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How SMS Marketing Can Increase Your Engagement 4X With Arri Bagah

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We have sold over 120 businesses here at Quiet Light but this is the first time we’ve employed the term text list. Does texting make your business blow up? The young entrepreneur we are talking with today is at the forefront of mobile marketing with his company, Conversmart. When done right, mobile marketing gives customers using smartphones personalized information so that they can get what they need exactly when they need it. SMS subscriptions have begun to bypass email subscriptions with their elevated engagement and conversion rates.

Arri Bagah was a computer science major who learned coding to make money as a side hustle in college. After college, he got into messenger marketing with Facebook messenger at an ad agency. He started Conversmart and began to explore looking outside traditional marketing channels for his clients. Arris has quickly become an expert in the mobile messaging space, helping his customers generate millions in additional revenue.

Episode Highlights:

  • The difference between message marketing and email marketing by numbers.
  • The advantages of message marketing.
  • How the tool allows for easy customer opt-in.
  • Specific examples of the client conversion rates.
  • Growth opportunities for potential buyers.
  • Categories or spaces where message marketing works best.
  • Ways to collect subscribers.
  • Average return on ad spend.
  • Messaging frequency of a successful text messaging campaign.
  • Costs to get started in message marketing.
  • The ins and outs of opt-in compliance.
  • Advice for all types of eCommerce businesses looking to use message marketing.


Mark: Joe recently you asked me to make a change to our site; a pretty simple change. And that was to give some of our buyers, the people that want to know when we release a new listing and put it back up a little bit, anyone that’s out there wanting to buy they want to know when we release a new listing and they want to know first, right? Everyone wants to be first in line for that. So you made a suggestion which we’re going to implement here in the coming months which is to add text messaging; SMS alerts when we release a new listing. And I know this didn’t just come from you sitting around and saying hey…

Joe: Yes it did. I come up with all these great ideas in my head. I don’t get any help from anybody else; just a clarification.

Mark: You know I’m not sure I want to; okay fine, this was 100% your idea based on somebody that you talked to on the podcast.

Joe: Alright, that’s true.

Mark: Alright who did you talk to and why are we talking about SMS texting? It sounds invasive to me. It sounds like something I wouldn’t necessarily want but the data doesn’t really agree with me at all as it often doesn’t.

Joe: Yeah, it doesn’t agree with you at all or me. Talk to teenagers this is what they do. And actually, they don’t even text now it’s just a snap. But in Seattle…

Mark: You have to get on the TikTok train, that’s where it is now; Tiktok.

Joe: Actually that’s true.

Mark: Yeah so there you go.

Joe: I’m hearing about that as well. You have a teenage girl so you know. Should we be talking about our kids? No, they don’t want to hear about our kids.

Mark: So we talk about my kids will be on here forever. And like it’s two minutes each that’s like 15 minutes. Alright, SMS text messaging let’s get back on that.

Joe: I was at a Blue Ribbon Mastermind in Seattle with Brad and Chris and this young kid gets up on stage and he presents on SMS text messaging and how it impacts engagement with customers and he starts talking about 98% open rates and much, much higher conversion rates. And the average order value in all of this stuff and somebody we know, somebody we’ve sold a business to engaged with him afterwards and hired him afterwards and his business has blown up. I don’t want to give his name because people want to talk to him and we keep referring people to him and he’s just trying to make a living and people want to talk to him about how he’s doing it. So I’m not going to give his name but his business has absolutely blown up. So I ended up connecting with Arri; Arri Bagah, he’s a kid guys. Yeah, he’s a kid to me. I got gray on my chin. He’s like 24 or 25 years old but he’s at the forefront of the next evolution of e-mail marketing which is SMS marketing. It’s capturing mobile phone numbers, doing specific marketing directly to that mobile number, and it’s amazing. When you’re online shopping now; this is how he describes it now, if you’re online shopping on your mobile phone and someone says subscribe and you click on it and it’s the old school way to subscribe it’s your email address and then you’ve got to go confirm in your inbox and then all these multiple steps. Now with SMS and if it’s done right and you subscribe you can confirm it right there on your phone and then you get that coupon code right there on your phone and then you could place the order right there on your phone. It’s like so quick; 15 seconds versus multiple steps in multiple places. So there is a little bit of that and a whole lot of you want to help your customers, you want to get good information in front of them. They want information to get to them in a way in which they live now which is on their mobile devices SMS is the way to go. You don’t have to check your e-mail. It just pops up. There’s a blue dot. I’m looking at my phone right now. There’s a blue dot on my phone right now. I think it’s probably from you Mark. Somebody texted me and if I want to make it go away I have to click it. I have to do that. Same with Messenger and Facebook; it shows up on my phone. I could get rid of it. So the engagement is much higher, conversion rate is much higher; gosh if I could just give a statistic here. He gave me something like a 25 time ROAS, return on ad spend. So if you spend a dollar you’re getting $25 back. That’s amazing. I think they guarantee a 15-time ROAS. It’s incredible. That’s all I have to say about it.

