4 Year Old Amazon FBA Business In Kids Outdoor Sporting Category w/30% Net Margins

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Launched in 2018, this seller started his Amazon FBA business when he was only 18 years of age. He launched in a great category: outdoor sporting goods geared toward kids. There are 12 main ASINs driving all the sales. Today it has grown to nearly $3 million in annual sales with 29% net margins.

The products are sourced from China. The seller enjoys fantastic terms from the suppliers. They require 20% up front and 25% upon completion. Then 25% is due once the goods arrive at the US port, and the remaining 30% is due 30 days post arrival. The sales distribution is also very nice, with the top product commanding only 16% of total sales.

The products consistently perform well with respect to quality and durability. The products have thousands of reviews and the average rating is 4.5 stars.

There are many opportunities to take this brand to the next level. First, the seller believes the Amazon listings are not at an “A” level and that focusing there could really help conversions and reviews. Second, launching more sizes and colors for existing products would provide an immediate boost. Finally, there is some evidence that working on SEO for the products could produce great results. The seller has just begun this task and believes it could be a big growth driver in the future.

The seller works about 20 hours per week on the business. He has decided to sell this brand to work on real estate and building up smaller brands that he could grow to a similar size.

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Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003.  He spent over a decade in the custom printing industry where he bootstrapped a business to millions in sales and over 100 employees.

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