybe they will start to implement certain strategies, certain changes to the campaigns, certain campaigns to the actual brand in itself. And if the owner doesn’t really understand their thought process, and their long-term strategy that a basically is behind those actions, sometimes it creates a conflict. So for us, we always try to keep them incentivize with the latest things, we even recommend them podcasts, we recommend a certain newsletters will recommend certain events, because they’ve failed you as a founder, even if you’re working with top agencies that do everything for you. You never should put the gas in knowledge because they know that they if you do that, it’s gonna reach that point, which I have seen that so many times that people is doing things for you, but you don’t know why they’re doing that for you. And it does a case how can you even assess they’re doing a good job, even if you’re paying for something you should have some basic understanding. And that’s why I feel a you should always keep learning regardless of you working or regardless of which agency you’re working with. I think it’s very important for you as a seller for sure. Yeah.

Pat Yates  18:21

Yeah, that’s a great point. I think that everything you’re talking about is incredibly comprehensive but probably the most complicated side to it is definitely the advertising and I know that’s where you do most of your work is in there but you know, Amazon is now so different, it used to be that you could do sponsored you know brands and then sponsored products and then all these things but there’s so many different options whether it and I noticed on your site video as well, which is becoming really, really big and Amazon. I know there’s a whole lot to unpack in that but I’d love to hear maybe the top two or three type of I guess the avenues that you like to concentrate on in your company for advertising for those clients or can you narrow it down that much Are there that many edge you have to go through?

Vincenzo Toscano  19:03

Yeah, for sure. So if the main ones yes, and they only exist in one run, Nivea is sort of central is basically a sponsor product sponsor brands and sponsor display. And now we’ll say for most people when they’re getting started a sponsor processor is definitely where you have to be because sponsor products is where the intention for purchase is the highest was usually you’re targeting that keyword that really describes the product to the process in terms of what product does so the actual product itself. Therefore, the intention for purchase from potential customer is the hikers. You can also do product targeting which means you can target other competitor directly similar products or accessories and usually the intention is very high. And I will say sponsor price if I need to break it down between sponsor product sponsor brand sponsor display you should always have 80% of your study has to somebody has to go to our sponsor products and there are 20% usually you want to split added between sponsored brands and sponsored display. Now we sponsor brands, I think this is a very powerful tool, especially when you want to start building your brand presence on the platform, right? I will say sponsored brand is more for creating awareness around your brand is more for creating a presence, start creating your dominance and status on a niche because sponsor brand allows you to do a lot of things with visual content, like for example, nice banners with your custom image or video campaigns. And these things can be very powerful, especially if you want to create that authority. Because again, it might not have the biggest intent for purchase on certain placements. But is there repetition we know that sometimes people have to see us five to seven times to make the decision. I’m always putting your branding your logo, your banners and all that across multiple of the main keywords over and over again. That helps a lot of our time to create a the status in the niche. Then you have a sponsor display, which I think this for example, if your products are recurrent products super powerful. For example, we have as a supplement brands and we use this so much because we sponsor display is basically an easy access for no more brands to get a taste of Amazon DSP, which DSP is much more expensive. Most people have to have a very high spend to enter into DSP, but with sponsor display, just by having a race, a Amazon brand register, you get access to it. And what you can do, for example, with the case of a supplement brand, I could say please target people that have similar products in the last 30 days or has purchased a certain product in the last 30 days. And that can be very powerful. Because let’s say you’re selling vitamin C, usually vitamin C, you buy every 30 to 45 days. So you can use those timeframes to be very methodical about how to retarget similar audiences, similar competitors, or even behavior sometimes that can allow you to create that effect that you see, I’m pretty sure when you go to a website or something that people follow you around with a Facebook ads, Instagram ads and all that a sponsor displays the same which in fact, can even appear on third party websites. So I will say, those are the main three strategies that you guys have to understand, of course, these go much more in-depth. But if I need to give you an advice, you need to choose why right now, especially if you’re getting certain sponsored products, for sure, is a way to where you’re gonna get them as a return on your investment.

Pat Yates  22:34

Right? So let me ask this question. So whenever you have a client come on, a lot of times, they’re going to want to understand the advertising metrics, they’re going to want to say, I’d like to get some feedback on my row, as I’m gonna look at my spend, I want to kind of set my budgets for the future. How do you manage that from a client standpoint? Do you have a portal where people can look? Is it weekly meetings? How do you set your company up so you can get the right I guess, metrics and feedback quick enough to make changes in what you’re doing in your business to make sure you’re optimizing that Amazon account?