Mark: That’s amazing. I think the emphasis here because we; let’s bring this back to what we talk about on this podcast all the time, we’re talking about buying and selling internet-based businesses and for somebody buying we’re looking at how can we grow what we’re acquiring here. And look we know Facebook we know Google but let’s face it Mark Zuckerberg has gotten greedy. It’s really, really difficult to make Facebook pay well. And if you had a 25 ROAS on Facebook you’d be selling a course next because that’s what people do. You’re usually happy if you have that 3 ROAS on Facebook. Google is the same sort of thing. And I think it’s important for us to look outside of what we think are the most profitable marketing channels. Look all the data does actually point the same direction. The most profitable marketing channels are the ones that you own; email and email we know is cluttered so SMS text makes a lot of sense if you have permission to be able to send SMS texting because no one else is doing it. So it’s going to be a really great channel. I’m excited to listen to this because you asked me to add this as an option. I’d like to hear from buyers as well would you want to have text alerts when we release a new list and I think it’s a great idea to do. Obviously, it would be opt-in only but it would be a great way to be right at the forefront of that. I’m excited to listen to this and also learn how to implement this as a system within Quiet Light Brokerage. It’s fantastic.

Joe: Yeah. You just said opt-in only; you can opt-in, you can opt-out. All of that is right there. So you just invited all of the buyers in the audience to reach out to you and let you know so why don’t you give out your cell number so you can have them all text you and say yeah man implement this.

Mark: Yeah.

Joe: No, don’t do that.

Mark: Or just e-mail me, [email protected] and then when I reply they’ll have my cell phone number because it’s right there at the signature.

Joe: I want you all to harass Mark and stay on top of him on this one because I think it’s going to be a game-changer for you the buyers to be notified on your phone that there’s a new listing that’s launching. Right now we’re launching one in four hours. Wouldn’t you love to be notified two hours in advance of the e-mail launch? It would be great. I think it’s a great service that we can do for you and I think it’s a great service that all the e-commerce SAS content owners can do out there for their audience as well. So let’s stop talking and go to it. Here we go.

Joe: Hey folks Joe Valley here from Quiet Light Brokerage and today we’re going to talk about something I’m pretty clueless on which is text marketing, SMS marketing, we’ve got an expert in the area. I met him at Blue Ribbon Mastermind one Ezra Firestone’s Mastermind groups. His name is Arri Bagah. Ari welcome to the Quiet Light Podcast.

Arri: Thanks so much for having me, Joe.

Joe: I’m so glad you’re here and I’m going to call out where you are actually because Ramone Van Miller has been on the podcast as well. He’s a good friend of Quiet Light. We’re actually out filming in California now telling his story and you’re sitting in his kitchen because you’re working with him on one of his businesses, correct?

Arri: Yeah. That’s exactly why I’m here.

Joe: So folks those that actually go to the YouTube page and get to see this, you’ll get to see a Ramone’s kitchen in the background; at least his guest house at the very least. Alright, Arri tell us about what the heck is text message marketing and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into it.

