Refer a Business to Advisors You Trust

Earn commissions from $1K-$100K. All you have to do is make an introduction.

    At Quiet Light Brokerage, we help entrepreneurs exit their profitable online businesses with the dedicated assistance of a ridiculously-qualified advisor from start to finish. No junior members here. All of our advisors are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves. In fact, our advisors on average have 15 years of online business experience so you can be sure they’re speaking from a “been there and done that” point of view.

    • Rewarding Our Friends. Word-of-mouth from our prior clients and strong community is often our greatest source of new qualified potential clients, and we love to reward those who make referrals to people we can help with an exit.
    • Who We Work With. We’re looking for introductions to entrepreneurs who run high-quality, profitable online businesses so we can help them achieve their eventual exit goals. We only want referrals to people you know and can vouch for.
    • Our Target Price Range. We list businesses valued in the $250,000 to $25,000,000 range. And we help content, SaaS, ecommerce, FBA and a variety of other online businesses achieve successful exits.

    How does this work? It's simple

    STEP 1

    Contact Us

    To get started, drop us a note via the form at the top of the page and we’ll reach out with a calendar link to schedule a time to chat more about our referral program.

    STEP 2

    Sign a Referral Agreement

    We’ll sign a referral agreement stating we’ll pay you 10% of all fees collected on the referral/introduction you made.

    STEP 3

    Start Making Introductions

    A simple email introduction will do, and we’ll take it from there. You’ll be bcc’d on the reply email and our CRM system will tag you as the referee. We’ll update you regularly with where we are in the process with your referral. We’re even working on a dashboard that you’ll be able to log into in the near future.

    STEP 4

    Get Paid

    When the business you referred to us is sold and we are paid, we’ll wire or ACH you 10% of the fees collected. Our average referral fee is about $7,500. We’ve paid referrals as low as $1,000 and as high as the mid 6-figure range. The more online entrepreneurs you refer to us the more consistent your referral fees will be.

    You’ve Got Questions

    What type of businesses do you sell?

    Our Expertise is in eCommerce, FBA, Saas, Content, Affiliate businesses, etc. In other words, businesses that are online-oriented and not geographically bound. If the business is producing a significant amount of its revenue through walk-in customers, you should probably seek a local business broker who’ll be able to find you a local buyer. Having said that, businesses that have a physical presence but are remotely run, or can be remotely run, may still be within our wheelhouse.

    What size businesses should I refer to you?

    We list businesses in the $250,000 to $25,000,000 value range, which usually means they are generating at least $75,000 in profit per year. Having said that, we are happy to talk with anyone who has a good business, is generating a good profit, and is on track to hit this goal in the near future. We are not just here for the moment they are ready to sell, but to help guide them along the path so that they maximize their exit when the time is right.

    When should I make an introduction?

    The earlier in the business cycle the better. We’ll help your referred business determine how close, or how far they are away from their financial exit goal...and chart a path towards it. We’ll work with them to identify and correct weaknesses within the business, and to enhance their strengths from a buyer’s view point. This may mean we’re listing the business next month, or next year. Generally speaking though - the sooner we can meet an entrepreneur, the more they’ll learn and get on the right track towards a more profitable and successful exit

    Should I know the person I refer to you?

    Yes. We’re not looking for random referrals from people you don’t know and vice versa. If they trust you, the referral will carry more weight.

    How quickly does a referral turn into payment?

    If the person you refer to us is ready to sell, you could receive a referral fee in just a few months. Other times the referred business owner is not quite ready, or the current business value does not meet their goals yet. In this situation, we work with them to reverse engineer a path toward their financial goal. This could take up to a year or more.

    Rest assured that we track all referrals and love to say “thank you” to those who took the time to refer their friends to us.

    Who CAN’T I refer to you?

    If we’re already in communication with your colleague or friend, we’d love your endorsement! But because they already are working with one of our entrepreneur-advisors, we cannot offer the referral fee.