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Increase Your E-Commerce Margins with Baja Fulfillment

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The current China trade tariff threats have the entire e-commerce world up in arms and seeking solutions to undercut some of these rising costs. Today’s guest has a perfectly legitimate way to avoid tariffs and import duties for merchant-fulfilled retail models. Bobby Armijio’s company, Baja Fulfillment, offers logistics that help clients shave costs in the fulfillment supply chain. 

It’s so simple in it’s execution that it is almost too good to be true. 

Third-party logistics solutions in Mexico allow retailers selling B2C products to avoid tariffs and duties in the USA. These retailers are shipping to US customers from Mexican warehouses, where they avoid tariffs on goods that cost less than $800. This is an important episode for the e-commerce business owner looking to increase margins in their supply chain as well as for any buyer seeking an easy and attainable bump in equity.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bobby describes the framework of Section 321 and the IMMEX laws.
  • Where the savings comes into play for the e-commerce retailer.
  • Why FBA cannot work with this tariff saving model.
  • Normal e-commerce fulfillment vs Baja Fulfillment.
  • Bobby walks us through the process step by step. 
  • Other logistics and fulfillment services Baja offers.
  • Average savings per client.
  • The three hard costs of fulfillment.
  • Why the model is almost too good to be true. 
  • How Bobby’s services can kick the can down the road on some duties and increase cash flow for retailers, even FBA.

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