Arri: So I went to Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago for computer science and before I started I met a friend who had like a really nice apartment in downtown Chicago and I just asked hey how did you get that apartment? And then he was like hey I code and build websites. I was like cool I want that apartment. That’s how he got this and that’s probably what I should do too; to code web sites for people and make money. So fast forward I learned how to code throughout like the first semester. And then it will be like do a lot of the homework just like to learn how to do it myself. And then I decided if I can learn how to code myself then I can just like keep doing it. And that’s where like my entrepreneurship journey started. I built a couple of web sites and then got into Facebook marketing. So I decided to move to LA. I got a job at an agency and before that’s when I got into Messenger marketing which is a way for brands to leverage Facebook Messenger to market. So at Facebook Messenger marketing, we’re seeing really good results. And at this agency, I was running Messenger marketing for like 15 different e-commerce brands at once and it was pretty, pretty crazy. I learned a lot. I got a lot of experience doing it. And I decided to do it for myself. And that’s when I left that agency and started Conversmart. And we’ve grown pretty much since and then got into text messaging this year. And I’m super excited about text messaging because it’s a whole different way for brands to be able to reach their customers. It’s more direct. And a lot of the brands that we work with have seen really great results. So that’s kind of like how everything started.

Joe: So we’ve had you know guys like Mike Jackness who we’re friends with, I sold one of Mike’s businesses for him. He’s an expert in e-commerce space. He runs EcomCrew. He talks all around the world on e-mail marketing with Klaviyo. Talk to; for those that are new to the space and text message marketing, talk to us about the difference in terms of the open rates and conversion rates and how you’re able to reach people and things of that nature.

Arri: Yeah that’s a great question. I think email marketing is great. It still works. Billions of dollars generated each year through email. But the problem with email is that everybody is doing it. Especially with this season; the Black Friday holiday season, people are sending like 3 to 5 emails per day so as you can see the open rates and performance just completely drops when everybody is sending that much volume in emails. So the difference is that with text there are not a lot of people doing it. And if people are; people are super-specific to like which text or which brands they subscribe to so there’s not a lot of competition when you’re able to reach that customer directly. And one of the things that we’ve seen is that if you look at the traffic split for your e-commerce store the majority of the traffic is probably mobile already. So if somebody is like on their cell phone browsing your web site and you want to get them on your list right now brands have pop-ups and really if you give somebody a coupon and they have to leave your web site and go to their email check that email, get that coupon and hopefully come back to site and you can see how many distractions there are in the e-mail inbox.

Joe: True.

Arri: So there is friction right there already. Whereas with text you get that customer, they’re already browsing on your mobile, you get them to opt-in through text, you send them a text, they get the coupon, they click and they’re right back to your site. So it’s a more direct way to reach customers exactly where they are. And really what we found is that we’re not asking people to stop doing email marketing, we just want people to supplement the email marketing with text. Because with text you get 99% open rates, 10 to 20% click-through rates and usually double or triple the conversion rate over convert to like email. I’m working with Ramone like you mentioned on his brands. Really like he was telling me hey like our texts always like performs four times better than our emails let’s do more text. So he’s sending more text messages now which is something that we help with. We can talk more about what type of content people like. So we come up with really good content that people like and we’re able to send it directly to them. They come back to site. They make [inaudible 00:13:29.5] just so that’s like I think the big difference between email whereas email has gotten really overused and then text is just like this new channel that allows people to reach their customers directly.

Joe: Let’s talk about some of the steps that someone would take if they were going to move into text message marketing. With emails there’s opt-in and unsubscribe and things of that nature, what’s the equivalent of that with text message marketing?

Arri: Yeah, so you can’t talk text marketing without compliance. So with text messaging, we have to get people to double opt-in. I think the reason why people have these misconceptions about text messaging is because they’ve probably subscribed to a list before and people are just like spamming them. Or they didn’t even subscribe and then they got messages. So one of the things that we do today is that we make sure that people are double opting in and that’s one of the reasons why we see these high open rates and click-through rates because people are actually expecting you to text them rather than somebody is going through like a form and then you get their phone number and by surprise they receive a text and they’re like why is this brand or business texting me. So we make sure that people are consenting to receiving those texts and that’s the reason why we see really good results with it because people are now expecting you to go.

