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Launched in 2021, this business generates revenue via biannual online summits for kindergarten through second-grade school teachers. Educators have found the virtual summits to be a convenient and cost-effective solution to stay up to date on their profession and also to complete necessary continuing professional development requirements.

The business was started during COVID due to restrictions on meeting in person. The owners expected it to be a one-and-done event but demand has remained strong well after the end of the pandemic.

A new owner with the time and energy to dedicate to sales and marketing has the potential to unlock real growth. For instance, an email list of over 30,000 users has not been monetized beyond the summits. Further, multiple requests have come in for a summit for third- through fifth-grade teachers. A simple copy and paste of the current business model has the potential to create a significant revenue stream beyond the current K-2 summit.

The business model is very attractive in that all the content is created by third-party educators. Participating in the summit is a win for these creators as it helps them build their personal brand while also receiving compensation as an affiliate for any sign-ups they drive. For the owners, this business model results in low-effort operations, high margins, and loyalty from both attendees and presenters.

A strong manager is in place now who handles most of the day-to-day operations. The expectation is that she would be happy to continue under new ownership. However, an owner/operator could streamline this aspect of the business and increase the already robust margins even further.

Note: This business is eligible for SBA financing and an SBA pre-qualification letter is available in the materials. That said, any SBA buyers should have a strong personal balance sheet and relevant/related experience.

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Meet Your Advisor

Paul Andersen

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar online businesses. His most recent venture became a category leading ecommerce brand which he exited for seven figures in 2019. Quiet Light brokered the sale.

Paul has a true passion for online businesses with especially deep experience around Amazon FBA and physical product businesses. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Paul was a CPA and spent a decade in corporate finance. He holds an undergraduate degree in business and Masters in Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Outside of work Paul and his wife enjoy chasing their two little kids around as well as the occasional game of pickleball.

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