Vincenzo Toscano  23:05

For sure some, something that we do is that we have own software. So basically, it’s like a dashboard where a brands get connected. And we can include or like customer goods, lead times, are the kind of matrix and then they have their own customized basically a dashboard, they can see all the KPIs. We also when we start working with a client, we deliver them a very in-depth document that we have designed with all the nomenclature of all the acronyms, KPIs, meaning abbreviations are of data, so they can have an understanding of what specific symbols and things means. And on top of that, they get also very detailed report on a weekly and monthly basis or lining, first of all the studies that we’re doing the account, the reasoning behind the account, if we’re doing something new while we’re doing it. And we also make sure that all these things are tracked on an archive. So they can always go back and see all the comments, things that the team is doing. And we’ll make it as transparent as possible. Because again, we’re doing things but we want to be accountable for them. By virtue of doing things correctly. I think it’s also good that we also are accountable for the soil. So I think making it as transparent as possible is the best way usually to have that relationship a healthy and have a good long-term relationship.

Pat Yates  24:28

That’s terrific. So as I was reviewing your business, I also saw that you do influencer strategy, which is a little different considering some people haven’t really adopted that on Amazon. They like to do it on their own site. And I’m curious about your focus on that and is your philosophy the same as most, tell us about that influencer philosophy?

Vincenzo Toscano  24:49

So the influencer philosophy a is something that came into the equation, especially in the last two years or so? And I think it’s because Amazon is becoming a very competitive place and I feel like more now than ever, you really need to build an audience and a brand outside of Amazon because if you only tried to compete on Amazon itself, only with like, let’s say PPC and even putting on top of that, that you maybe your product is not super unique and maybe you don’t have something patented or something that really makes it impossible for people to compete with you on pricing and PPC, you’re gonna struggle, right? An influencer basically what we tried to do is we want to build your brand also, outside of the Amazon Baba, right? We want to make sure we build your loyal fans, people are really believing in your mission as a brand or whatever is the solution or bring into specific niche and what we do with influencers, we try to target influencers have usually, this was a very important way. When somebody says influencers, people start thinking about the Kardashians, like the Logan post, the millions of followers are naturally that’s not the case at all, we actually want to work with micro-influencers, I feel like the best result we have achieved for brands is people have 510 1000 followers, because usually these are people that are very close with their community. And usually people really trust like they have that human connection that influencers have millions of followers that doesn’t exist, like people already know that, that kind of influence. So they’re always trying to pitch you something, and they don’t really, if they can, they can be advertising whatever product and it’s not really going to drive that engagement. So that’s a tip, I will say focus on those five to 10,000 followers and try to focus on the ones that you really feel they have a genuine connection with their community. And once you discover that, I will say the next thing we try to wear brands is we try to convert them into ambassadors, right. So the way we do this is we try to keep them very close within our processes in terms of what we do with the brand. So for example, we sometimes even create a group between all influencers where we can brainstorm sometimes launch strategies for center products, we get an access to exclusive a prototype we are doing for certain products, exclusive discounts for the community. Another thing that we try to do, for example, is, for example, most of these influencers, they make money with Amazon influencer program, right, which is a percentage, they get through a link they get for a specific product. The issue with that is that that person is very low, we’re talking sometimes from two to 5% is really nothing right. So what we tried to do is to use actually, or a brand referral bonus link, which is we give us 10% a commission. And there are clever ways that you can do to track this. And basically you can split 50 and 50 or sometimes 60 and 40, they get double what they will get from the normal influencer link. And on top of that, sometimes we give them monetary compensation. But just to make the story short is that this has helped so much for brands because now we don’t rely on the typical trying to borrow money on PPC, we actually now each of our brands on average has 10 15 influences are very loyal because we’ve been working with them for months or sometimes years. And their community already knows sometimes we disclose events just for the community, things like that. And that external traffic, like when will you target the right keywords and you do it with the right strategy is so much powerful. And that’s where we actually sometimes a overtake the competition this niche is because most of brands on Amazon don’t have this. And now you have 10 15 influencer, which combines like maybe 50 plus dozens of people, which just with just a normal, let’s say we can call a one-person corporation of 50,000, you’re talking on average within one or 2% within 500 1,000 cells, which if you target the right keywords, and you do with a new product using honeymoon period and strategy, you can get rank so easily. And that’s where it’s really moving is bringing so much potential an extra benefit to this brand or using influencers.

