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Quiet Light Brokerage has a New Twitter Account

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: < 1 minute

Have you ever had an item on your to-do list that never seemed to get done? Well, today we finally managed to check one of those items off the list.

Since Quiet Light Brokerage started in 2007 we have kept our social media activities to a minimum.  In that spirit, Quiet Light never had its own Twitter account but rather it was syphoned off of my main account.  While I certainly do not mind sharing my name with my company, it has forced me to start a couple of additional Twitter accounts so I can engage in some Twitter activity that doesn’t lend itself as well to online business.

So with that in mind I have finally checked off an item that has been sitting on my to-do list for a long time: Quiet Light Brokerage now has its own Twitter account, and I’m asking you to follow us if you wouldn’t mind!

Our Social Media Accounts Other Than Twitter

Did you know that we actually have accounts on a few other different social networks?

LinkedIn :

If you followed some of the older accounts there will still be activity there, however, it will be more limited than before. These accounts will be used primarily for news and posting updates.

Thanks for following, and we’ll see you on your favorite network!

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