Joe: So it starts with the double opt-in just like e-mail and you’re capturing then those customers where currently either on someone’s website on a laptop, PC, Mac, or whatever it might be or on the mobile device where you’ve got that pop up asking them to enter their phone number I assume obviously to get a discount or a coupon or to get information in the future. I see pop-ups all day long when I’m on websites. That’s what it would be on the mobile phone or mobile device when you’re asking for a phone number is that right?

Arri: Yes. So basically we mostly only do it on mobile and the experience is really great because we don’t even have people typing in their phone number. All they do is they tap the pop up twice and it opens up they tap to pop up the first time it opens up their messaging app they send the message and they get opt-in and we get the phone number through that. That is all powered by our platform partner called Pop Script. So yeah you know…

Joe: It sounds like a breeze.

Arri: Yeah like when you ask someone to put in their e-mail for a discount a lot of people put in their fake emails and especially with phone number you can expect people to put in like 222 and then whatever to get that discount, right? Now we’ve bypassed that by getting them to like actually send a text. So that’s another compliance step that makes sure that your brand is fully compliant. So they send a text, they get opted in, and that’s when they get that welcome message and get opted into the automated flow, abandon cart, and all those different things. So that’s kind of like how it’s set up.

Joe: Okay. So can you talk to us about specific examples where you’ve had a client that’s just been doing e-mail marketing and they brought you on board and what the change was in terms of their open rate, their conversion rate, their total revenues, and things of that nature so people listening either as current owners of online businesses or potentially buyers of online businesses and looking at growth opportunities as a buyer as well. Can you help out with an example or two?

Arri: Sure. Yeah, we have a lot of examples. So one of the things that I wanted to mention is that your e-mail list is an asset and your text list is also an asset. And those are people that you can reach out to get them to make a purchase even after the rising cost of Facebook ads and all these different things. These are people that you can reach out to because you own that customer list. So if you’re buying a business and they have a text list it’s a really great asset to own.

Joe: I got to tell you I’ve sold 120 businesses in the last 7 years and I don’t think I’ve ever asked the question do you have a text list nor has anyone ever said well Joe you’re asking about the e-mail list what about my text list? So it’s rare. I assume it’s coming in the future and that’s why I’ve got you on today. But is the text list usually the equivalent of any e-mail list; smaller, larger, how big are they?

Arri: You can have like large text lists and they usually work way more than your email list just because of the difference in the performance like being able to reach someone directly. So a few examples I think I’ve been like working with Ramone like you mentioned like when we started working together they were doing a lot of emails. So everybody that we work with it’s always hesitant. It’s like you know what I’ve never signed up to receive texts from a business. I don’t see why anybody else in the world would want to receive texts from a business. So this is one of the things that we get all the time. And one of the things that we say is that you’re not your customer. Like your customer doesn’t live the same way. There are people out there who are looking to get like deals sent directly to them so they can save money. And there are all kinds of people out there who are willing to receive texts and most customers are and we have data to prove it. So that’s the first thing. And then when we started doing the text messaging, when we launched our promotions and stuff like that we saw that text was performing four times better than e-mail. So we started to like send more text messages.

Joe: In revenue what we got four times more revenue than email?

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: Do the math on that. People if you’re listening and you have an e-mail campaign gosh Mike Jackness that’s; ColorIt was huge on the e-mail campaigns, text messaging four times the revenue. That’s crazy. Crazy good and it’s time that we sort of adopted text messaging. I know that it’s hard to ignore when it comes through because if you want that blue or green or whatever color of dot you have on your phone when a text comes through if you want it to go away you have to open the text.

Arri: Yeah. And the crazy part is that looking at the millennial group like over I think it was 80% or so opened that text within 90 seconds. I think it was something like that. And yeah people don’t always open every text they receive. So that’s one of the great things about this. So we send our texts even for this Halloween campaign and things that we just launched every single text that we sent we saw well above 10 or 15% or so click through rates and the conversion rate was at least like 6% or so. And with text like you mentioned people open it and then they want to take to action, right? It’s very short. And one of the things that we do is that we add images and GIFs. We design all these custom-built before; our design team does all that stuff. And I think that’s one of the biggest value propositions is that we do the creative for the text so that it’s not like somebody is just receiving a text from you they’re also receiving like engaging content. So we design these GIFs and we improve the conversion rate. So every time we send like a GIF and text compared to just sending text we see twice the conversion rate when we add the engaging GIF. So those are some of the designs that we do.