Pat Yates  29:15

That’s really incredible. I think that you hit on a lot of things there. I think some people always think my positioning is great until they get in and talk with other people and see, you know how much improvement just because you’re on the sixth position of first page doesn’t mean you can’t get to the first position of non-sponsored and it’s great that people you go I’m sure you guys are doing the right keyword research. So now I’m understanding as we’re talking that you had a huge announcement with another vertical obviously, I know you have Walmart that you said you’re onboarding people for to be able to help overall with everything just like you are Amazon. I don’t know a lot about it. Obviously it’s brand new. So I’d love you to tell our listeners all about what you can do for them on Walmart.

Vincenzo Toscano  29:56

Yeah, so what am I It’s been a prayer that we’ve been working on this for a year now. So it took us around a year to get here. So as I say, we are one of the only 20 agencies right now in the world that is fully certified and approved by Walmart. So what we’re doing with Walmart is we’re happening with everything from headsets. So our strategic position here is to help a lot of those Amazon brands as well, to explore our venues because I feel it’s also a mistake that you see Amazon as a business, just Amazon itself. Because, again, Amazon has to be seen as a channel, you can only have a business rely on Amazon, because next day, they can shut your a countdown or a competitor comes or whatever can happen that we all know. And then your business is gone overnight, right. So that’s why I always push a lot with my clients to diversify their business, even if myself I’m very Amazon driven in this case, is to try our advantage to over time build more assets, you don’t want to have all your eggs in the same basket. Because if something happens, you have nothing to really fall on. Right. So that’s where Walmart came in the equation to give more options to our clients. And also to give them an option to keep expanding their business. I feel sometimes when you fall in the bubble of only Amazon, Amazon, Amazon come very tunnel vision. And the issue with becoming so tunnel vision is that you sternal neglecting a opportunities that are so clear by the center, you don’t take them because you are you fall under ecosystem that doesn’t allow you to look other things like when you fall on the apple ecosystem, sometimes a Samsung phone are better. And you know for sure they’re variable, you don’t want to take them out because they’re just so deep on our ecosystem. And the same happens here. And we have seen very good success with some of the rest we are already pushing towards Walmart because I feel Walmart right now is like 2014 15 Amazon times, is very open right now in terms of the things and strategies you can do. A competition is very minimal. At the same time, you need to be transparent that of course, you’re not gonna get the same revenue as Amazon in a way. But again, I think in business, you need to be strategic and bet for the long term because I feel maybe you’re not going to see the fruits right now. But I feel is the early mover advantage, right? If you call right now, right. And even if you’re making maybe just 20% of what you do on Amazon but you start dominating page one and all your keywords, you start building your reviews and everything 5, 10 years from now, when Walmart when they wake up and get create sample even three, five times the resources they’re putting in right now. And they really want to make this even bigger, which they’re working very hard to that I feel you’re going to be in a very good position. And remember Walmart has secret weapon, which is their retail locations. I mean, they’re pretty much five miles across every single American right now. And they’re thinking of clever ways to integrate their retail locations with e-commerce. And I feel when they start doing that more aggressively. That’s where I feel you’re gonna see a big chunk of revenue also start shifting a little bit Walmart.

Pat Yates  32:59

I don’t disagree with you, honestly, I think it’s great. I think the one thing that sort of strikes me about your company is whether it’s someone’s a startup on their first day with one product or 10 products, or if you’ve been online for 15 years, there’s something that you can add value here with so let me ask this question. Let’s say that you have a new person that’s been established, maybe a year or so and they’re trying to really expand their Amazon or their Walmart presence, what are the low-hanging things you would have people do first, let’s say that it came to you and said, hey, I have no idea how to run Amazon. But I have sold a little bit here it is what would be the first things you all would pitch them to do, because you can’t do everything you have right away? Clearly it’s about layering it in. So what would be the best process to work with your company?

