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5 Reasons to Use Customer Testimonials in Your SaaS Marketing Campaign

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: 6 minutes

Creating an effective SaaS marketing campaign is like building a puzzle. Different pieces are social media, content, and paid advertisements. Even though you can see the big picture that your marketing team needs to make, putting all the pieces together requires time, creativity, and persistence.

Not surprisingly, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign will depend mainly on the quality of your product and your content. As a marketer, it’s essential to create content that tells a story about your brand and brings value to your customers.

Video is one powerful tool that is a necessary part of this puzzle. 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI. In addition to advertisements and how-to videos, customer video testimonials can be valuable marketing and brand-building assets.

Keep reading to discover the top reasons to use customer testimonials, which ones to use, and how to get them.

Reasons to use customer testimonials

The range of benefits shows that using customer testimonials can seriously help your SaaS marketing campaign. Considering that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as close friends, you should start creating them. Some of the benefits include:

  • Build trust
  • Establish your brand identity
  • Present value
  • Promote sales growth
  • Create better connections with existing clients

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Let’s take a deep dive and closely examine each of these points.

1. Builds trust from the start

Customer video testimonials help you build trust from the moment a client lands on your website. It leads to higher conversions as the client immediately sees positive feedback from other happy customers.

You can enjoy greater trust with numerous testimonials, especially if they’re coming from well-established corporations. Validation is important for all of us, and things are the same in the business world.

Clients who are sharing a positive opinion about your brand will validate a potential client’s decision. If they’re thinking of working with you, the testimonial will validate their “for” argument.

2. Shows your brand’s identity

Building a brand’s identity is essential for scaling a SaaS business. It helps other companies learn more about your values, processes, and professionalism. Creating a brand image is something businesses work on from the beginning of their marketing campaigns.

Clients are aware that this is a regular part of any marketing strategy. However, when positive things about your brand come from other people, the brand identity you’re promoting comes to life.

Your clients will share the values that will reveal who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you the perfect business partner.

3. Informs customers of the benefits of your product

When potential clients see customer testimonials, they get a complete picture of what your business can do for them. They gain further insights into what makes your brand special. For example, how does your product or service deliver superior results?

It’s great to feature clients who give precise details. They should mention the percentage of their growth with the implementation of your tool. Also, the details should include what processes were developed and how they managed to improve them.

4. Grows sales

Customer testimonials can be an important part of a long-term sales growth strategy. You can expect higher conversion rates when you instill trust with new customers. In fact, after interacting with your testimonials, the visitor is 58% more likely to convert.

You need to place the customer testimonials in visible places. Brands place testimonials on their landing pages to persuade clients to make a purchase. Plus, adding a brief textual testimonial alongside the video is a great teaser. It might prompt the visitor to take a look at the video.

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Additionally, you can include testimonials in your PPC campaigns and social media. It’s an affordable way of reaching a high number of customers. With more exposure, you’ll get more views of your videos and acquire new leads.

5. Connects you to your clients

Nurturing a relationship with your clients is critical for growing a business. Achieving high customer loyalty is hard, and asking for testimonials helps in the process. 

When you reach out to your clients asking for a testimonial, not all of them will be positive.

While you’re going to be using positive testimonials in your marketing campaign, it’s also essential to pay special attention to the negative ones. Use them to understand your clients’ needs better. Not only will that help you to improve, but it will also allow you to gain a more precise picture of your target audience.

Use the feedback to start working on the quality of your product. It will help you retain current customers by showing them that you care about them. Repeat the process and keep perfecting your product or service. 

Which testimonials should you use?

Video testimonials are not the only option for your business. You can use images and text for more variety. The best approach is to combine them to achieve better results. They open up more options for advertising. Some choices you have are:

  • Case studies — Case studies are exceptional types of testimonials. They present a detailed story about how your product helped another person or business achieve its goals. The more details included, the more convincing the testimonial will be. Testimonials can be presented in a video or a long blog post.
  • Quotes — These testimonials are the easiest to acquire. Unfortunately, since they are also easy to fabricate, they are the least effective forms of testimonial content. However, they can still serve as an excellent call to action in video testimonials.
  • Interview testimonials — Interview testimonials allow you to steer the direction of the testimonial by asking the right questions. You can formulate them, so the answers provide all the benefits of using your product.
  • Influencer testimonials — Influencer testimonials are more suitable when advertising to consumers. However, there are business-to-business influencers that can provide a compelling testimonial of your service. Leverage their reputation in the business world by interviewing them and sharing their opinion of your product or service. 

Most people will land on your business’s home page, making it the perfect place for a testimonial. Explore which combination works best for your industry and use it to present your video testimonials to potential clients.

How to get customer testimonials?

Getting testimonials from your customers is a process that should take a couple of steps. Email is the perfect way to initiate contact with your clients. You can use it to request a meeting or immediately request a testimonial.

When asking for a testimonial, provide an option for every client regarding the type of testimonial they’re ready to deliver. If they want to participate in an interview, would they be able to do it on a camera?

Through this process, you’ll be able to create all the types of testimonials that you need. You’ll have textual, case studies, and video interviews, providing you with plenty of advertising material.

Concluding thoughts

Customer testimonials are a great addition to your marketing approach. They are the perfect way to attract more customers, build trust, and show the current clients you care about their satisfaction.

Use different formats (text and video) to successfully implement testimonials throughout your advertising materials. That way, you’ll get to take advantage of all the benefits of using them in your marketing strategy.


About the author 

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero – ​​a streamlined B2B video testimonial creation service with on-site videography and 100% remote video testimonial options.

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