Joe: So for all non-millennials out there the proper pronunciation is GIF, it’s not JIF clearly. That’s an ongoing joke in my house. Sorry, I’m sharing a joke, people. So it’s a visual aspect to it, it’s just not content, they can see the images which is proven to bring more emotions to the surface and obviously convert higher. Are there any sort of categories or spaces in terms of products; e-commerce where it works better than others or certain things that you’ve tried and it just wouldn’t work. You know Quiet Light Brokerage we’ve got a list of; you and I talked about this, we’ve got people that want to be notified and get notified when we launch new listings. I would think that text message marketing would work brilliantly for them because they’d get instantly notified instead of having to check their email. In Ramone’s space, in his category, it works obviously brilliantly. Are there any spaces where you find that; I’m sure there are people that are listening and going oh yeah but I run a such and such type of business, it wouldn’t work for mine? Is there anything that; is there truth to that, any that you can think of, or some categories that work better than others?

Arri: That’s a great question. I think the reason why people ask that is that they probably think that their customer is different than like everybody else. And the answer to that is as a business all you’re doing is providing a solution to a problem to a specific group of people. And if your product works and if you have happy customers those people would want to hear from you and that’s the reason why I say text works for like any space. I don’t think there’s any sort of brand that we work with that we saw okay their customer is not responding to text. And the reason is like I said you’re solving a problem for these people and these people want to hear from you. So every single time it doesn’t matter what space you’re in or what product you promoted. It has always worked for their target audience.

Joe: Okay, so we’ve talked about how to capture more phone numbers on the mobile devices, how to reach them, what the conversion rate is, usually four times the amount of revenue in e-mail marketing, and the fact that it works for every category in your opinion. What about A-cost or return on ad spend or average cost per order, how does that compare to e-mail marketing or if you’re familiar with the FDA space things of that nature, do you have a sense in terms of whether it cost less or more in terms of cost per order service text marketing?

Arri: Yeah, that’s a good question but I wanted to add on to the ways that we collect subscribers real quick. One of the things that we’ve been doing recently is actually like leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads; lead ads to get more phone numbers. So when we run these text campaigns we realize text is performing way better so why don’t we supercharge our text list. So we started running Facebook ads to get people to opt into just text directly through Facebook and then they’re able to get on your text list so you can put them through nurturing flows. This was one of the performance methods that we’ve been using. Going back to your question which I completely forgot.

Joe: No, I love where you just went. I wrote my question down so I can look down and ask it again. But you’re talking about what would be in e-mail flow that Mike Jackness has always talked about with Klaviyo. You’re doing the same thing with text message marketing.

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: What did you call it; what was that flow you called it just now? In terms of like okay everybody, listening can remember but you and I can’t; skip it. It’s the flow of nurturing, right?

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: How you’re going to nurture that customer along and help them, help them, help them, and then give them something that they could take action on. I was asking about average cost per order or return on ad spend; what are you seeing there?

Arri: Yeah the average return that we see for the plan that we work with is a 25, or the minimum return is 25X and usually for brands that we work with…

Joe: Cut it down, 25X?

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: So I spend $10 and I produce $250; is that right?

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: So I did that really good math. I spend a dollar and I get 25 back. That’s easier math for you and me. Really 25 times?

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: I’m seeing on e-commerce businesses between when they’re doing e-mail all sorts of PPC, Facebook, Google AdWords, whatever it might be but all of it combined with Google as well where the average cost as a percentage of total revenue is somewhere between 9 and 15%. You’re talking an incredibly low number here.

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: It sounds too good to be true. I don’t mean to talk over you but people I just want to like hammer home on it really 25 times?

Arri: Actually I’m being super conservative here.

Joe: Really?