Vincenzo Toscano  33:42

Yeah, so the first thing I do and by the way, we do this free of charge because I feel at the end of the day, I always have the mindset of prime value first, before asking sound in action. So all audits are free for our clients. And most of the time they get a lot of value because I will say seven out of 10 people that reach out to us we can really not help them. But at the same time we explain them the reasoning behind and I think the number one thing is market research and revalidation. So basically validating what they’re really selling. Most of the time, people try to focus so much on PPC and conversion or data. Sometimes you have a fundamental issue and the fundamental issue just the product is not right is the market is not right. And because it’s difficult sometimes emotionally to really understand the reality you want to try to put more money into the fire to try to save on miracle happens but if the numbers are not there or not, are not there. So the first thing is checking and making sure that there is an opportunity first of all, once we make sure there’s an opportunity the first thing I said is at the beginning the first thing we put my money and time into is visual content. That means images and video so if I have to sacrifice or areas I will do in exchange of having the best quality and service in terms of images. That means working with the best photographers that you have having a very good a person that can help you with the branding, and all the concept of the image behind which is also something that we do. Once you have the images and everything done, that’s when I would just start focusing on other things because I see also this mistake so many times people focus yeah, let’s do influencer marketing, PPC, Google ads, all of that, then you go to their lessons, and they have very poor images. And then if you don’t clean your house first, and you make it welcoming, you can bring all the different guests that you want, but they’re not going to enter the house because he’s not in good condition. So that’s the thing images, first, some visual content first and that’s when you start focusing on the rest?

Pat Yates  33:43

I mean, that’s a great way to put it because a lot of times people don’t know. We use this line at Quite Light all the time, you don’t know what you don’t know, you may think that your listings are great, but reaching out to someone like you, obviously gives another eye on it that only if you pick up one little thing, it probably pays for itself over time, especially when you look at the longevity of an Amazon account. So that’s great stuff. So let me kind of close with this. You have a lot to unpack, you guys can do a lot of things for people, which is great. It’s like a one-stop shop. Are there other things that we haven’t discussed today that you think that the listeners would like to know about Ecomcy?

Vincenzo Toscano  35:58

Yeah, I would say for us, these are a slow guys down where as you said one-stop solution as you just picture right now. And we can definitely help you with everything when it comes to your Amazon and Walmart business. And I strongly believe in this concept. Because I know you’re gonna have a lot of agents is only do SEO or only to PPC on images. But the issue is like I feel like especially when you’re bringing, let’s say a business for just strolling us to business, Amazon, you come to us, right? The added value that we can do is that because we have experts on all the business units, and because they are very well integrated, when we put a solution forward is taking consideration all the pillars of your business at once, which is something that most of the time, we only do deal with an agency that do PPC you’re not going to encounter because yes, they are the best maybe when it comes to advertisement, but maybe they don’t really know how to help you on everything that has to do with the actual conversion, which is images and listing or maybe they don’t have the expert on their team that can help you be efficient with your inventory management. So you don’t go out of stock and lose the momentum. So I feel that’s where it Ecomcy really differentiate from the rest of the market. And that’s why we have found people being a sort of a, having a big retainer in terms of people coming to us and staying with us for a long time because we give the solution that whatever the issue of whatever you’re going to even if we kind of do it with our team, we have the best partners in the space. And we always make sure that we can help you get what you want for your business.

Pat Yates  37:59

That’s really great. So, Vincenzo, it’s been great chatting about the company today. I mean, I think obviously you have some great services you provide a lot start to finish for whether it’s Amazon or Walmart sellers, which is great. And people can come in and really optimize their business. So why don’t you tell everyone about your site and how to get in touch with you maybe if you’re on LinkedIn, wherever it is, so they can find you.

Vincenzo Toscano  38:21

Sure, so if you want to find me, so you can find me as Vincenzo Toscano on all the social media platforms. And then if you also want to have a chat with us, so we offer a free audit consultation on our website. So it’s, happy to explore your Amazon and Walmart business and see how we can have this credit.

Pat Yates  38:41

Well, Vincenzo, I appreciate it so much. It’s been a great conversation. I learned a lot here and I’m sure there gonna be a lot of clients reaching out to be able to talk to you and we just appreciate you coming on the podcast.

Vincenzo Toscano  38:52

Thank you, Pat. It’s been a pleasure. Appreciate your time. See you next time.

Pat Yates  38:56

Thanks a lot.

Outro  38:59

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