2 Year Old Award Winning Cosmetics Brand With Explosive Growth and Many Patents







Asking Price: $6,000,000 + Inventory

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Launched in November 2020, this 2022 Allure “best of beauty” award-winning cosmetics brand has seen explosive growth hitting eight figures of revenue in the trailing twelve months in under two years.

This husband and wife duo combined the best of their skill sets to build this business. She used her years of industry experience to create a line of 14 unique SKUs (45 if you include variants), racking up over a dozen UK patents in the process (with US patents pending). He leveraged his experience in big tech, primarily overseeing the backend of the operations and anything related to the nuts and bolts of running the business. A creative director and fulfillment manager round out the rest of the team.

The sellers were so busy keeping up with Shopify’s growth and success that they only recently launched on Amazon with the help of an agency in August, seeing massive early success. Amazon is genuinely untapped potential.

The sellers have a young family and believe the next stage of the business requires more investment in scaling the team and more hours working on the business. After nearly two years of exceptional execution, they would like to find the right partner to sell to that can continue this growth story.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.

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