Arri: Yeah. So the reason why is that the way we do text messaging we’re already like we’re capturing for the most part people who are already interested in your brand. So people who are on your web site. So you have good website traffic. That’s the reason why text works a lot because we’re getting people who are interested and then we’re able to reach them directly on their smartphones and then you create really custom automated flows and really great broadcast. So that’s how we’re able to get really high returns. Like I don’t think we have like any brand that’s getting lower than like a 50X, to be honest. But we like to say we guarantee a minimum of 15X return. But yeah we get really high returns. And I don’t even want to go with the ones that are getting like 200X or whatever because that will scare people.

Joe: There’s going to be a limit to what they can spend if they’re getting even a 50X or 15X I guess the limit would be the total number of phone numbers that you have and how often you send these messages, right? I mean with e-mail I know that with Klaviyo; Mike’s campaign on ColorIt, he would send e-mails all the time. They were helpful educational e-mails and really in that regard and then there would be a promotion where they could get a discount or a sample pack or something like that. How often are you sending text messages on one of these nurturing campaigns or flows as you call them?

Arri: Yeah so we break down the messaging by automated flows and one time messages which is basically broadcasting. So with the automated flows, we like to send; when somebody subscribes we can send them a message immediately with like whatever the offer was and then we can send reminders. We send like two reminders within 24 hours for them to take action. And then on top of that, we have the [inaudible[00:28:04.1] and if they do not take any action or purchase then we’d get them into the Welcome Series which we can send that every three or four days and we’d like to stop after like five messages. We always give people like the reply stop to unsubscribe because if somebody signs and just said then we rather have them unsubscribe and save us some text money. And there was always that option. And then if they get into abandoned carts we have two series abandoned cart recovery messages that we send out until they make the purchase and then we go in to post-purchase. So with post-purchase, you can do a lot of things with like product-specific flows. If somebody bought this product you can say hey; you can upsell them other sort of products are related. So we can get really nitty-gritty with that. And then we have the one-time messages. With broadcasting, we recommend sending at least twice a week. I’ve seen people who have like text lists and then never want to message them because I think they’re scared that hey they’re going to receive too many messages. I really talked to a brand yesterday and they’re like yeah we sent only one text a month and I’m like yeah you guys need to be sending at least like 6 to 10 maybe 2 every week because you’re just going to like double how much revenue you’ll generate.

Joe: Right. And if the customer doesn’t want to hear from you they’re going to opt out; as simple as that.

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: That was the approach Mike took with Klaviyo and ColorIt as well; send as many as you can, be as helpful as you can, and let them know if they don’t want to get any messages they can opt-out. It sounds like your approach is the same with your clients.

Arri: Yeah. And I think that content really matters too. It’s not about just like blasting sales. I think people think that because we are having all these crazy resources that we’re always doing sales but we rarely do sales. It’s always like short and sweet content with like a GIF that kind of illustrate what we’re trying to say that engages the customer more into taking action and in between, we add like sort of small discounts. So it’s not always about sending like hey we’re doing like a storewide 20% off or whatever. You can actually send like a content.

Joe: Okay. Talk to me about the cost to get started with something like this. I mean with Conversmart your business; that’s Conversmart, there’s no T in there folks but we’ll put it in the show notes as well. How does someone get started dollar-wise? What’s a test look like in terms of giving it a shot and seeing if it works and how many times do they have to really test it? What do you recommend to new clients that are coming in?

Arri: Yeah. So SMS at the very bottom of the funnel so I recommend having a good amount of traffic; at least 20 to 30,000 web site visitors in order for it to work if you just want to do bottom of the funnel but if you want to use the Facebook ads to start growing your list which is a really good strategy because with the Facebook ads you get people to opt in to your text list and those people who were opting in are also buying which is paying for the cost for you to acquire those leads. So you’re basically getting free leads.

Joe: That’s something beautiful.

Arri: And then we’ll tell you about because that’s probably we’ve been doing hey let’s get more free leads. So that strategy works really well. So we get people to opt-in through the web site and then we also get people to send some automated messages. Those are some of the great ways to start. So first you got to get people to opt-in. You have to have the traffic. You get people to opt-in by having a pop-up or on your mobile device or you do the Facebook ads and once they opt-in then you have to send messages. I think Thank You messages is the most important part lke it goes back to e-mail, right? I’ve met some people and it’s always the same situation; it’s like hey I have this e-mail list but I’m not even e-mailing them. It’s the same with texts. You have to text the people who have subscribed. And it’s always great to text at least once a week so when are you doing your promotion so these people are not completely forgetting about your brand or who you are. So it’s a great way to stay top of mind while generating revenue.

