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Launched in 2015, this online educational course and certification program business specifically focuses on high-end, comprehensive career training for yoga teachers, modern mystics, and spiritual leaders. Even though most of the business is currently centered on a singular proprietary yoga method and the content/certifications around it, certifications are also offered for teaching astrology, chakra therapeutic practices, and tarot reading. Note that this business focuses on teacher training in the space rather than providing online classes for students and that the custom-designed, trademarked yoga method is included in the sale.

Differentiated by a level of comprehensive instruction and degree of accountability, customers of these programs have a completion rate that is 3–4x higher than the industry average. Plus, all programs are registered, compliant, and in good standing with the main yoga registration body. This has created a raving customer base with 500+ reviews averaging 4.6 stars; the average customer has a $546 LTV with the company.

The current owner works less than 5 hours per week as the business has been built with evergreen content, software that easily scales, and a team to run the operations. The team consists of a person who runs the day-to-day operations as well as several mentors to answer questions and serve as experts in different fields. A new owner, therefore, does not need to be an expert in the space.

The company experienced a massive COVID bump due to demand increase in the space and has since dropped back down to pre-pandemic levels. However, both traffic and revenue have remained mostly steady for the past 12 months, and the valuation does not consider this spike. Multiple growth opportunities still exist for a new buyer including greater marketing focus, adding in membership/subscriptions, building a community to monetize, and expanding into related trainings both the current and new customer bases can use.

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