SBA Prequalified: 21+ Year Old Transportation Industry Ecom Business With No Paid Ads







Asking Price: $4,640,000 + Inventory

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Launched in 2001, this ecommerce business operates in the transportation industry, primarily selling its core product offering to consultants and local governments to collect traffic data. Local governments mandate this type of data collection for all projects, from where to put driveways to new turn lanes for a proposed Walmart. The owner expects this traffic data collection will continue to be required by local governments to make planning decisions, just as it has been needed for decades before.

The first version of their core product offering was released in 2010, and subsequent new versions have been released along the way, with their most recent offering coming out in 2021. Product development is an ongoing pursuit by the in-house team, and a new version is already in development.

The pandemic forced the owner to dramatically cut staff and focus their product offering, which led to a much stronger business coming out of the pandemic, with a smaller team operating more profitably.

One of the most significant aspects of this business is they generate sales without traditional, paid advertising. The owner is an engineer by trade and has focused his efforts on building the best product possible. The business has grown primarily through word of mouth over the years of operating within this industry. A new owner with experience in sales and marketing could focus on scaling the business much more quickly.

The owner works about five hours per week managing the team and is looking to sell after 20 years of working on this business so he can pursue a new career as a math teacher.

Note: This business was not SBA pre-qualified when we first listed it for sale late last year. Now that we’re through 2022, last year’s tax returns will be filed shortly, and the business will be eligible for SBA.

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