Joe: But budget-wise though for people going should I try this, is something I can give it a go, do they have to have a thousand to 5,000 or 10,000 dollars set aside to test this with? What do you recommend?

Arri: You can get started fairly easy. In fact with our partner Postscript which is the platform that we use; if you own a Shopify, it’s the one that we work for Shopify but if you’re on another platform we can definitely chat about that. But it’s super simple to get started in fact I can give you guys like free 1,000 credit if you want to try out text messaging. You can give them the link or something like that.

Joe: Yeah, great. We’ll put that in the show notes.

Arri: Yeah you get charged by how many messages you send if you want to do it yourself. There is no platform fee or anything like that. So once you get those credits you can start sending and see kind of like what the results look like. And like I said it’s only going to cost you if you send the text messages and be able to tell if it’s working or not. So it’s very simple to start.

Joe: Okay. So it’s all about the number of texts that you send. First, you’ve got to capture as many phone numbers as possible and get them to opt-in. Like we’ve got a fairly large list after a decade of email addresses and phone numbers, we can’t just use those phone numbers we’ve got to get them to opt-in first, correct? We’re going to follow the law. Actually, they opt-in to receive information from us anyway via email would that apply for their phone numbers as well?

Arri: No they have to have opted in for the text.

Joe: I got it.

Arri: So if it said like only for them we’re going to finish up 5 today check here to opt-in for the e-mails it has to also say text otherwise they’re not opting in for the texts.

Joe: That’s good to know. Okay, any last thoughts for people with e-commerce businesses in terms of text or actually I’m saying e-commerce but I would imagine this would work for SaaS and content businesses as well, right?

Arri: Yes. In fact like even with like a B2B company. I got a text. I signed him up for like a demo and he’s texting me and we actually had a conversation. So this is a great way to like follow up with people if you’re like not even in the e-commerce space. You can text them…

Joe: It worked for you and worked for Quiet Light too so I don’t know why I’m thinking only e-com.

Arri: Last words; if you’re an e-commerce business I definitely recommend looking at text because it’s going to be the number one way people are going to be communicating. As emails are being sent even more I think there’s going to be like over 319 billion e-mails sent in the next year or whatever so text is a great channel for you to reach those customers and you don’t have to go all in. You can do like small tests and kind of see what the results look like. So yeah I highly recommend checking it out and doing some small tests to kind of see what the results look like for you.

Joe: Okay and it looks like they can reach out to you and get a free consultation as well. How do they find you? What’s the URL that they’d reach you at or things of that nature?

Arri: Yeah. So, that’s where you’ll be able to find us, you’ll kind of see like kind of an overview of what we do with text messaging. We take a really different approach to text messaging that people haven’t seen before especially with the content that we send and the creative that goes along with that content. That’s really what helps brands double that conversion rate when they send all these text messages. And also as an agency, we take over the entire channel for you. So basically you can sign up and basically, you just see like money come in from text messaging after a couple of weeks and then we just give you all the reporting. You don’t have to do anything besides approving the content and everything. So we’ll basically like take over the entire channel for you. And that’s pretty much like what we do for every brand that we work with. We don’t want them to like worry about getting 11% open rates and 1% click-through rate over email. We can supplement that by sending people text messages that they actually like. And people are going to convert from those text messages.

Joe: Excellent. Well, I know that what you’re doing is working because you’re hanging out with the likes of Ramone and that is rad. So you’re doing something right. There’s no question about it. Anybody out there that’s interested in reaching out to Arri just go to Arri I will see you at the next Blue Ribbon Mastermind event and when Ramone gets back from filming today which he’s doing for Quiet Light thank you, Ramone, give him a high five. Tell him I said hello.

Arri: Yeah.

Joe: Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

Arri: Alright. Thanks for having me.

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